The Battle Of Love And Hate In Victor Hugo's The Kite Miserables

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In Victor Hugo's Les Miserables a constant battle of love and hate occurs, similar to a Nicholas Sparks novel. Constantly being drawn in by characters love for each other, as well as feeling strong emotion to the characters drifting apart, falling out of love, and betrayal. The tale of Les Miserables is filled with the battle of love and hate as well as the wealth and poverty within relationships. In Khaled Hosseini’s novel, The Kite Runner, Amir is a young boy growing up in Kabul. Even though he had parents and monetary wealth he never truly felt satisfied with his spiritual wealth. Having a wife, a family, a living was not enough until the end. Some characters in literature are rich in love, while others experience the poverty of not knowing love. This is apparent in the books Les Miserables and The Kite Runner.…show more content…
She lacked the luxurious wealth of an affectionate home, instead she lived in the poverty of an unloving household. Consequently cosette's caretakers had her living in constant fear “the hideous Thenardier's”pg.153. Cosette would say. A slave to the Theinards she spent her childhood tending to their every whim. Poor people caring for both a spiritually and physically poor girl, she was in need of saving. Once Jean Valjean saves Cosette by, taking her miles away from the Thenardier's grasp. She then experiences one of the greatest gift a person can receive, the love of a father. She grows wealthy being cared for and treated justly unlike how she lived before. Jean’s wealth grows also having the love of a daughter, a companion. The pair is rich now… immensely
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