Informative Essay: Understanding Popular Music Culture

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How many times have you heard a song and it speaks to you? It interpreted feelings you did not know how to express, or maybe that song took you back to the time when it was popular. “popular music culture refers to the ways of making, dissemination, and consuming music; the economic and technological practices associated with these processes; and discourse created by these practices.”Pg 2 (Understanding Popular Music Culture) Music unlocks your mentality to new speculations. It Influences your appearance, the way you dance, your speech and so much more.
My senior year of high school for Halloween I remember this girl dressed as Miley Cyrus in her Wrecking ball music video. Now why did I recognize her as soon as I saw her walk down the hall, because it is popular culture. When this music video came out everyone had seen it, and I mean everyone. It did not matter if you were a fan of her music or not you knew about this music video. They took it far enough that they made memes. Just because everyone was talking about it did not mean it was good. Certain dances are mimicked from music videos too, how could we not …show more content…

Last year YG & Nipsey Hussle released a song called “F*ck Donald Trump” this song was talking very poorly of our current president. “I then turn to the manner in which popular music is a form of cultural politics, involving processes of regulation, restriction, empowerment, and the role of musicians and fans in social change.” Pg 3 (Understanding Popular Music Culture) YG & Nipsey Hussle did just that, they expressed their feelings toward our new president, and some people that agreed with these two wrappers felt empowered. The song is played in rally’s that are against trump, this song is part of a movement. When people look back to music in 2016 and hear this song it will give them a snapshot of what was going on during that time. Something so simple as a song has so much power and meaning behind

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