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  • The Chauvet Cave

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    Introduction The Chauvet Cave is one of the most famous prehistoric rock art sites in the world which located in the Ardeche region of southern France. Chauvet Cave 's importance is based on two factors, firstly, is the aesthetic quality of these cave paintings. The Chauvet cave contains well-preserved and complex graphic panels of Paleolithic artwork. Secondly, the great age of the cave. The earliest paintings in the cave were made 35,000 years ago.  Fact 1: Chauvet cave contains a total of over

  • Essay On Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone

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    Keeping It Simple You would be hard pressed to find anyone who does not live under a rock that has not at least heard of Harry Potter, if not read a book or seen a movie. The series has become a cultural phenomenon that has people of all ages as loyal fans worldwide. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was the first book in the series by J. K. Rowling that had to have some qualities to capture audiences. Sure, it is a book about magic and adventures, but there are plenty of books about magic in

  • Summary: Child In The Crystal

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    Child in the Crystal "SHEN TANFENG!!!.......". In a cave there was a hundred men dressed in purple robes with an insignia of black flame on there backs.For some reason the black flame insignia was easily disernible from the black robes ,this is because it was created using mana . These men were all members of the Shen clan, at this moment they were surronding a old man and a young girl. The old man had white hairand was medium built. His face was full of wrincles and liver spots he was

  • Ringing Rock Thesis

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    MYSTERY: RINGING ROCKS [USA] A. Introduction of Essay (with Thesis Statement) [5 Marks] Ringing rocks is known as one of the mystery places in the world. When the rocks are struck with a hammer or another rock, they sound as if they are metal and hollow, and ring with a sound similar to a metal pipe being struck. The rocks themselves are composed of diabase, the same type of rock that makes up most the earth's crust. The viewpoints of three researchers are being presented briefly in this assignment

  • Ancient Christian Art Essay

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    ANCIENT EUROPEAN ART Prehistoric and Primitive Art: Paintings in the prehistoric era i.e. during 1400 to 9500 BC were generally done in huge limestone caves that served as habitation. Cave paintings have been discovered in Northern Spain and Dordogne Valley of South-West France. The Paleolithic art that flourished in this region is termed as the Franco-Cantabrian school. The paintings during this period were done for magico-religious purpose. The art of the Franco-Cantabrian school consists entirely

  • The Cave: The Allegory Of The Cave

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    The Allegory of The Cave In the allegory Plato is trying to tell us is that in life we think we know what reality is because of what we see, but what if that is all an illusion? We are never going to be able to see the real things if we are kept inside a box, in this case inside a cave. We got to step out of the cave, our comfort zone. And when we finally step out we will be able to see the real world, we will have a panoramic view. Imagine living in a small town and never going out. What you see

  • Persuasive Essay On Cruise Vacation

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    Cruising is in a class by itself - there's no other vacation option quite like it. And, because of that, many folks feel lost when it comes to planning a cruise vacation. But with a few pointers and a little preparation, your cruise vacation may actually turn out to be the most trouble-free vacation you've ever taken. The biggest cruise tip to remember is to do your homework before you go. Research everything, including what destinations you'd like to visit, the cruise line you'd like to use to

  • Should Graffiti Be Considered As Art

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    trying to say that all works of art don’t have a clear message for you to understand. During the prehistoric times cave mens drawn on the walls to express themselves, but they also did it because that’s how they tell their stories. Still to this day some of our smartest scientist can not figure out what it means, they have tried for many years and still can’t uncover its mysteries. Cave mens have interesting stories to tell and to show how us how they lived and to help understand their language.

  • Assurbanipal And His Queen In The Garden Analysis

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    what that state represented to the culture. I always thought this was the way people viewed females during this time but it could be looked at from multiple angles. As I said before, this chapter brought up some great status that was created and also cave art which is fascinating and

  • Neolithic Revolution Effects On The Environment

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    The Neolithic Revolution was the first cultivation of plants and domestication of animals. Neolithic Revolution means the development of the agriculture. With the emerge of agriculture, hunter-gatherers were changing their lifestyle, and they discovered the sedentary life. Hunther-gatherers began civilized with agriculture because they learned new skills, to grow their food and they began to tame animals.This changes brought good and bad things for human communities and environment such unbalanced

  • Who Is Leonardo Da Vinci's Portraits?

