Erotomania Essays

  • Film Analysis: Fight Club

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    In the movie Fight Club, we are led to believe that the story itself contains various meanings and impacts for its viewers to grasp. In the beginning, one possible meaning that can be inferred is based on the effects of consumerism in society that dictate one’s worth, self-image, and identity. The narrator's desire for materialistic possessions founded on his belief that “the more one has, the more enriched their life would be” drastically impacted how he viewed himself. His view of having the most

  • Neelkantha Bhairavi: The Pregnant King

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    Human beings perceive the world in deuce of binary paradoxes –good/bad, white/black, man/woman and so on. These binary components, especially in gender, are deemed natural but anything that strands on the loose lines are deemed unnatural and is dexterously obliterated. It is common to either deny the existence of such unnaturalness, but they appear repeatedly in different myths and stories. There are instances mentioned of men who became women, women who transformed to men, two men creating children

  • In The Lake Of The Woods Literary Analysis

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    Emily Morra Ms. Drosdick Honors English, Period 9 2/9/2018 Independent Book Essay: In the Lake of the Woods Often times, love is compared to a wide variety of ideas and concepts. Despite the distinct genres and stories, all authors manage to get these ideas across through entailable aspects of plot. In the Lake of the Woods, written by Tim O’Brien, uses symbolism to generate several similar factors pertaining to the plot of his novel. With the entire novel centered around the unusual relationship

  • Analysis Of John Green's Turtles All The Way Down

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    Despite the relative ease of a modern American’s life when compared literally any other point in history, there is a striking increase in anxiety over the past decade. In 1986, 14% of college freshmen reported anxious symptoms, but this past year it jumped to 41% (Denizet-Lewis). John Green, the author of Turtles All the Way Down, shares in this struggle and personally relates to the many young adults who suffer from this condition. This novel, despite many differences, holds a near autobiographical

  • Theme Of Love In Othello And Aphra Behn's Oroonoko

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    Although Shakespeare’s Othello and Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko had two divergent plots, yet both share the same themes of love, honor and trust; which was specifically portrayed by the main characters Othello and Oroonoko. Who also share indistinguishable qualities. Othello is an example of how Shakespeare masterfully manipulates love as a tragic theme, or cause of misery and sadness, to reveal his characters' vulnerabilities. At the same time, in Oroonoko, love is a theme that allows love triangles to

  • The Difficulties Of Love In A Midsummer Night's Dream

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    The Difficulties of Love Consider for a moment just exactly what is love? Love is a feeling, a passion, an idea. And love is extremely complex, encompassing a nuance of emotions. Falling in love can be one of the most blissful things in life. Yet there a many tribulation that come with love. Such is the idea which Shakespeare explore in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The play presents many different types of love and the trials that each suffer. Love presents many obstacles which require sacrifice

  • Personification In Romeo And Juliet

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    Romeo and Juliet Essay Priyanka Yerpula MYP 4B Romeo and Juliet is a tragic love story about two teenagers who madly fall in love with each other, without knowing their families enemies. As these two teenagers meet in a ball. Where Capulet plans to make Paris win over Juliet’s heart. Its a play written by William Shakespeare. Shakespeare has written many plays which were very well-known and popular and inculding this one was Romeo and Juliet’s love story. Romeo and Juliet’s love story takes

  • Erotomania In Enduring Love

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    believes that another man or woman is in love with them. That man or woman tends to be a celebrity or someone in a better economic position. Firstly, the de Clérambault’s syndrome is considered a way of stalking and is also known as Erotomania. What is striking about Erotomania is that the subject’s (Jed) seeing patterns and signals from the love object (Joe) and the environment around him where there are none. Secondly, Jed insists on Joe’s love for him which will bring God to Joe’s life since he is

  • Hamlet First Soliloquy Analysis

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    Thought Piece: Hamlet’s First Soliloquy When comparing Franco Zeffirelli’s Hamlet to Kenneth Branagh's rendition, the preceding setup of Hamlet’s first soliloquy is just as important as the interpreted performance itself. Branagh’s version seems to stay true, but not without added extravagance, to the original, in which Claudius and Gertrude attempt to wean Hamlet off of the sorrowful milk of mourning whilst in the company of many onlooking eyes and the council. This contrasts to Zeffirelli’s, in

