Legally Blonde Rhetorical Devices

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Rosie Rodriguez Rodriguez 1
Mr. Vogt
College Literature H
2 October 2015

Rhetoric in Elle Woods Speech from Harvard Graduation In the movie Legally Blonde, Elle woods who is played by Reese Witherspoon is a sorority girl who goes to Harvard to get her boyfriend back because he thought she wasn't capable of being a serious and smart person. She gives a speech at the end of the movie during her graduation and she speaks with ethos. She does this in three ways , she uses personal experience when she talks about her first day at Harvard and she quoted Aristotle, she talks about how she believes passion is something very important from what she has experienced as a graduating student at Harvard and she tells everyone she's proud of them, congratulating everyone's hard work. One way Elle Woods uses ethos is, when she talks about a personal experience she had at Harvard on her first day. She says that her very wise teacher quoted one of Aristotle's sayings "The law is reason free from passions". This shows that she is a good …show more content…

She speaks with a smile. She says that passion is the key ingredient to the study and practice of law, and of life. She was smiling when she was mentioning this, but she also seemed serious. The camera was facing her the whole time. Elle woods uses ethos in one last way, at the end of her great speech. She tells all the graduates of Harvard that she's proud of them, and congratulates everyone's hard work. She knows from her own experience that the graduates all worked very hard to get where they are now. She relates to them with that. She was happy and showed emotion and was truly proud of all of them. The cameras were facing the audience after she said that. The graduates cheered and threw their hats up in the

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