Cetacea Essays

  • Comparison Of Cetacea And Modern Whales

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    Cetacea are one of the most unique orders of mammals. They include the largest marine animal that has ever lived which is the blue whale, the intelligent dolphins, the tusked narwhals and the singing humpback whales – almost eighty living species in all. Even though a lot of hunting has been done to the family of Cetacea, observations has been dictated that its number are slowly increasing. The oldest fossil whales are grouped together just for the convenience of others. Archaeocetes are the oldest

  • Whaling Should Be Banned Essay

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    do and do not agree with permitting Norwegian and Japanese hunting of the non-endangered species of whales. I do as in I do believe that people should be allowed to hunt whales. I do not agree as in I do not believe that only the Norwegian and Japanese should be allowed to hunt the whales. If some people are allowed to hunt whales all cultures should be allowed to hunt whales. One culture or type of people should not be allowed something another is not. A part of globalization is human rights, with

  • The Symbolism Of The Whale In Moby Dick

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    There are many whales in the sea, but this particular whale called Moby Dick is the desirable catch for the whalers and captain due to its legendary proportions. In the novel, Moby Dick, it offers an allegorical story of humanity’s dangerous search for meaning. The monstrous, white whale represents that “meaning” humans have been hunting for their entire lives, but at the end one will discover that one can do so much but still end up not finding their answer. The entire plot to Moby Dick is directed

  • Sea Cow Extinct In 1768: Passage Analysis

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    The reading passage argues that the sea cow extinct in 1768 and provides three possible theories for their extinction. However, the professor explains that true cause of extinction is still unknown and there are problems with the argument by the passage and he repudiates each of the author 's reasons. At first, the reading passage posits that over-hunting of native people for food in that period is the primary reason for the extinction of sea cow. In contrast, the lecturer refutes this ratiocination

  • Sear Otters Analysis

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    The author states that the pollution hypothesis seemed the most likely cause of otters decline along the Alaskan coast and provides three reasons. In contrast, the professor states that the ongiong investigation show that the predation theory is mst likely the cause of the decline and sh.e opposes each of the author 's reasons First, the reading claims that there were known sources of pollution along the Alaskan coast. However, the professor refutes this pint by saying that the pollution theory

  • Annotated Bibliography: The Arctic People

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    Tools 1 for gathering or hunting and 1 household-Ellie Hunting tool - Poisoned tipped spears for hunting whales I’m not so sure there were poison dart frogs in Alaska - you need to verify this or just say t Hunting tool- Harpoons for hunting seals and whales made of a sharpened walrus tusk for the head( They would use bones to sharpen tools) that would be attached to a short rod.( The rod would normally made of ivory. Attached to a 6-foot long handle.Household tool- Kayaks made of bones or wood

  • Argumentative Essay: Why Deer Hunting Should Be Banned?

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    I chose the case of the exemption for whaling because it clearly shows how globalized opinion has the power to impact villagers that may not even be aware of the discussions that their activities generate worldwide. After reading this paper you will notice that I am against this whaling ban because I have already seen the devastating force that some hypocrite laws have and what they can do to small communities, usually constituted by poor people. Just to illustrate my point, a similar case happened

  • Dolphin Seafish Thesis Statement

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    KILLER WHALE & BOTTLENOSE DOLPHIN BY NOAH HEBERT 1. Noah Hebert Research paper project February 10th, 2018 My first animal i would be talking about is the killer whale. More specifically the kingdom this animal comes from is the cetacea which is a diverse set of aquatic creatures such as porpoises, dolphins, and whales. Generally cetaceans are spread out worldwide but it’s shown that most of the species enjoy living in colder waters in both the southern and northern hemispheres.

  • Argumentative Essay On Dolphins

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    The interactions between humans and dolphins started centuries ago when our ancestors carved drawings of cetaceans on rocks and passed on legends and folk tales; some described them as beasts and others as spiritual creatures. These marine mammals are also hunted as long as three thousand years ago as resources: their meat for food; their blubber for oil, and their teeth and bones for clothes, jewelry, or tools (Bauer, McCafferty, Simmonds, & Wright, 2013, p.201). As time pass, dolphin and whale

  • Sea Lion Characteristics

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    California sea lion (Zalophus Californianus) - Key characteristics – interactions with humans – communications – Feeding habits – reproduction – threats - conservation Introduction: California Sea Lion, Zalophus Californians belongs to the family “Otariidae”. The animal is found along the coast of the eastern North Pacific. The breeding of California sea lions takes place on islands off the coasts of California and Baja California. They inhabit rocky and sandy beaches of coastal islands and mainland

