Convection Essays

  • Porosity And Diffusion Research Paper

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    Effect of Porosity on Simultaneous Thermal and Mass Diffusion in MHD Mixed Convection Flow over a Vertical Surface 1J.V.Ramana Murthy 2K. Jhansi Rani and 3Ch. V. Ramana Murthy¬, 1National Institute of Technology Warangal-506004. (A.P.), India 2Lakireddy Balireddy College of Engineering, Mylavaram – 521230 (A.P.), India 3Vasavi Institute of Engineering and Technology, Nandamuru – 521369 (A.P) India Abstract The influence of porosity and radiation on simultaneous

  • Relaxation Model

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    3. GOVERNING EQUATIONS In this paper, relaxation model is employed to account for thermal non-equilibrium between the phases. This model is presented by Downar-Zapolski et al. [16] and is employed by several authors to numerically simulate steady flashing flows [17-19]. Barret et al. [20] used this model to compute unsteady flashing flows in variable cross section ducts. Relaxation model consists of three conservation laws (mass, momentum, energy) for the two-phase mixture in addition to the mass

  • Thermal And Hydrodynamics Lab Report

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    Abstract: The effect of thermal and hydrodynamics boundary conditions on electroconvection in saturated porous medium with temperature dependent viscosity (TDV) has been studied in the present paper. Thermal boundary conditions are considered at either at constant temperature or at fixed heat flux of lower surface, while the upper surface is considered to be general convective-radiative exchange. The electrohydrodynamic conditions are included namely, (i) both rigid surfaces (R-R), (ii) lower-rigid

  • Fourier's Law Of Heat Transfer

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    net effect is a transport of energy and it takes place in the direction of lower temperature gradient and named as heat transfer by convection. Hence, there are mainly three modes of heat transfer e.g. conduction, convention and radiation. Fourier noticed that the quantity of heat (q) transferred through unit area in unit time is directly proportional to difference of temperatures between the layers and inversely proportional to distance h between them is given by q=ĸ ((T_1-T_2 ))/h,

  • Heat Transfer Experiment

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    Heat transfer by mixed convection of air inside a rectangular enclosure is investigated numerically. Different placement configurations of inlet opening are considered. A constant flux heat source was heated vertical wall. The fluid considered is air. The other side walls including the top and bottom of the enclosure were assumed to be adiabatic. The inlet opening, located on the left vertical wall, was placed at varying locations. The outlet opening was placed on the opposite heated wall at a fixed

  • Essay On Heat Transfer

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    Conduction is the transfer of energy between objects that are in physical contact. Convection is the transfer of energy between an object and its environment, due to fluid motion. Radiation is the transfer of energy from the movement of charged particles within atoms is converted to electromagnetic radiation. In this work heat Transfer by conduction and convection will be considered only. Heat transfer by conduction and convection simultaneously occurs in the majority of engineering applications, such as

  • Olive Milk Case Study

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    4.5) MONITORING OF GOATS' HEALTH STATUS BY ON-LINE ANALYSIS OF MILK ELECTRICAL CONDUCTIVITY [24] Infections of mammary gland are the major cause of mastitis that can affect the quantity and quality of milk. The aim of this study was to evaluate the detection characteristics of milk EC.. A "moving average model" was used to predict EC values, starting from the ten previous milkings. These results were better than those reported in literature about univariate methods, confirming that the use of on-line

  • Advantages Of Thermoelectric Heating

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    1 .INTRODUCTION Thermoelectric cooling uses the Peltier effect to create a heat flux between the junctions of two different types of materials. A Peltier cooler, heater, or thermoelectric heat pump is a solid-state active heat pump which transfers heat from one side of the device to the other, with consumption of electrical energy, depending on the direction of the current. Such an instrument is also called a Peltier device, Peltier heat pump, solid state refrigerator, or thermoelectric

  • Heat Exchangers Research Paper

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    Heat exchangers: Heat exchangers are devices that simplify the exchange of heat among two fluids that are at diverse temperatures while keeping them from combining with each other. Heat exchangers are normally used in practice in a wide scale of applications, from heating and air-conditioning systems in a house, to chemical proceeding and power production in large plants 1.2.2 Types of heat exchangers: Heat exchangers are grouped in: • Shell-and-tube heat exchanger (STHE), where one current goes

  • Mass Flow Indicator

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    Mass flow rate of liquid is an important parameter to be measured and controlled in a process industry. In the present paper, the design of a PC based mass flow indicator has been studied using a well known temperature sensing IC AD590. The temperature sensing IC AD590 has been used as a flow sensing element and the effect of fluid temperature has been eliminated by using four identical IC units. Four IC units are connected in the differential mode. The output of the differential circuit is send

