Drought Essays

  • Essay On California Drought

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    The past few years have been rough on Californian, as it goes through a historic drought and the effects of this drought have been felt by all Californians. However, for some Californians

  • The Drought Poem Analysis

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    American-Mexican Poet born in 1952, published an array of pieces that recount the realities of his upbringing. Growing up in San Joaquin Valley, ensured his involvement in the fields. Living in a drought prone region, droughts were inevitable, and the community remained vulnerable to hardships that came along with the drought. These hardships experienced were transformed into a visible theme found throughout this poem. Weather conditions can make people vulnerable to the effects experienced. Examples of his

  • California Water Drought

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    think about the drought. For example, many Americans worry about the concussions of bottled water on the environment. The article, however states that people should not be worried about bottled water, because,”The entire nation consumes a bit more than 10 billion gallons of bottled water per year. California’s total water usage is 38 billion gallons per day.”(Hiltzik). Despite the fact that plastic water bottles are severely overpriced, bottled water is not the main cause of the drought. “Stop talking

  • California Drought

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    Environmental Impacts of the California Drought Introduction Over the last several hundred years, many scientists have proven that Climate change, or the other name, “Global Warming” that people think is politically incorrect, is a major problem in our future if we do not act to reverse its effects. One place around the world that has experienced these effects of this world issue is California. California has been in a major drought for several years now, and looks to continue for several years

  • Great Drought Rhetoric

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    The article written by Michael T. Klare, titled The Coming Hunger Wars: Heat, Drought, Rising Food Costs, and Global Unrest, tries to persuade the reader that the so called “Great Drought” of 2012 has roots in global warming, and “the immediate consequences of the still ongoing Great Drought: dying crops, shrunken harvests, and rising food prices,” and the long term effects including social and political uproars. (Klare 4) Klare uses many techniques in his writing, including ethos, pathos, and logos

  • Drought In South Africa

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    due to a drought. However, it isn’t just the United States that receives much drought, but many other countries as well. These countries with lots of drought often have deadly dry seasons and short rainy seasons. Most of the countries affected by drought are African countries or places near the equator that receive a lot of direct sunlight. Droughts being hard to define, often vary in many factors. A drought could last a few days, or even a few centuries. An example of this could be a drought in Europe

  • The Dust Bowl Drought

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    The Dust Bowl "The Dust Bowl drought of the 1930s was one of the worst environmental disasters of the Twentieth Century anywhere in the world" (Cook). The Dust Bowl had a huge impact on the people of New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and the rest of the great plains, and the families living there, including my family. My great grandmother was a teenager during the Dust Bowl, she would often share of her experience and what happened during that time. She told us so we would continue her legacy

  • Persuasive Essay On California Drought

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    California's Devastating Drought For the past five years California has been in a severe drought. California’s drought has only gotten worse. Rain has been scarce; lakes have been reduced to puddles; and water consumption is being closely monitored. The drought is a common topic for Californians. While some people listen to their conscience and even have a phobia of wasting water, others are careless and do not think twice before using mass amounts of water. Every Californian needs to have water

  • The Importance Of Drought In California

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    I agree that, we should conserve our water to the highest point in which we could. I believe that because the drought in California is a huge problem and people are not taking it as serious as is actually is. We should conserve more of our water because it is the most important resource we need to survive. I don't mean we cannot take showers but we should try to cut down the time we are in a shower to about 5 minutes. I also believe that bottled water is not necessary either. I think it's not necessary

  • Dust Bowl Droughts

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    Southern Plains region of the United States. As people moved to this region seeking land grants from the federal government, so did the droughts. However, these droughts themselves were not entirely responsible for the Dust Bowl’s namesake. Instead, it was the monumental dust storms that terrorized the inhabitants of the Southern Plains. As a result from the drought and dust storms, farming was all but impossible, leaving many families to rely on the federal government and relief organizations just

  • Drought In The Dust Bowl

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    The dust bowl was a frightening time for most people during the 1930s. severe drought and a failure to apply dryland farming methods to prevent wind erosion. The Dust Bowl negatively affected people who lived there in a personal way. During the Dust Bowl a lot families and people had to migrate to a different state.“The Dust Bowl forced tens of thousands of families to abandon their farms. ” ("Dust Bowl")Families had to abandon their farms which negatively affects the people because they could not

