Emergency service Essays

  • Emergency Medical Service Definition

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    Definition of Emergency Medical Service The District of Colombia Department of Health defines an emergency medical service (or EMS) as a service providing out-of-hospital acute care and transport to definitive care, to patients with illnesses and injuries which the patient believes constitute a medical emergency (What is emergency medical service?) Goal of Emergency Medical Services The goal of most emergency medical services is to either provide treatment to those in need of urgent medical care

  • Preparedness In Nursing

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    related pieces of literature that concerns disaster preparedness of nurses. This important due to the fact that nurses is a big chunk in health workforce. Moreover, nurses are considerably the first-line health professionals in giving health care services. As such in times of disaster, preparedness on a personal and professional level is important. As a result, it will enable nurses not only to ensure safety, health and well-being of their client or patients but also themselves. UNIDSR (2009) defined

  • Improve Emergency Response Times Essay

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    Improve Emergency Response Times with Live Tracking Time is often the most critical factor involved during an emergency. In situations involving life or death, every second counts. It’s not surprising that numerous countries around the world are taking advantage of GPS technology to improve emergency response times. There are two major components that can significantly delay emergency response times, including miscommunications, and uncertain traffic and road conditions. GPS live tracking is

  • Four Phases Of Emergency Management

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    Mitigation is the bases of emergency management. It is the effort to lessen the impact that disasters have on people and property. Mitigation can be defined as an action that reduces or eliminates long-term risk to people and property from natural hazards (The four phases of emergency management, n.d.). Mitigation attempts to prevent hazards from developing into disasters. It is different from the other three phases of emergency management because it focuses on long-term measures to reduce or

  • Opioid Overdose Essay

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    heroin becoming the drug of choice in many cities across the country, overdoses relating to heroin are on the rise. Many states and cities are attempting to reverse the epidemic. Making naloxone, an overdose reversal drug, readily available for emergency responders or even those individuals overdosing, could cause a decrease in overdose related fatalities. In order to understand the effects of naloxone we must understand the causes of an opioid overdose. An opioid can affect the part of the brain

  • Dmp Emergency Response Plan

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    Emergency prevention through good design, operation, maintenance and inspection are essential to reduce the probability of occurrence and consequential effect of such eventualities. The overall objective of the DMP/Emergency Response Plan (ERP) is to make use of the combined resources at the site and outside services to achieve the following. Localize the emergency on property and people Minimize effects on property and people Effective rescue and medical treatment Evacuation. A disastrous event

  • Essay On Emergency Management

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    Emergency Management Disaster could happen at anytime and anywhere. As mentioned in previous part of this module, disaster can be classified into two categories which are natural disaster and people-caused disaster. The examples of natural disaster include earthquake, tsunami, floods, and epidemic. On the other hand, people-caused disaster consists of terrorism, fires, sabotage and accident. Recently, natural disaster and technological-caused disaster bring about significant losses (Nirupama &

  • Emergency Response Research Proposal

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    To protect lives, honours and properties of the public is the prime objective of the government. To respond against any emergency and/or disaster to save the lives of public is very crucial due to shortage of time and allocation of optimal resources depending upon the nature of the disaster. In the whole scenario of emergency right information regarding the type of emergency, its location, availability of resources to the closest vicinity of the crises and their optimal deployment and strong communications

  • Essay On Crisis Management Plan

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    DW&C has asked that a crisis management plan be created to assist the organization in the event of a major emergency. The document below should be followed should such an occurrence happen within the organization. To note, the format below, contained between the asterisks(*) was taken from Bright Hub Project Management. For more information regarding the template, please refer to my sources at the end of the document. *Crisis Management Plan For: DW&C, Inc. Purpose The following crisis

  • DM Medical Billing Case Study

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    volumes for our clients, and assigning billing staff based on our formula for optimum service levels. Call volume and staff allocation are re-evaluated quarterly, and updated as necessary. This has proven not only successful in DM Medical servicing our clients with consistent quality, expeditious claim filing and appeals, but also ensures that our client’s accounts have the dedicated staff that their services warrants, and deserves. Management will then set a cash benchmark or cash projection

