Comparison Of Creation Mythology

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In this essay I will be comparing and contrasting the creation myths of Brahma, the Hindu Creator God, and The Ennead of Heliopolis of Ancient Egypt. I will be highlighting the following; how, according to these cultures, did the world begin, how did humans originate, are there any thematic similarities between the creation myths of these two cultures, what are the most striking differences and do they have any beliefs about how the world will end, or do they believe in some kind of cyclical renewal of creation.
Brahma is the Hindu Creator god:
Brahma is also known as the Grandfather of Prajapati, the primitive first god. In early Hindu origins such as the Mahabharata, Brahma is ultimate in the trinity of great Hindu gods which includes Shiva …show more content…

BRAHMA CREATED THE FOUR TYPES: GODS, DEMONS, ANCESTORS, AND MEN. Brahma had numerous wives, the most important being his daughter Sarasvati who, after the Creation, bore Brahma the four Vedas ), all branches of knowledge, the 36 Raginis and 6 Ragas of music, ideas such as Remembrance and Triumph, yogas, religious acts, speech, Sanskrit, and the various units of measurement and time. Besides Daksa, Brahma had other noteworthy sons including the Seven Sages (of whom Daksa was one), and the four famous Prajapatis (gods and goddesses): Kardama, Pancasikha, Vodhu, and Narada, the latter being the messenger between gods and …show more content…

From light everything else was created to help shape the world and divide between dark and light as well as good and evil.
The most striking difference between these two myths is their creation myths. According to Brahma, he leaped from the cosmic golden egg and he then shaped good & evil and light & dark from himself whereas According to the Heliopolitans, the first act of creation occurred when the sun god Atum, rose out of the chaos of Nun from a lotus flower and stood on a raised mound he created.
The second one would be their view in how the world would end. The Brahma says that 7,000,000,000 plus humans must die during an pending and desirable ‘End of the World’ they called “Destruction”, in order that 900,000 faithful Brahma followers will come into a heaven on earth before

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