  • Causes Of California Drought

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    California has been getting extreme amounts of precipitation. Considering that it 's been in a drought for the last couple of years. Well it 's a good thing and a bad thing let me explain why. California has been in a drought for 3 years. Lately a series of winter storms in a short amount of time has changed that. This mass amount of flooding has caused big run offs of water. This is all caused by 70 inches of rain or snow since monday. 6-12 feet of snow have fallen in california 's mountains

  • The Drought In The Dust Bowl

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    search for better lands. During the drought in the 1930s, many farmers had to work extremely hard with unrefined machinery to maintain their unfortunately low priced crop, leading to a turning point in agriculture. When the Dust Bowl hit people automatically panicked. It was a time of multiple dust storms which created a big impact on agriculture. It lasted about a decade. Little did people know it was partly man made. The Dust Bowl was created by severe drought and many years of farmers not rotating

  • California Drought Research Paper

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    California drought is a major crisis since 1977. California has broken the record for the longest period of days without rain. Did you know that twenty-five million Californians depend on other states for water? In addition, in some regions of California water can lead to a drought run out. Including in the western part of California is abnormally dry due to the lack of rain and snow. It affects agricultural of state, which demand water increases every year. According to California Drought Documentary

  • Essay About Drought In Jamestown

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    people to fill occupations and drought. The Jamestown colonists didn’t bring enough food. This led to starvation which killed a lot of people. Some of the most important occupations that they needed to survive, they either only had one person to do the job or none. The drought was a very big problem too. Because there was no rain there was no water, meaning dehydration. This killed many. Because of these three things, starvation, lack of people to fill occupations, and drought, the colonists suffered a

  • Robert Lee, Texas Drought

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    A drought is an occurrence where there is very little rainfall, which results in a shortage of water. Drought can last up to ten years in certain places, especially desert areas. Droughts are extremely difficult to predict, and produce cracked land. They are very dangerous in places with little food and little water. Droughts can also affect farmers, due to it being so hot that their plants die. Farmers lose money during droughts. The Robert Lee, Texas drought is the worst drought the town has suffered

  • Annotated Bibliography: Deforestation And Drought By Jim Robbins

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    serious drought that directly causes negative impact on the people and the natural ecosystem, it causes global warming which is one of the serious environmental issues in the present context and causes soil erosions like landslide, floods etc that directly concern with the health and safety issue of wildlife as well as peoples. Annotated Bibliography Robbins, Jims. “Deforestation and Drought’. New York Times, 9 Oct.2015.Web. 13 Apr.2017. In the article “Deforestation and Drought” author

  • Argumentative Essay-It's Time To Drought In California

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    Would you like to turn your backyard into a bathroom? The drought in California is causing thousands of lives to deteriorate. It is barbaric that the drought has a major influence in our lives. The citizens want to regulate water so they can continue on with their daily lives. Naturally, farmers want it the other way where one does not get to use the water for a long time. To elaborate, the citizens need laws to regulate water for their everyday needs. “When it first went dry, we used to drive to

  • Justin Gillis Causes Of Drought: What's The Climate Connection?

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    fires and droughts, and intense rainfall and floods. Climate change has and will continue to affect food production, availability of water, and can add to many health risks in humans and animals. In fact, in an article by Justin Gillis titled, “Scientists Warn of Perilous Climate Shift Within Decades, Not Centuries” he focuses on a paper written by former NASA climate scientist, James E. Hansen, explaining the effects of climate change

  • Dust Bowl Essay

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    prairies. The dust bowl was a man made phenomenon. The drought at the time didn’t help either. The dust bowl caused great havoc on farmers and all sorts of wildlife. Plant life wasn’t safe either. With little to no rain, high dust storms, and even depression. The drought and failure to apply dry land farming methods were the main causes of the Dust Bowl. Due to the drought, the lack of precipitation affected both wildlife and plant life. The drought even caused domestic problems such as water shortages