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  • Down Syndrome

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    Down syndrome is a congenital disorder that comes from a defect in chromosome 21 that results in intellectual impairment and physical abnormalities (Mayo Clinic, 2014). Some parents of children with Down syndrome choose to have their son or daughter undergo cosmetic surgery to change his/her look, while some parents choose not to. Parents, who choose for their child to undergo cosmetic surgery, believe that it will be easier for their son/daughter to fit into society and not be judged. However it

  • Down Syndrome

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    The karyotype pictured is what happens when there is a full or extra pair for the chromosome 21 and that means the person has Down syndrome. Down syndrome is a genetic defect that causes developmental delays and specific physical characteristics. Some of the physical characteristics are low muscle tone, small body height, upward slanted eyes, and oddly a single deep crease across the center of the palm. Medically 40-50% have congenital heart defects, 65% have hearing issues, and 50% have vision

  • Thesis On Down Syndrome

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    Thesis: Down syndrome is a wide range of development delays and physical disabilities caused by a genetic disorder. Down syndrome (Trisomy21) Down syndrome is also called Trisomy 21. It is a condition in which a person is born with an extra chromosome. Chromosomes contain hundreds or maybe even thousands of genes. Genes carry the information that determines your traits. (Susan Skallerup) These features or characteristics passed on to you from your parents. With Down syndrome, the extra chromosome

  • Down Syndrome Research Paper

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    Down Syndrome Down syndrome is a genetically defect in which there is an extra chromosome on chromosome 21 also called Trisomy 21. This chromosomal material affects the course of development and more towards characteristics associated with Down syndrome. Some characteristics of the chromosomal abnormality, Down syndrome, are low muscle tone, small stature, upwards-slanted eyes, a single crease across the palm, and a protruding tongue. Since one out of 691 babies are born with this chromosomal disorders

  • College Essay On Down Syndrome

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    this is people with down syndrome. In the United States, about 6000 babies are born with down syndrome each year. Because of that high number, many people are interested in expanding their knowledge such as the defects of down syndrome and how it is diagnosed. Down syndrome is a chromosomal defect which results from an extra copy of chromosome 21. A human with the ‘normal’ number of chromosomes has 46 total, but because of their partial or full, extra copy, people with down syndrome have a total of 47

  • Down Syndrome Lab Report

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    separate the two in the eyes of science and society, but in the end, we are only separated by a single chromosome. So, how much difference can a single chromosome cause? Down Syndrome is caused by a single extra chromosome (NDSS, 2017), so that is an example of the impact of chromosomes. While the differences between someone with Down Syndrome and a person with the correct amount of chromosomes are not as severe as those found between men and women, variations between men and women are undeniably present

  • How Does Down Syndrome Affect Society

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    The condition of Down syndrome is explained to be a medical condition in where an extra copy of the 21st chromosome is added. It results in many abnormal characteristics, health effects, and delayed development in the body. “Approximately 6,000 babies are born in the United States each year with Down syndrome” (“How Many People Are Affected By”). Unfortunately, across the nation, many people are trying to reduce the population because people with Down syndrome are difficult to take care of. They

  • Down Syndrome Case Study

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    46 chromosomes should be divided into half having 23 chromosomes in each new cell. With the new cell having an extra or lacking chromosome, nondisjunction abnormalities occur. Down syndrome, being the most common abnormality, occurs with the presence of extra chromosome 21. It occurs in about 700 to 800 births. Langdon Down first described it but still with an unknown case. Chromosomal anomaly was suggested as the cause in 1932 but the disorder was not demonstrated until 1959. It is observed nearly

  • Down Syndrome Communication Assignment

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    investigate Down syndrome. My Assignment is an introduction to Children with Down syndrome introducing Physical Appearance and Condition’s and Early Childhood Care and Teaching Leading to Being an Adult Living Independently. According to, Down syndrome is a congenital disorder arising from a chromosome defect, causing intellectual impairment and physical abnormalities including short stature and a broad facial profile. It arises from a defect involving chromosomes. People with Down syndrome have

  • Bronchiolitis Case Study Essay

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    A case is presented at the hospital of a 2-month-old child, diagnosed with down syndrome, and currently recovering from a case of bronchiolitis. The child, Elisa, is also diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot, and she will undergo surgery to correct this defect once she has had time to recover from her bronchiolitis. Elisa is the sixth child or Maria and Hector. She has three brothers and two sisters who range in age from 10 to 25 years old. It seems that the family has a strong support

