Drug rehabilitation Essays

  • Essay On Drug Rehabilitation

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    Drug addiction is a perennial, global scourge. To many, it is the direct result of the social inequalities plaguing the world, forcing many to seek “refuge” in a corner of the mind. Drugs help enhance the feeling of detachment from reality, allowing the user to escape from reality. Whether this is true or not, or whatever the real reason behind one’s drug addiction is, one fact remains: the drug addict is a victim. This leaves it to those around him to help him out of his predicament. Normally,

  • Leadership Portfolio Analysis

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    Leadership Portfolio (MATRIX) UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs February 26, 2018 Alejandra Cardenas The development of leadership skills is indispensable to my profession, as I will face numerous challenges when serving people in need at a micro, mezzo and macro level. Through different experiences in my life, I have learned and demonstrated various leadership skills that have helped me serve my clients efficiently. The following leadership skills will continue to help me accomplish

  • Adolescence In Catcher In The Rye

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    The Catcher in the Rye The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger represents childhood and adolescence by displaying characteristics of both on the one and only Holden Caulfield. This is achieved through showing how the behaviour of Holden crashes against the way other interacts with him, by showing his relationship with little children and their interactions and finally by giving him a happy ending with his little sister: the person he can relate to the most. Holden loves calling people ‘phony’

  • Prison Overcrowding: Arizona's Mandatory Sentencing System

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    and put into action in the 1980’s. Ronald Reagan made these laws after initiating a war on the production, sale, and usage of illegal drugs. These laws insist on 5 years in prison for the first drug related felony, 10 years for the next felony sentencing, and 25 to life for the third felony. A process known as the three strikes rule. This campaign for the war on drugs has dragged out into current times. The placement of so many people into prisons for general, popular, frequent non-violent crimes has

  • Drph Program Reflection

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    behavioral health. I hope to solve problems that are related to addiction. I want to educate communities about the realities of substance abuse and treatment. Using my interviewing skills, I would like to identify common themes and goals within specific drug cultures and communities. I plan to use the scientific method, to create and implement community programs based on the acquired qualitative data. Board behavioral studies will be used to provide evidence for sensible policies. If we look at reproductive

  • Reaction Paper About Drugs

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    What are drugs? A drug is any substance that changes the way a person thinks, feels, sees or behaves (Briggs 2005). Any sort of substances are said to be mental active because it work on the mind. Drug is often call “illegal street” drugs there are many different kinds of drugs. For example, perkaset, values, hydrocodein prescription pain medications to the street drugs are like cocaine it’s a daily use, it is known as of drugs. Examples such as alcohol, caffeine and nicotine, from cough medicine

  • Communication And Counselling Skills: The Four Aims Of Counselling

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    The major aim of counselling is to assist clients to use their available problem-solving abilities more effectively. Counselling is a process that occurs when a counsellor and the client or subject set aside some time to explore some challenges that may include the stressful feelings of the client while specifically being “a therapeutic procedure in which a usually trained person adopts a supportive non-judgemental role ... or gives advice on practical problems” (McMahon, Palmer). For an effective

  • Physical Therapy Scope Of Practice

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    As a professional, one must adhere to the guiding principles defined by the professional association. Scope of Practice outlines the “notions of professional conduct, accountability and self- governance and expanded practice”. Scope of Practice summarizes “the range of roles and activities an individual registrant or licensee is permitted to undertake in the course of professional practice. These roles and activities are largely determined by professional education and practice competence along with

  • Prison Overcrowding Speech Outline

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    Topic: Prison overcrowding General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: At the end of my speech, the audience will be able to identify and describe the key reasons and issues of prison overcrowding. Introduction Attention Getter Imagine being locked up in a confined space with little to no air conditioning, concrete walls, concrete floors, poor sanitation, rowdy peers, no soft comforts of a home, and a lack of the everyday basic needs. What I am describing to

  • UNICEF Weaknesses

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    There are many issues regarding the welfare of children from all over the world. Children have been repeatedly impacted by wars and conflicts in their countries. Moreover, many children from some areas do not have access to their rights such as education and health and have to suffer from discrimination, violence, abuse and sexual and economic exploitation. After the World War II, Children from all over Europe had to suffer the aftermath of the war. This is when the United Nations stepped in and