  • Binary Liquid Vapour Phase Diagration Lab Report

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    Experiment 5: Binary Liquid-Vapour Phase Diagram Student no.: 15226360 Date: 18-3-2016 Student name: Tong William Session: 3 Group: 7 Objective: To determine the conductivity of sodium chloride with different concentrations. To study the effect of concentration of acetic acid to the conductivity. To understand Onsager’s Equation Principle: The heterogeneous equilibrium between two phases in a system of two components is concerned

  • Electrohydraulic Formation Lab Report

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    Abstract Electrohydraulic forming is one of the high Speed forming method for sheet materials which has considerable effect on formability improvement. In this process, the electrical energy stored in a bank of capacitors discharges between a pair of electrodes submerged in fluid and converts to kinetic energy, forms the sheet materials. On the other hand the warm forming processes also have considerable effect on formability improvement. In this study the combination of electrohydraulic forming

  • Short Essay On Heat Exchanger

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    Heat exchangers are devices that provide the flow of thermal energy between two fluids at the different temperatures. [1] Transfer of thermal energy between two fluids at difference temperature that devices is known as heat exchanger. One can realize their usage that any process which involves cooling, heating, condensation, boiling or evaporation will require a heat exchanger for these purposes .Heat energy is transferred from one body or fluid stream to another. Different heat exchangers are named

  • Heat Exchanger: The Symmetry Of Heat Exchanger

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    Heat exchanger is a device which provides a flow of thermal energy between two or more fluids at different temperatures. There are many problems created in the segmental heat exchanger during and after the work. The major causes of this problem is the geometry of heat exchanger, type of fluid used, type of material etc., The purpose of this work is to design the shell and tube heat exchanger which is one among the majority type of liquid –to –liquid heat exchanger. Since the important design parameters

  • Water Flow Research Paper

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    Study of Pressure Drop, Friction Factor& Heat Transfer Characteristics of Flat Rectangular Tube type Heat Exchanger Using CFD. A Review ABSTRACT This paper mainly focus on the different views and flows of flat rectangular tube heat exchangers using computational fluid dynamics (CFD). This literature review consists of flattened tubes with triangular cross-sections. The importance of heat exchangers has been increasing in automobile industry, aerospace industries and other industries for over

  • Energy Conservation Research Paper

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    Abstract—Air conditioner is one of the major energy consuming devices. Energy conservation possibility is analyzed in the proposed system. The proposed system has two inputs temperature and humidity and two outputs fan speed and fan spinning time. The temperature and humidity is controlled by controlling the cooling valves and heating valves. Using MATLAB toolbox fuzzy control rules are formed and simulated. The proposed scheme leads to saving in energy consumption while maintaining a comfortable

  • Heat Exchanger Controller Case Study

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    case study of different heatexchanger controller Ravi Kant Sharma PG Student Electrical Engineering NITTTR Chandigarh, India Dr. Lini Mathew Associate Professor Electrical Engineering NITTTR Chandigarh, India Dr. S. Chatterji Professor & Head Electrical Engineering NITTTR Chandigarh, India Abstract— Shell and tube heat exchanger is widely used in industries because it can withstand over wide range of temperature and pressure. The function of shell and tube heat exchanger

  • Thermal Sensors Essay

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    ABSTRACT A sensor is a device which coverts physical signal to the electrical signal. Thermal sensors are temperature sensing devices which are small in size and made up of thermistors. Thermal sensors are of many types: Heat flux sensors, Infrared thermometer, Thermometer, Pyrometer,Flow sensors, Vacuum sensors , semiconductor sensors etc. They found in laptops in order to sound an alarm when a certain temperature has been exceeded. They are used in electrical appliances and medical appliances

  • Fermocouple Analysis

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    ANALYSIS OF THE SEEDBECK EFFECT OF SOME THERMOCOUPLES A.S. Ogungbe*, O.O. Babalola, E.O Onori, C.O. Ogabi, O.A. Adejo Department of Physics, Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos, Nigeria *Email: ABSTRACT A thermocouple is a temperature-measuring device that consists of two dissimilar conductors that are joined at each end. In this experiment, two

  • Essay On Thermal Conductivity

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    3.6 THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY MEASUREMENT Measure the thermal conductivity of SiC off-set with the stable state law The primary content is the necessity of measure the thermal conductivity. The brief conduction of common measuring method and the principles and guiding idea of measuring the thermal conductivity of silica gel with stable state law 3.6.1 The application of thermal conductivity Thermal conductivity is one of important parameters that can reflect the heat Conduction performance of material