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  • Rwanda Dance Therapy

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    Rebuilding Rwanda through Dance Therapy Children were orphaned, people were left without homes and without families.More than 800,000 people were murdered. This devastating event, the genocide of 1994, left Rwanda traumatized, and in terrible condition. Rwanda, has since done many things to try to rebuild and retire after the genocide (Adekunle 20-22). One of the thing they greatly focused on to help the people of Rwanda was dance therapy. Although dance as therapy might not be for everyone, Rwandans

  • Dance Therapy For Children

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    Have you ever heard of Dance Therapy for Children? What is Dance/Movement Therapy? The American Dance Therapy Association defines dance/movement therapy as: “the psychotherapeutic use of movement as a process which furthers the emotional, social, cognitive, and physical integration of the individual.” Dance therapists are dancers who are trained in both dance therapy and counseling or psychotherapy. They work in a wide variety of settings, such as psychiatric and medical hospitals, rehabilitation

  • Dance-Movement Therapy Paper

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    Dance-Movement Therapy takes the emotional and expressive aspects of dance to provide a therapeutic experience to the clients. The American Dance Therapy Association defines dance/movement therapy as the “psychotherapeutic use of movement to further the emotional, cognitive, physical and social integration of the individual” (ADTA, 2015). It is a form of Expressive Art Therapies. In Dance-Movement Therapy, the body movements are understood as behaviors and are taken as the base for assessment of

  • Aerobic Exercise Persuasive Essay

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    People have enjoyed jumping rope for centuries. We know that even in ancient civilizations there was this type of activity for people of all ages. There are even hieroglyphics that depict the Egyptians with vines, and there are descriptions of these people using the activity of jumping for fun and self-satisfaction. Children all take enormous delight in the jumping involved in this simple exercise. Adults somehow have usually managed to lose the connection to the fun in jumping, but if you give this

  • I Too Sing America Analysis

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    The poem I, Too, Sing America written by Langston Hughes shortly after World War II in 1945, is a lyrical poem about the neglected voices in America as a response to the Poem “I hear America singing.” During this time, African Americans were oppressed in society and they did not have equal rights to Caucasians. This poem expresses Langston Hughes hope for the future where black people are not oppressed when equality is achieved between races. This poem helps assert Langston Hughes’ ideas of racial

  • Dance Movement Psychotherapy

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    Art therapy is known to be creative in nature and include therapies such as music ,dance,art ,drama and poetry .Creative work brings uniqueness and innovation along with it ,this creative process gives rise to the relationship between therapist and client and the creative process of finding options of behavior . This term paper demonstrates clearly how creativity contributes to health and how the journey is often a joyful one. As well as about the deep thought gone through dance movement psychotherapy

  • Gender Stereotypes In Ballet

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    show how common stereotypes of men and women appear different than originally perceived. With classical ballets, such as Swan Lake, “men don’t get much to do” (, as in dance, so “now seen as performing these actions weakly” (Martin 750) men receive little recognition as they stand on stage while the women dance around them, thus a thought of male weakness

  • Peter Pan Research Paper

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    attended a ballet show in Bob Hope Theatre in Stockton called the Peter Pan by Bruce Steivel. Everyone knows Peter Pan by the Disney movie. However, this ballet show really amazed me because it did not only tell the originally story of Peter Pan but the dance is really interesting. Bob Hope Theatre is not the traditional location. It is perform in the San Mateo Performing Arts Center and also the Fox Theater Bakersfield. The Bob Hope Theatre’s stage is pretty big and also can sit around 2000 audience. The

  • Bob Fosse Sweet Charity Analysis

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    Being a choreographer, dancer and director, Bob Fosse was known as a rarity in the world of dance. He won eight Tony Awards for choreographer and brought the audiences around the world a different viewed about dancing on the stage and in the film. And “Sweet Charity” was one of his first successful film that help him gained the Tony Award for Best Revival. The film “Sweet Charity” was directed and choreographed for Broadway by Bob Fosse starring his wife and muse Gwen Verdon alongside John McMattin

  • Catapult Concert Report

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    The Charlotte York Irey Theatre presented an electrifying performance Sunday as BFA students demonstrated their artistic creativity intertwined by influences from their academic careers in the dance concert Catapult. Catapult featured four experimental performances, each one as unique as the other in respect to their individual choreographers: Taylor King, Kaitlyn Lawrence, Mattie McGarey and Olivia DeMoulin. As the eager audience took to their seats, a dense cloud of theatrical smoke slowly encompassed

