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  • Legally Blonde Stereotypes In 'What, Like It's Hard?'

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    movie tells the story of the main character, Elle Woods, a sorority girl who fits right into the typical female blonde stereotype of wearing lots and lots of pink and loving everything fashion, and her journey to win back her ex-boyfriend by following him into law school. At first glance, this seems like a movie that focuses on the dumb blonde stereotype and offers a chance to share misogynistic remarks. Instead, this movie shows us the transition of Elle Woods from a clueless fashion student who was

  • Legally Blonde Rhetorical Devices

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    Rosie Rodriguez Rodriguez 1 Mr. Vogt College Literature H 2 October 2015 Rhetoric in Elle Woods Speech from Harvard Graduation In the movie Legally Blonde, Elle woods who is played by Reese Witherspoon is a sorority girl who goes to Harvard to get her boyfriend back because he thought she wasn't capable of being a serious and smart person. She gives a speech at the end of the movie during her graduation and she speaks with ethos. She does this in three ways , she uses personal experience

  • Legally Blonde Stereotypes

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    starring Reese Witherspoon as main character Elle Woods, did just the opposite. The character Elle Woods is a walking stereotype for the dumb blonde girl, yet throughout the movie she accomplishes things due to perseverance that many could only dream of. Instead of succumbing to the dumb blonde stereotype, she faces it and works extra hard to prove herself to her family, friends, and mentors. This idea and era of film became known as “neo-feminism” and Elle Woods quickly became an icon for women around

  • A Hero's Journey In Legally Blonde

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    Sometimes people find the place they are meant for in unusual ways. In the 2001 classic Legally Blonde, Elle Woods goes on a quest for love but ends up finding herself in the end. Although she is a blonde sorority girl from California, Elle Woods completes her hero's journey by crossing the threshold and following Warner Huntington III, the ex-boyfriend, to Harvard; she stands up to Vivian and they end up supporting each other; receiving her boon by knowing the steps of a perm to win her case and

  • Gender Stereotypes In A Streetcar Named Desire

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    Gender Representations Films have a tendency to shape what we think about a specific topic; it can open our minds to new subjects and opinions. How each gender is represented in films is displayed differently throughout the films: A Streetcar Named Desire (Kazan, 1951), Inglourious Basterds (Tarantino, 2009), and Legally Blonde (Luketic, 2001). Women are sexualized and treated as a minority throughout these films, but the men are forced to be masculine and prove their worth. In A Streetcar

  • A Street In Bronzeville Analysis

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    The author focuses on the black and feminine experience of the black women in the white society. Her feminine identity as well as her radical identity has molded her vision of the city. More important was Brook’s objective treatment of issues such as identity Crisis and racism. In the collection of A Street in Bronzeville, the characters range from the death-in-life figure of a woman in Obituary for a living lady. The unnamed woman in the poem, a person Brooks knew well. As a child she was decently

  • Characteristics In A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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    “A Good Man Is Hard To Find”: Characters Qualities and their Changes Flannery O’Connor’s short story A Good Man Is Hard To Find tells about the end of Bailey’s family; it is called by father’s first name as the author did not mention characters’ last name. The man’s mother, hereafter referred to as the Grandmother, did not want to go to Florida and preferred to visit places of her youth. Woman’s contumacy led to the car accident; she took her cat to the trip and the pet disturbed the driver. After

  • The Battle Of Love And Hate In Victor Hugo's The Kite Miserables

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    In Victor Hugo's Les Miserables a constant battle of love and hate occurs, similar to a Nicholas Sparks novel. Constantly being drawn in by characters love for each other, as well as feeling strong emotion to the characters drifting apart, falling out of love, and betrayal. The tale of Les Miserables is filled with the battle of love and hate as well as the wealth and poverty within relationships. In Khaled Hosseini’s novel, The Kite Runner, Amir is a young boy growing up in Kabul. Even though

  • Granite Countertops Research Paper

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    Granite ColorsAn elegant rock that can take your kitchen from looking mediocre to utterly sophisticated, granite countertops are a durable choice for any kitchen. Granite is made up of various minerals which all contribute to determine its exact color. Each granite slab is named after its primary color, but most granite countertops have specks of various other colors throughout it as well. The variance in each slab of granite is what adds to its exquisite beauty. Determining the granite countertop

  • Nasa Crane Project Case Study

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    out of wood and glue, this made me happy that we did something like this. I Learned when making a bridge, triangles are the best. I also learned that the type of glue used in this project matters. There were a few things that i would change about the project. First of all, the glue. The glue started to crack and break and the pieces of the bridge started to fall off, which made the bridge to be terrible. Also if we could have had more supplies and time, I could have done better. Also the wood could