  • Abstinence Reflection

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    Throughout the whole course of this abstinence experience, I failed and succeeded many times. Although I failed most times, what I learned from this abstinence experience is how to control myself. Also, I learned that I can overcome most of my addictions if I try hard enough and put my mind to it. I feel that this abstinence experiment has showed me that I can truly control myself, even though it may be hard. What influenced me the most while trying out this abstinence experiment was that I had a

  • Psychology: The Importance Of Empathic Listening

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    Listening is an art, a skill, and a discipline that is considered to be an integral aspect in the success of the therapeutic alliance. Listening is not a passive technique, it is an active process in which the therapist listens to what is said, and how it is said, as well as listening to the whole person and the context of their social setting. Aspects of listening encompass linguistic, paralinguistic, and non-verbal aspects in order to tune in both mentally and visibly. Egan (2014) explains full

  • Goal Setting In Stroke Rehabilitation

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    that have increasingly dominated discourse in stroke rehabilitation (Levack et al., 2011). Goal setting has fundamentally been considered a key component in current rehabilitation and is described as ‘the essence’ of effective stroke rehabilitation (Barnes and Ward, 2000, p. 8). However despite this, there is a demand for critical inquiry into the process of goal setting and the determination of outcome relative to goals in stroke rehabilitation. With reference to the evidence base this assignment

  • Physical Therapy Rehabilitation

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    the words of a young child during a summer camp session at the Rehabilitation Institute of Kansas City. The look on his face as he pinched his fingers together and began dropping the little beads into a bucket was one that I will never forget. After four weeks of constraint induced movement therapy, many of the other children also realized that it was possible to regain some control in their hemiplegic arm showing just how rehabilitation can improve an individual’s life experiences. My interest in

  • Disadvantages Of Voyeurism

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    .Treatments. In the cases of voyeurism, where significant potential for negative consequences poses a concern, the need for the long-term therapy and monitoring must be emphasized. According to DSM 5, the severity levels of stress, social and personality development impairment resulting from voyeurism conditions are also variable depending on each individual's temperamental and environmental conditions. Therefore, the treatment choices and options take into consideration the specific needs of the

  • Psychosocial Intervention Model

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    In part 2 of this assignment the author is going to reflect the use of a psychosocial intervention with a client they met while on clinical placement. Reflection is an significant aspect for a student nurse, as it provides an opportunity to learn from one’s own experiences (Schon,1983). For the purpose of this assignment the author will use the Gibbs Reflective Cycle as a framework (Gibbs 1988). The Gibbs model consists of six stages: the first stage starts with a ‘description of the situation,

  • Deviance And Social Control Essay

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    These drug addicts need rehabilitation, not jail time. Going to jail teaches them how to be real criminals. These addicts are being put in jail with murders and con men. These addicts are not criminals, they are just people like you and me that got involved in the wrong thing or were just trying to make a living for their family, and knew no other way to do it. These drugs that these addicts are addicted to are hard drugs that mess with their perception of reality

  • 28 Days Movie Reflection

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    behavioral addiction, alcohol addiction, and prescription use addiction. For this paper, I will be writing on the movie, 28 Days. This movie is about alcohol and drug addiction as they are the most common type of addiction in this present society (Galanter & Kleber, 2008). Gwen, who was the main character of the movie was addicted to drugs and alcohol and would keep drinking with the influence of her boyfriend, Jasper. She had an impaired memory that she forgot that it was her sister’s wedding and

  • Drug Abuse In Developing Countries

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    abused drugs at least once in 2010 according to United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (2011). Approximately 27 million (0.6% of the world adult population) are problem drug users or drug addicts (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, 2011). Drug addicts require treatment. In 2009, 4.5 million people worldwide were receiving treatment for problems related to drug abuse, though the need is much higher. Providing treatment to all who need it would be costly (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

  • Decriminalization Of Drugs

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    Narcotics or drugs have been plaguing our society for many thousands of years. They were used as pain relief in the early Egyptian civilization and opium was smoked for sedative effects in ancient China. Medicinal use, however, eventually gave way to recreational use. Hundreds of years passed before anyone realized the dangers of addiction or abuse and even after that, substance abuse has continued widely and openly. It was soon realized that this was a global problem that required a global solution