  • Promethean Fire Analysis

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    and the overall space of the dancers in modern dance. Paul Taylor was born in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania on July 29, 1930. At the young age of 24, he started a company called Paul Taylor Dance Company and worked with iconic choreographers such as Martha Graham and George Balanchine. His prominent pieces are Three Epitaphs, Aureole, Esplanade, Airs, and Speaking in Tongues. Martha Graham started calling him “The naughty boy of modern dance” because of his approach to his choreography (Paul)

  • How To Charleston Demonstration Speech Analysis

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    Evaluating a Demonstration Speech After several viewings of the video titled “How To Charleston – Demonstration Speech” by Neal Werle, I noticed he used lots of verbal and nonverbal methods to deliver his presentation. As this video begins, I immediately saw his appearance because he was dressed nicely with a tie. Some other nonverbal means of communication he used were his posture and body movements that conveyed energy and spark interest. His use of hand gestures, facial expressions, and eye contact

  • College Essay On Determination

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    determination always helps me push through whatever I am going through. I was apart of my school’s dance team in high school. It was my passion and dance was something that I loved very much. I loved performing and just having a great time with my team. Unfortunately, during my junior year of high school I suffered a labral tear in my hip. After months of not being able to dance, going through lots of physical therapy and injections into my hip, my doctor had finally decided that it was time for surgery. At

  • Iliopsoas Syndrome Research Paper

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    HIP SYNDROME: THE DANCER’S HIP 3 Snapping Hip Syndrome: The Dancer’s Hip Dance requires that the dancer rehearse many hours a day to maintain the look of ease with each movement. A lack of recovery time between strenuous rehearsals causes dancers to experience unique wear and tear on the ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Like all athletics, dance has an associated risk of strain or injury. According to Milan (1994), upper body and limb injuries account for

  • Chinese Dragon Symbolism

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    all throughout history and continues into present-day. The Chinese Dragon plays a major role in current popular culture and media exploration. Not only can you find them in films such as Disney’s Mulan, but also in artwork, modern and traditional dances, and writings. Chinese Dragons are essential to the culture of modern, traditional, and ancient Chinese society. They are present in many aspects of life from film and festivals to mascots and astrology. The Chinese Dragon is a mythical and mystic

  • Informative Essay: Understanding Popular Music Culture

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    economic and technological practices associated with these processes; and discourse created by these practices.”Pg 2 (Understanding Popular Music Culture) Music unlocks your mentality to new speculations. It Influences your appearance, the way you dance, your speech and so much more. My senior year of high school for Halloween I remember this girl dressed as Miley Cyrus in her Wrecking ball music video. Now why did I recognize her as soon as I saw her walk down the hall, because it is popular culture

  • Patellofemoral Dance

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    Dance is meant to look effortless. It takes years of intense training to obtain the muscles and technique needed to look light as a feather. Ballet technique forms the backbone of every style of dance and it is vital that every dancer possesses it. Repetition of movements not done with perfect technique can have detrimental effects. Not possessing perfect technique can cause the muscles to form wrong, hurting your chances at looking effortless, or could cause a serious injury, such as a break or

  • My Experience Of My Dance Experience

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    My dance experience trails back to when I was a freshman in high school, getting involved in some classes at my local dance studio. Immediately, I fell in love with this art form and knew I wanted to carry it with me beyond high school. I began dancing as a dance major at Mesa College in Fall 2017. While I am only just beginning to delve into my second semester, I can already say that I have expanded my knowledge of dance and dance technique at Mesa. In my dance classes, I have been able to improve

  • Judy Garland Struggles

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    Stardom and Struggles of Judy Garland Predestined actress, singer, and star, Judy Garland, was born on June 10th, 1922, under the name of Frances Ethel Gumm. She was named after her vaudeville professional parents, Ethel and Francis, who had lived as entertainers that performed short theatrical routines and acts, then spent their retirement inspiring their three daughters with music. At their home in Grand Rapids, Minnesota, the piano could constantly be heard, along with other instruments that

  • History Of Ballet

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    Brief History of the Origin of Ballet The word ballet originates from the Italian word balletto which means to dance, to jump about. The history and origins of ballet dates back to the 15th century in the Renaissance courts of Italy and it spread to France under the influence of Catherine de ' Medici. In this era, Pierre Beauchamp from France created the five positions of ballet that we now use (Origin and History of Ballet, n.d.). Ballet became such a well-known form of art that a school of ballet