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    showed an interest in representation of the image itself, in addition to painting portraits were also represented in the form of sculptures, busts and reliefs. From the Paleolithic man shows the fascination with human figures, which were retratas on cave walls. And this theme continues to exist on our art history. In Egyptian art the kings were portrayed in a splendid way, the sculpture-portraits express the ideal look that belongs to the king. The artists of that time endeavored to produce a solemn

  • Myth Of The Cave

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    Johnathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach is a book about a seagull that wants to fly and “The Myth of the cave” by Plato is a short story about prisoners in a cave that can only see what is in front of them, yet they have a lot of allegoric, can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, concepts that are comparable. The story of Johnathan Livingston Seagull and “The Myth of the cave” are similar in allegory because they can both be interpreted to be about kindness, truth in perception and how

  • Contribution Of Art In Understanding Society

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    imagination. (art, n.d.) It has always been one of the most popular means for people around the globe and of all ages to express themselves. The first pieces of artwork that have been found are of the Stone Age, in which shows people hunting and living in caves. (History of art, n.d.) Through the decades, more and more complex artwork started to appear. By investigating these artworks, they can help us to understand the society and the world around us most of the time. Firstly, we can understand different

  • Interpersonal Relationships In Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner

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    Murray Bowen once said, “That which is created in a relationship can be fixed in a relationship.” During the 20th century, Bowen, a well known professor and psychiatrist, developed a theory that holds eight concepts that all help explain how and why a family unit functions the way it does. This approach of analyzing family dynamics through a psychological point of view, can also help explain many relationships in literature as well as those in real life. Khaled Hosseini, a well known contemporary

  • Allegory Of The Cave

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    Essential question: What does Plato’s Allegory of the Cave reveal about his and Socrates’ ideas regarding knowledge in society? What do these ideas reveal about Plato’s and Socrates’ attitudes towards themselves and others? Plato’s Allegory of the Cave appears in the author’s extended work, Republic. The brief Book VII discusses three shackled prisoners who represent the condition into which Plato and Socrates believe all humans are born, and the escapee personifies those curious and bold philosophers

  • Plato's Cave

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    The allegory of the cave is a very well-known philosophical idea that has infiltrated its way into modern thinking. The allegory of the cave relates to the effects that education has on the human soul. There are civilizations inside the cave, but there is no light to see what’s around them. Without light, how do they know that the outside world exists? In this analogy, Plato sets this scene in which a civilization is chained up inside of a cave. There is a single individual who maneuvers

  • The Allegory Of The Cave

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    of the Cave”, two characters, Socrates and Glaucon, discuss a hypothetical group of people who have very little knowledge of the world, due to the position of their bodies. They believe that “reality to be nothing else than the shadows of the artificial objects” (Plato, “The Allegory of the Cave”). It is not until the curtain is pulled back to reveal true reality, that the characters can begin to experience life. The major difference between The Matrix and Plato’s “The Allegory of the Cave” is what

  • Alienation In Kafka's The Metamorphosis

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    In The Metamorphosis, Gregor, who has transformed into a vermin, has ignored his transformation and worries about not being able to aid to his family financially. One could say that Gregor’s primary role is to fulfill the role of the financial provider in his family, as he is the only one that works. The father, however, chooses not to take this role and expects Gregor to fulfill this role. When Gregor does not meet up to this expectation, it frustrates the father, as he must begin working. This

  • The Important Themes Of Tragedy In Kafka's The Metamorphosis

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    Nothing brings people together more than a shared tragedy. In Kafka’s novella The Metamorphosis, this important theme of tragedy is highly present, where the struggle is what causes bonding between the family members. Gregor, having metamorphosed affected his family greatly. Over time, his family had to adapt to the tragic transformation of Gregor, in order for them to live a comfortable and pleasant life. Having each understood that change is difficult to endure, they all metamorphosed, though instead

  • Explain The Allegory Of The Cave

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    In this paper I will explain the allegory of the cave by Plato. After that I will then describe what it means to myself and then what it meant to Plato. Finally I will describe how appropriate Plato’s allegory is to reality. Hopefully after the reader reads this paper, they will have a better understanding of the Allegory of the Cave. The Allegory of the Cave helps people distinguish the truth about what reality really is. It is a cave in which three prisoners sit tied to rocks that way they can