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  • English Language Study

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    This paper reports a study of the language needs of the Professional students. In particular, the study seeks to examine the significant differences if any in the performance of the students in vocabulary, grammar, cohesion and organization components in English due to variation in Medium of Instruction at Intermediate. Findings of the study also shed light on the specific set of competencies for teachers of English at Engineering colleges in the state of Andhra Pradesh and informs the strategies

  • Teaching English Case Study

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    The purpose of choosing this case study is to investigate and identify the preparation of teachers teaching in the content of knowledge and their standard teaching approaches with diverse students across the curriculum. The researchers also critically examine the issue of the National Association for the Education of young children to support and secure the feelings of ESL students to be competent in their learning. This case study is related to the Practitioner Enquiry topic which is “Teachers’

  • English Vocabulary Case Study

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    The important key factor for most of the learners in second /foreign language learning is how to communicate and understand each other? These days, when it comes to English learning everyone would think unconscious to professional in all skills. Almost improves these skills_ listening, speaking, reading, and writing are important and cannot be ignored and requires vocabulary therefore, Vocabulary is also a primary concern in L2 settings because it plays a prominent role in classroom success (Krashen

  • English In Ethiopia Case Study

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    The main objective of this study was exploring learners’ speaking problem in EFL classroom for formulating problem for more prices investigation in Ethiopia particularly, in Some Selected public and private Schools in Hadiya Zone. It was attempted to explore learners’ problem in verbal communication skills in English classrooms. Exploratory research design was employed in this study. To get data regarding the issue and to achieve the objectives, participant observations were used especially researcher’s

  • English In Malaysia Case Study

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    1.0 INTRODUCTION The teaching of English in Malaysia were introduced by the British Colonial in 1960 and still entrenched in current Malaysian Educational System (Asmah Hj. Omar, 1992). In present, English is the most important foreign language in Malaysia and use widely in many aspects in life, ranging from business transactions, production of products and advertisements. In order to hold this status, English language is taught as a second language in all Malaysian schools and a compulsory subject

  • Indian English Literature Study

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    English is the most important of all living languages, its literature deals with universal themes and values. Today Indian English literature has reached the peak of creation. The beginning of 19th century was a rebirth to India because of the rise of Indian English literature. According to Sir Aurobindo, “the attempt of a reawakened national spirit to find a new impulse of self- expression which shall give the spiritual force for a great reshaping and rebuilding.” Earlier the Indian English literature

  • Teaching English Language Study

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    Indian learners of English are needed to be careful while pronouncing the words in English. Most of the Indian learners pronounce the words or sentences according to the spellings. The importance of English has increased with the advent of globalization and a revolution in information technology. English is a lingua franca and a language of opportunity and chance. G.B. Shaw said that English is a rich language, perhaps the most illogical language. Many words in English are spelt in one way and pronounced

  • High School English Case Study

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    TEST OF HIGH SCHOOL ENGLISH LEARNRS: A CASE STUDY IN NAYAGARH TOWN Dr. Govinda Chandra Penthoi Guest Faculty, Dept. of Linguistics, Berhampur University, Bhanjabihar- 760007 Email: govindapenthoi@gmail.com Mobile No- +917381022525   PROFICIENCY TEST OF HIGH SCHOOL ENGLISH LEARNRS: A CASE STUDY IN NAYAGARH TOWN Dr. Govinda Chandra Penthoi Lecturer (Guest), P.G. Dept. of Linguistics, Berhampur University Abstract An attempt has been made to evaluate the learn ability of English as a second language

  • English Language In Japan Case Study

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    and outcome in English language education: Korea and Japan Introduction English has become the global language and over the past few decades the number of people speaks English as a second language is growing rapidly and has exceed the number of the native speakers. In the 20th century, English plays an important role in the global economic, technological, cultural, and scientific developments. It is also important to the internationalization of higher education. Since English has such an important

  • English Teacher Case Study

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    a) Based on my experience in 8th grade Junior High School, My English teacher has promoted my motivation in learning English as foreign language. But she just motivate me in the beginning and she doesn’t know the real problem what makes my motivation sometimes down and up when I learn English which is not my first and second language. b) As far as I know, firstly she build my motivation through learning English as foreign language. After that she maintains my motivation if I decrease it but I think