  • Summary: The Evolutionary History Of Baleen Whales

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    The Evolutionary History of Baleen Whales Dailynn Tejeda Hazleton Area Academy of Sciences The Evolutionary History of Baleen Whales The baleen whale family houses the largest whales that are currently known to man, leaving many scientists questioning as to how, and why, these whales evolved to become so humungous, when millions of years ago they were much smaller. Questions as to how they evolved to only feed on minuscule prey are also raised when speaking about baleen whale evolution

  • Captive Killer Whales Research Paper

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    When the two sides come together, the argument boils down to one major point, should we “Free Willy?” Those who side with the whales, whether their reasons be emotional or defended with welfare standards, feel that the whales should be released back into the wild or into private coves3. The opposing side makes valid arguments against the release of the currently captive whales. Currently captive whales were either removed from the wild at a young age, albeit in a cruel way, or they were bred in captivity11

  • Hawaii Fishing History

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    History of commercial fishing in Hawaii Shortly after Statehood, a U.S. De­partment of Interior, Bureau of Com­mercial Fisheries proposal labeled the Hawaii fishery as "dying". Hawaii's major commercial fisheries had been dominated by traditional prac­tices that reflected Hawaii's Japanese immigrant heritage and its impact on the local fishery and seafood markets. The predominant commercial fishery was aku (skipjack tuna), which was caught by a live-bait, pole-and-line, wooden sampan fleet, known

  • Argumentative Essay On Whale Wars

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    Many people may have seen the American reality TV show, "Whale Wars," it was broadcasted from the year 2008 to 2015. The show was about a group of activists' harassment and fight against the Japanese whaling ship. How the show depicted the fight between a group and Japanese ship was controversial, the show was cut off without a conclusion about this battle, but it concluded in me that the issue has to be ended without such fight. As a native Japanese myself, the Whale catching has been a controversial

  • Dolphin Slaughter Persuasive Essay

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    “We won’t have a society if we destroy the environment.” Many environmentalists believe this is true when it comes to businesses overruling the environment in so many cases. In the Japanese dolphin slaughters is a prime example of that. The dolphin slaughters are eventually going to cause an entire species to become extinct because they are killing around 20,000 bottlenose dolphins per year. Taiji, alone, kills more than 2,300 Bottlenose Dolphins during the hunting seasons (Glionna). Japan likes

  • Cruelty In The Cove 'By Richard O' Barry

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    The documentary " The Cove" showcases an ethical dilemma in which Richard O'Barry learns the cruelty that dolphins face when in captivity and thus overcomes many barriers to help free the dolphins. Throughout the film, Richard O'Berry and others are involved in various illegal and unethical activities that include lying, spying, destroying property, trespassing and many more. As a former dolphin trainer for one of the most popular shows of the century " Flipper", had brought in a lot of popularity

  • Essay On Sea World

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    Sea World did not get rid of Tillicum knowing that workers could die, but they wanted to wait until the whale died. At the age of 36 years old all of the trainers went on a boat to see the whales because they are so friendly until they get irritated. Why are people coming to SeaWorld even if trainers are getting killed because it shows how many people like animals. The other whales beat up Tillicum maybe that is why he started killing. Sea World lies to the people they say that they die at the age

  • Why Is Whale Poaching Be Banned

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    What Whale Poaching Really is By: Logan B I believe whale poaching should be outlawed around the world. Bans have warned people to stop hunting the whales but still over 2,000 whales are killed each year. In 1958, thirty eight thousand whales were killed since then, the amount of whales killed has dropped to thirty six thousand whales from that time. There are almost four whales killed each day. If someone is caught violating the laws it will result in civil penalties up to $11,000 or criminal

  • Pros And Cons Of Whaling

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    Dear Editor Why do humans think that our lives have more value over animals lives? Whales have existed on this earth far before we did, yet we still use our power to control these victims and take bits and pieces from their lifeless bodies as we please, as if they were put on this earth for humans to slaughter. Whales are not commodities. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society which I am the president of frequently endeavours on dangerous expeditions to protect and defend marine wildlife from poaching

  • The Pros And Cons Of Whaling

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    The Norwegian and Japanese positions and arguments to be permitted with the hunting of non-endangered species of whales as a cultural exemption should not be considered. According to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation, “the whaling industry is in decline and the demand for meat is falling” (WDC, n.d.). Given this statement, I would support the ban of whaling worldwide. In addition, it would be difficult and costly to monitor the whaling activity that is taking place in waters where whales frequent