  • Overcoming Narrative Analysis

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    When reading autobiographies written by people with disabilities, a source of tension can sometimes be found between the author and the mediatory forces which surround their writing process. When reading such texts about individuals with intellectual disabilities, however, this tension colors every inch of the text, from its organizational structure to the progression of its narrative. In the case of memoirs such as Rachel Simon’s Riding the Bus with my Sister and Jason Kingsley and Mitchell Levitz’s

  • Turner Syndrome Research Paper

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    Turner Syndrome Turner Syndrome occurs in females who lack part or all of their second X chromosome. Their genotype for sex chromosomes is XO. Almost all people (approximately 95%) with Turner Syndrome have a short stature and signs of ovarian failure. It can be treated with hormone therapies. The severity of problems caused by Turner Syndrome varies among different individuals. At its most mild, someone with Turner Syndrome could be mostly affected only in appearance and have only slight or no medical

  • Special Olympics Rhetorical Analysis

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    Special Olympics Approximately 400,000 people in the United States have Down syndrome. Autism affects 1 in 68 children and that number continues to flourish. There is no cure for autism or Down syndrome and they shouldn’t be ridiculed for something out of their control. Aside from the negativity, people with disabilities continue to persevere. The athletes in the Special Olympics are empowered and embraced by the organization, strangers, their family, and their friends. By applying ethos the organization

  • The Pros And Cons Of Genetic Engineering

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    become more used and the ways in which it has practical applications. From the formation of beneficial substance producing organism, to gene therapy. Down Syndrome affects many thousands and so the threat shall remain. With advancements in research and new techniques for analysis and diagnosing genetic disorders, it is only a matter of time until Down Syndrome is fully known to science, and with this greater knowledge a cure. [Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Website: https://www.cdc

  • The Pros And Cons Of Gene Therapy

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    In the United States today, Down Syndrome is the most frequent occurring chromosomal disorder; one in every 691 babies are born with this condition. A person with Down Syndrome has a full or partial extra copy of chromosome-21 (NDSS), resulting in mutations with phenotypic characteristics like slanted eyes, flattened head, and broad hands. There are many treatments and therapies that are able to help the needs of each patient because each individual has a different set of needs and problems. Although

  • The Hippotherapy: Equine Movement

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    Hippotherapy is “a physical, occupational or speech and language therapy treatment strategy that utilizes equine movement (“Hippotherapy,” n.d.)”. Children who are diagnosed with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, or Autism tend to have slower development in their motor functioning abilities. According to Silkwood-Sherer, Killian, Long and Martin (2012), the foreword walking motion of the horse allows the riders pelvis to move in a way which is similar to them actually walking. This allows the participant

  • Making A Child With Trisomy 18 Or Edwards Syndrome

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    Trisomy 18, or Edwards Syndrome, was discovered by a man named John Hilton Edwards in 1960, and is a condition that causes severe developmental delays because of an extra chromosome 18. Edwards was a professor of genetics at Birmingham and Oxford, he first saw Trisomy 18 in stillborn and abnormal babies. Trisomy 18 is the second most common trisomy after Trisomy 21. Trisomy 18 is not inherited, but completely random, it is caused by an error in cell division known as meiotic disjunction. The following

  • Praying With Lior Analysis

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    Additionally, his father wanted Lior to discuss Down syndrome in his bat mitzvah speech, but Lior did not want to talk about it. However, two years later, Lior seems more aware of his condition possibly because of increased cognitive abilities or conversations to assist in his processing of his disability

  • Abled People Vs Blindness

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    The results of my Abled – Disabled IAT suggest I have a moderate automatic preference for abled persons compared to disabled persons. Initially, I was surprised with my results. I feel as though I have a strong automatic preference for abled people compared to disabled people, and I hate it! I am much more comfortable communicating and interacting with abled people as compared to disabled people. The reason I believe I am more comfortable with abled people as compared to disabled people is the amount

  • Justice In Bryan Stevenson's Book 'Just Mercy'

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    When you look out at the world today; it won’t take you long to point out all the tragic and horrific things that are occurring daily which include: terrorism, the current refugee situation, genocide, poverty, and mass murders among many others tragedies. Currently in the world today, people desperately need more love than hate, more compassion than judgment, more grace than harshness, and more justice than inequity. These qualities are important (love, compassion, grace) in order to making a difference