  • Romantic Obsessions In Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights

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    Romantic obsessions in Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights. Emily Bronte’s remarkable Wuthering Heights is often categorized into the Gothic genre due to its grim and terrifying atmosphere; however, the novel can also be classified as a Romantic novel as it extensively explores what has been termed Romantic obsessions. Romaticism cannot be sufficiently defined by one single definition and it would either be too vague to effectively include all that is Romanticism or it would be too specific that it

  • Life And Death In Harding's Short Story

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    The use of a symbol has the ability to profoundly address a potent message while challenging the mindset of the audience. In Harding’s short story his main character George Crosby, is plagued with Parkinson's disease and renal cancer. Harding imposes an alternate reality despite Crosby’s terminal illness and final days of life. Opening his novel with “George Washington Crosby began to hallucinate eight days before he died” leaves an impacting affect that helps the audience create an emotional connection

  • Depression In Charles Dickens Great Expectations

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    orphan like Pip. Dickens may have the same disorders as Pip. “During the 1850s, Dickens suffered from devastating losses; his daughter and father.” (Charles Dickens 1). Dickens may have been in depression after his losses. Dickens also may have Erotomania. “He also separated from his wife. Dickens slandered Catherine [wife] publicly, and struck an up intimate relationship with a young actress (Charles Dickens 1). After the separation between Charles and Catherine, Dickens had a mistress he may have

  • Hamlet Ophelianity And Madness Analysis

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    In the play there is an ambiguous connection between sexuality and madness that is more than just subtly thematic but is represented verbally at the same time (Hunt). Sexual tension is expressed with the fact that the young couple share erotomania; a disease that was believed to bring about irrational thinking and disruption in abstinent people (mainly youth) because of their refusal to have coitus, making them “mad by being a maid” (Hunt). Throughout the play Hamlet makes several “approaches”

  • Representing Ophelia Character Analysis

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    (Showalter 283). Showalter acknowledges a few different renditions on this topic, most of which center around the belief that Ophelia and Hamlet were sexually involved with each other and Ophelia’s psychosis was ultimately the “predictable outcome of erotomania” (Showalter 287). She later states that “Late Augustan stereotypes of female love-melancholy were sentimentalized versions which minimized the force of female sexuality, and made female insanity a pretty stimulant to male sensibility,” (Showalter

  • Bram Stoker's Influence In British Literature

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    one of his most famous characters, Jerry Cornelius. He began using Cornelius for most of his science fiction literary works and soon started to stray away from more fantastic novels. Moorcock began writing The Brothel in Rosenstrasse, a novel of erotomania, and then plunged into the Between the Wars sequence of novels, a series set in the earlier parts of this century looking at the events that lead to the Holocaust. Recently, while working on Between the Wars, Moorcock began writing more fantastic

  • Analysis Of Andrew Marantz's Unreality Star

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    influenced by the patient 's environment. In his essay, "Unreality Star", Andrew Marantz agrees that while all mental illnesses have rules, " clinically recognized delusions conform to a familiar set of themes, including persecution, grandiosity and erotomania", however, he emphasizes the context may vary, "form is fixed, content is not". The essayist stresses the importance of this content when he quotes Joel Gold, a former attending psychiatrist at Belleview Hospital, “All productions of the mind

  • Love And Lust In Othello

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    Love and lust are both universal and are constantly being applied in the lives of people everywhere. Both love and lust can be found in all types of relationships; one can love their significant other, their friend, their relative, or anyone else who is a part of their life. These two emotions hold the power to influence the decisions of others. Those who make decisions based on love or lust can have good results like showing affection, or the results can be horrendous like stalking or harassing

  • Gender Bias In Sexual Violence

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    Gender Bias in Sexual Offences Sexual violence occurs in times of peace and of war. It is not limited to any particular setting. It takes place within committed relationships and between strangers alike. In fact, it can occur between people of any gender and sexuality, even though there is no universal consensus on this aspect. However, the academic community is unanimous in its conclusion that sexual violence is usually about dominance and control rather than some form of sexual gratification.