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  • Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief Identity Analysis

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    People have many identities and have to accept the obstacles brought by society due to that identity. In Percy Jackson :The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan Percy finds his true identity facing many challenges of being a son of a god. Do you think he knew the challenges he was going to face at his NYC apartment? Do you think Percy knew his potential at Yancy? It seems that everyone gets to know who they really are at different times. Percy has learned his role throughout the story as he journeys

  • Life Of Meaning And Purpose In Dante's Inferno

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    To live a meaningful life is a very individualistic aspiration, one may say it is to do good in the world while someone else may say that to live a life of meaning and purpose is through personal success. Much like any other person, philosophers and biblical figures would agree that a life of meaning and purpose is dependent to personal experiences. To live the experience of a meaningful life often depends on the circumstances and experiences that people endure. A life of meaning and purpose for

  • Symbolism In The Lightning Thief

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    The Lightning Thief is a fantasy-adventure novel based on Greek mythology. It explores Greek mythology in a modern setting but, it does so as a humorous work of fantasy. It is the first novel in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. It is a modern retelling of the Classical hero’s quest. It is perfectly paced, with electrifying moments chasing each other like heartbeats, and mysteries opening out in sequence. The Lightning Thief is an “An adventure-quest with a hip edge” (School Library Journal

  • Gender Roles In The Bacchae

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    In Euripides’s The Bacchae and in William Shakespeare’s As You Like It, I found the gender roles in these particular plays to be very interesting because this was my first exposure to cross-dressing in works of literature. In The Bacchae, women play a huge role because women are often portrayed as feminine and inferior in many past works, however, in The Bacchae, the women of Thebes decide to rebel against the men and join the Greek God of grape harvesting, wine, fertility, and partying, in the woods

  • Fountain Of Neptune In Florence Analysis

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    opportunity to get revenge on Saturn. Terra crafted a great stone sickle and went to her titan male sons to try and persuade one of them to attack Caelus. Saturn agreed to the notion, and castrated his father. From Caelus’ spilt blood, the Gigantes, Erinyes, and Meliae rose from the earth, and most importantly, Saturn seized Caelus’ gentiles and through them into the sea. The sea then began to stir and created a foam, and from that very foam rose the fully grown goddess of love,

  • The Gods And Goddesses In Homer's Odyssey

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    The gods and goddesses in Homer’s Odysseus perform a key role in the characters’ fates. They act as guides in reaching their destinies although sometimes they are petty, cruel and bent towards destruction of the characters. In this case, the gods have conflicting motives other than the main harmonious purpose utilized by those in union. However, the gods are like the human characters by which they influence their lives. The mortals in the story are experiencing some favour from the divine entity

  • Altar Of Zeus At Pergamon Analysis

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    One of the most memorable and important pieces of architect from the Hellenistic Greek era would be the Altar of Zeus at Pergamon in western Turkey. The altar was commissioned in the first half of the second century (166- 156 BC) during the rule of King Eumenes II or Attalos II to commemorate territorial victories over Pontos and Bithynia. The Altar was also dedicated to Zeus and Athena in gratitude for their help in the war against the Galatians (aka: barbarians) that were threatening the Pergamane