  • Hcs/400 Disaster Planning And Management Research Paper

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    effect that various types of disasters can have on the ability of a healthcare facility to effectively respond. A disaster in health care is an event that produces casualties beyond the number and severity for which a single hospital or prehospital emergency medical system can plan. A disaster would affect communities, surrounding localities, and regions. The World Health (WHO) defines a disaster as an occurrence that causes damage, ecological disruption, loss of human life, deterioration of

  • Pros And Cons Of EMS System

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    Although Emergency Medical Services (EMS) systems have been around for decades, it is still perceived as the stepchild of health care services. It is one of the lowest paying professions with little room for advancement, yet high in demand by the citizens who need prompt pre-hospital emergency care. However, over the years EMS systems have made several advancements, making EMS more progressive and modern. Since the White Paper was release in 1966, several improvements have been made, including education

  • Emergency Medical Billing Case Study

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    We are pleased to submit this bid proposal in response to the City of Palm Beach Garden’s RFP # RFP2017-040FR Emergency Medical Services - Third Party Billing for Ambulance Services. We would welcome the opportunity to meet in person to further discuss our Company’s qualifications, philosophy, and the services that we offer. It would be an honor and to forge a relationship with the City of Palm Beach Gardens, and, I believe that we will not only maximize the City’s EMS reimbursement potential, but

  • Stone Park Fire Department: Case Study

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    The village of Stone Park and the Stone Park Fire Department is a tiny tight knit community. The community even though it does not have a large area, it does have its fair share of threats that could potentially negatively affect the community. Just as other communities, funding is the main problem, if this village had a suffice amount of funding, then threats toward the fire department and the community addressed to create a safer community. Just as any other community, this community can receive

  • FEMA: The Four Phases Of Emergency Management

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    Emergency Management is a complex system that is used to protect the lives and property of human beings all over the planet. In the United States and within the Department of Homeland Security lies the Federal Emergency Management Agency. According to the FEMA website this agency is responsible for supporting the citizens and first responders in building, sustaining, and improving their capability to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from, and mitigate all hazards (FEMA.gov, 2015)

  • Informed Consent Disadvantages

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    professionals to understand the disadvantages of informed consent just as much as the advantages so that they can prevent these drawbacks, if possible. The disadvantages I will be discussing in this section is the act of coercion and undue influence, emergency situations and special circumstances where informed consent does not apply, and therapeutic privilege. When informing patients about their care options, the health care provider may be convinced that one way is the best and may inadvertently pressure

  • Personal Narrative: My Adversity In My Life

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    The adversity that I have faced in my life is not something I look down upon. My challenges have pushed me to be the best person I can be and are the root of my success. High school has been an amazing, while also difficult, time for me. It seems like just yesterday I was walking in the doors for my first day of freshman year, unsure what to expect from the new environment. The opportunities that high school offer inspired me to take action and to become involved. Balancing my studies, athletics

  • Risk Management In Gambia

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    Natural disasters, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, droughts, volcanic eruptions, and landslides constitute a major problem in many developing and developed countries. Many nations experienced fatalities and injuries, property damage, and economic and social disruption resulting from natural disasters. Flood disaster has a very special place in natural hazards. In The Gambia (West-Africa), floods have been a major natural hazard, affecting the country over the last decade. Floods and windstorms

  • Nurse Job Satisfaction Case Study

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    To Determine the Relationship Between Organizational Environment and Nurse Job Satisfaction in Bangladesh: a Case Study on Private Hospital MOHITUL AMEEN AHMED MUSTAFI1*, MD. AZMOL HOSSAIN2, 1. Senior Lecturer, Department of Business Administration, School of Business,Uttara University (UU), Bangladesh. 2. Lecturer, Department of Business Administration, School of Business,Uttara University (UU), Bangladesh, E-mail*: mustafi559@gmail.com Abstract This descriptive correlation study was designed

  • Essay On External Influences

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    External influences are all around us, and whether we realize it or not they affect how we think and act on a daily basis. This is the concept of the priming effect. The priming effect is when something happens to us, and influence our behavior after the experience. This usually happens subconsciously without the person knowing. There is also a phenomenon with the priming effect called ideomotor effect. This is the influencing of an action by the idea. What this all means is that if you were walking