Hesiod: Two Born Here Children Of Chaos

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-material mostly from Hesiod- only chaos with unbroken darkness, two born here children of Chaos Night Erebus from darkness of death Love - with its birth, order +beauty banished blinded confusion love created light +companion radiant day then creation of earth, it just happened *vaguely personified* began to personify more with coming of love + light : to set scene fir human appernce First creature Gaea + Ouranos - children of moth earth + father heaven, monsters, like men yet unhuman Cyclops (wheel-eyed) - 3 creatures, one enormous eye in middle of forehead, gigantic, Titans - not purely destructive though sons of father heavan he hated the monster resembling ones and imprisoned by him in a secret place on earth, …show more content…

from blood of father heavem Giants - Erinyes (furies) - could not be banished as long as sin occured on earth, "those who walk in darkness, snakes for hair + eyes cried tears of blood. universe then ruled by Cronus (Saturn) and wife Rhea (Ops) Zeus (son of Cronus) rebelled after father tried to go against fate and swallow all his children to keep from them over throwing him. due to war, Titans conquered because Zeus relaced monsters to fight + son of Titan Iapetus, Prometheus, took sides with Zeus Typhon - Earth's last offspring, monster w/ 100 heads, Zues defeated w/ lighting + thunder Giants rebelled defeated by god + hercules, gods rruled uninterupted
Earth - round disk, divided into sea (mediterranean) + Axine (black sea), around earth flowed river, Ocean. farther banks lived mysterious people, the Cimmerians, endless nights spread over these

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