  • Is Buck Good Or Evil Essay

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    question because there are multiple claims supporting both sides of this opinion. In my opinion, Buck is good because he killed the Yeehats to avenge his beloved master, he killed Spitz to save his fellow teammates, and he hunted and killed in the woods to survive. These are the reasons for why Buck has a good heart and good intentions. Buck is a good hearted dog, and he did what he had to do to survive. He killed the Yeehats, but he did so to try to save his master. He saved John Thornton 's life

  • Summary Of Forever: Parody Of Little Miss Muffet

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    Miss Muffet Once upon a time, across the rolling hills of Deming Washington, in the far off shady woods lived a lanky, bright eyed, long chocolate haired young girl named Little Miss Muffet. She had built herself a beautiful tree house where she hoped no one could find her. She was escaping her crazy house of 8 siblings, where she was ignored. Miss Muffet decided that she was better off in the deep woods of about 184,657 trees (she often gets bored and has attempted to count them). One abnormally

  • Log Home Myths

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    or resistance to heat flow is measured by its R-value. The R-value for wood ranges between 1.41 per inch (2.54 cm) for most softwoods and 0.71 for most hardwoods. Knowing the R-value of the wood used in the build of a cabin you are looking to buy is the best way to determine how energy efficient your cabin actually is. Wood Boring Insects will be Attracted to Log Homes Wood-boring insects are attracted to all kinds of wood, but if the cabin is properly maintained the chances of

  • The Pioneer: A Brief Summary

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    snow with their dog sleighs. They all of a sudden see a deer ahead. The judge wants to shoot the deer so he decides to start shooting in that direction. All of a sudden he spots someone walking in the same direction. The person who appears from the woods is named Natty. Natty and his friend hears all of the gun shots and decides to confront the

  • To Be Illegal Persuasive Speech

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    Tittle You are a hunter and you have been for the last ten years. You have been sitting on your treestand all day just waiting for that perfect shot. Then, you see it, that beauty of a white tail walking right past you. You line up your scope with your target, just behind the front leg. The situation is perfectly ethical and nothing is holding you back from pulling the trigger. You feel a cough swelling in your throat but you must stay silent or you will spook the dough. Releasing the safety you

  • Katniss Anxiety In The Woods

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    in. The woods is Katniss' shelter and enemy for Katniss throughout her interactions with and in the woods. The woods brings back memories of her father. The woods is her safety comforting place that sometimes acts as an enemy. Paragraph one tells you how the woods serves as a place of shelter; The second paragraph explains how the woods becomes a enemy; paragraph three serves as a shelter and enemy/fear; and paragraph four argues is the woods more a shelter or a place of horror The woods is the only

  • Joshua Monologue

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    The year was 1968, in a small town in Alabama where Joshua started his path to manhood. Joshua: Lost in a forest surrounded by strange trees. No sense of direction. Alone! There I sat under a bog tree exhausted from my attempts to get back home. How did I get here? Where am I? Does anybody know I’m lost in this wilderness? My mind was full of questions who will answer me? Joshua! … Joshua! Joshua: Am I going crazy? Or did I hear my name coming from the top of this tree? Quietly I sat hoping

  • Clive Research Paper

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    26. INT. SEATTLE P.D. BULLPEN – DAY Clive sits at his desk, which is still very cluttered. He looks around and, once he is sure no one is looking, he opens one of the drawers. He then pulls out a file, with, on the upper right side, a tag reading “Lilywhite, M.” As he opens it, dozens of pictures and documents come pouring it. All of the photographs show Major doing mundane activities such as running, grocery shopping, out to dinner. Some of them even feature Ravi. Clive takes out a few pictures

  • Rudnick Case Study

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    Rudnick came from a wealthy family and attended medical school at Duke University alongside future serial killer and rapist [[Greg Yates]], who was a friend of his. In 2002, he dated a Swiss exchange student named Lena Grunwald and was engaged to her, but their relationship was not well and Lena eventually broke up with him. Enraged by this, Rudnick raped and strangled her, then cut her body to pieces and entombed them in the wall of his great-aunt's house, where he was staying at. Rudnick later

  • Bow Hunting Season

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    The preparation starts to pay off as the season approaches; the preparation, the anxiety, and the chills of knowing what is coming starts to get to me. As the night of September 30th rolls around, my heart races as if the next day is Christmas. The next day is October 1st, which means bow hunting season is starting. I go to my special place where I sit 18 feet up in a tree and wait for the sun to rise. All the offseason work and determination is about to prove as if it worked or not. The hanging