  • Teaching English Language Case Study

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    Teaching English in Indonesia for all levels of students from early elementary school to teens, young adults to business professional go through difficulty. Being various difficulty in teaching and learning English for the teachers and students, come many kinds or types to solving the problem. Because of many types that introduce to solving problem and various characteristic, students’ motivation, interesting and style in learning language make the teachers confused to choose a strategy in teaching

  • English Language Self Efficacy Study

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    2.2.6. English Language Self Efficacy Studies In the scope of EFL and ESL literature, there have been numerous studies concerning English Language Self Efficacy. These studies basically regard learners’ self efficacy levels and their correlations with peripheral components of foreign language learning environments; yet, the studies mentioned below also comprise external variables. Although, many of English language self efficacy studies reveal positive relationship among variables, there are in

  • Phonetics: The Study Of Phonetics In The English Language

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    Phonetics: is the study of the sound of the language these individual sounds are called phonemes. There are many phonemes that are used in the different languages. Even a single language like the English language requires us to differentiate between at least forty phonemes. Some sounds might let us differentiate between the accents, identify the person who is speaking and the intonation helps us to indicate things that are beyond the meaning of the words. The vocal tract: in order to study the sounds of

  • Native English Teacher Case Study

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    3. Methodology English language has become a global language in the past centuries. As a result of this, people started to learn English for various purposes like better life quality, profession and personal development as it was put forward in Nesterenko, V.S, Vychuzhanina E.V and Milovanova O’s study published recently in 2015. Due to the world’s population and lack of native English speaker teachers, the need for non-Native English teachers has increased dramatically and ultimately it brought

  • English In Japanese Language Case Study

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    within the context of Japanese-English language contact. Although individual contacts between native speakers of Japanese and English must have occurred earlier, the Japanese-English language contact attained systematic character in the 19th century. It ebbed briefly in the 1930s, on the onset of the Pacific War, when the government took measures in limiting the use and circulation of English, but was resumed with a new vigour after the War. The presence of English rapidly grew as well as the domains

  • English Language In Malaysia Case Study

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    1. INTRODUCTION : This chapter presents the (a) background of the study, (b) problem statements , (c) objectives of the study , (d) research questions and its (e) significance, and the (f) scope of the study. 1.1 BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Learning English Language is one of the highest priorities in Malaysia education system . This is due to the reason that the person with caliber of speaking, reading and learning English Language stands better chances of ending with a life time opportunity of

  • English Language Learners Case Study

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    Introduction Students whose home language is other than English are increasing in number. Most of them come into schools with different language backgrounds, cultures, and values. Schools should be prepared when it comes to meeting the needs of English language learners (ELLs) to ensure that they are being provided with the best education possible to be successful. Therefore, districts all around the country have put different programs into place for supporting the large population of ELLs. Unfortunately

  • Poor English Skills Case Study

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    Reasons Why Thai People Has Poor English Skills English is more and more crucial than in the past since the world has become globalized. People in almost countries use English for international communication. Nevertheless, Thailand is one of the most well-known countries that people suffer from communication problems with other countries in the ASEAN Economic Community. According to the EF English Proficiency Index 2015, Thailand has a poor standard in speaking English that is ranked at 14th from 16

  • English Language And Linguistics Case Study

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    H2 English Language and Linguistics is an A level subject offered in Singapore, and has its roots in the equivalent A level English Language, a comparatively successful subject in the UK. Its focus is on using linguistic analysis to enhance understanding of language use. It emphasises the importance of the wider context in studying language, thus, its main focus is on text analysis and sociolinguistics. In fact, the material taught in this course could easily be infused into the English curriculum

  • English Language Teaching Case Study

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    1. Introduction The role of English as a unifying language in the dynamic trade environment powered by globalization, beyond any perceptible doubt is very crucial for the successful transaction of any business. English has so far played the role of a Lingua Franca, a bridge language, an auxiliary language etc and it has graduated to an international language. Now it has attained the status of a Universal language. Acquiring English language has now become synonymous to success. A good deal of research