Figure of speech Essays

  • Figure Skating Speech

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    I positively believe women's freestyle figure skating is the best Winter Olympic sport ever to be played. Reasons why this is obviously true are: When you practice for figure skating you benefit from plenty of other exercises, such as flexibility and speed. While enjoying a fun and positive practice you can build your balance, along with boosting your self confidence to help with all your glides, twirls, and turns. All your stress you get from pressure can be lost as you glide across the ice

  • Stereotypes In Little Man Tate

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    knowledgeable in. But, to give a seven year old at calculus problem, and can do it in their head no. They might not be able to do it at all, even when given a calculator. The other stereotypes were on like the focusing on an object and not getting figures of speech. After watching the movie, I do not think I viewed him any differently than I did in the beginning. I see a little boy who just happened to be smart. I never see the exceptionality. Although it is very hard to notice that he has something wrong

  • Symbolism In The Alchemist

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    “The Alchemist” is a novel written by Paulo Coelho in 1988. Regarded as a Coelho’s best novel, it captures the elixir of life through the view of a sanguine Spanish Shepard. Set in a forsaken church in Spain at night; the young Shepard Santiago tastes the exquisite sensation of a compelling dream. He dreams that a young lady tells him about a hidden treasure near the Egyptian pyramids. After the dream recurs more than once, Santiago decides to consult an old man and an old woman who tells him that

  • Examples Of Literary Devices In The Alchemist

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    abide by its directions. Santiago then decides to pursue his dream and sets off on the venture of a lifetime with a set purpose of finding the fortune hidden near the Egyptian pyramids. In the course of his quest, he meets several people who act as figures that assist him and elevate his experience. As well, he comes into contact with the diversity of human emotions, as he experiences sorrow. Pain. Elation. Agitation. Love… In addition, he learns about the mechanism of the universe and the earth’s way

  • Theme Of Racism In Huck Finn

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    For example, as Huck reminisces his feats with Jim he says, “and for a starter I would go to work and steal Jim out of slavery again; and if I could think up anything worse, I would do that too” (214). Huck holds onto Jim as a father figure who accepted and cared from him when others did not accept who he was. The civilized world robbed Jim of his freedom and Huck realized that skin and race do not translate into love, companionship, and friendship. Racism is not a playing factor in

  • Rhetorical Devices In Patrick Henry's Speech

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    The speech was so inspiring that it ignited a massive flame of patriotism. Americans began to greatly support his political ideology. Due to his stirring choice of words, the phrase “Give me liberty, or give me death!” impacted the listeners, making his remarkable words yet known to this date. Henry’s use of ethical appeal, logical and emotional appeals, as well as rhetorical devices, touched the audience. His persuasive techniques were the reason behind his exceptionally successful speech. The

  • Essay On French Fries

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    French fries shouldn't be served in school cafeteria Without a doubt, French fries are one of America's favorite food and a huge part of the fast-food chain. French fries may seem the least of all evils when perusing a restaurant menu but what people may or may not know is that a medium order of fries has 365 calories along with 17 grams of fat which equals 26% of your daily value and 10% of the upper limit you should eat in a day. Haven't you ever asked yourself where do French fries come from?

  • Isolation In Funeral Blues And Mid-Term Break

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    Explore how the poets present the theme of isolation in Funeral Blues and Mid-Term Break. Isolation is the state of being in a place or situation that is separate from others. The theme of isolation, escapism, disconnection and connotation of death are extensively explored in the poem Mid-Term Break by Seamus Heaney and Funeral Blues by WH Auden. Mid-Term Break is written in a narrative style as Heaney writes about the death of his younger brother and captures the emotions of the event including

  • Dinosaurs In The Hood Analysis

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    The making of film, or the concept of it, has been around since the beginning of the 18th century. The lens of the camera has captured some of the most beautiful things, but also the most prejudice. Stereotypes of races, ethnicities, and gender have always been around but were widely considered acceptable in films of that era. Almost as long as there have been people filming, there have been people fighting for equality to be presented on the big screen. Danez Smith is one of these modern fighters

  • Spiro Agnew Speech Analysis

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    On November 13th, 1969, Spiro Agnew, who was the Vice President at the time, gave the speech, Television News Coverage, about how news producers are becoming too powerful ( To successfully inform his audience, he uses many rhetorical strategies to keep everyone engaged and attentive. Agnew delivered an exceptional speech by using multiple techniques such as analogies, anaphoras, parallelism, and rhetorical questions to justify this problem to his audience. To help his audience

  • Real Elements In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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    In the story Of Mice and Men, four living things are killed. Two are shot in the back of the head, and the other two are killed by somebody else’s bare hands. As strange as it sounds, the killings were solutions for some characters and complications for others. In this story by John Steinbeck, there are many different realism elements that are relevant. These elements include a few specifics like the rejection of the idealized, larger-than-life hero of romantic literature, the avoidance of the exotic

  • Nostalgia In Poetry

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    In the profound poems “Lament” by Gillian Clarke, “Report to Wordsworth” by Boey Kim Cheng, and “Before the World Intruded” by Michele Rosenthal, the theme of nostalgia is explored through unique stories. Initially, the poem, “Lament” describes the horrible scenes that occurred during the Gulf War, the poem “Report to Wordsworth” is written as a report to Wordsworth, who greatly appreciated nature during the industrial revolution where he defended it, which as a result urges humans to feel empathy

  • Florence Kelley Child Labor Rhetorical Analysis

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    social worker and reformer, Florence Kelley, in her speech, describes the lack of restrictions in states regarding child labor; and briefly ties in the effects of the lack of women’s rights on the subject. Kelley’s purpose is to bring awareness to the issue of states allowing young children to work. She adopts a passionate tone in order to demonstrate the severe conditions of child labor. Kelley uses a variety of rhetorical strategies, in her speech, to help men and women become aware of the issue on

  • The Consequences Of Justice In Shirley Jackson's The Lottery

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    “Every action has equal and opposite reactions. This is law of the universe and spares none. Wrong done and injustice inflicted is paid back in the same coin. No one has escaped justice of the universe. It is only a matter of time” (Anil Sinha). Karma is a force that shouldn’t be tested; no matter who it is or where they are, it will always be there when fate is ready. Even if these people try to conceal their true emotions, they will pay the price. Normally, the price will be as extreme as the action

  • The Sirens In The Odyssey

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    The Odyssey, one of the oldest texts known to mankind, has made a permanent mark in the heart of Greek art and literature forever. The Odyssey is known as the story of a long forgotten king, Odysseus, exploring the seas, going on his long quest to make his way back to his homeland. One grand encounter Odysseus faces are the mythical creatures known as the sirens. The sirens are notorious for the beautiful song they sing, but this song leaves a deceiving effect on anyone who hears the words, and anyone

  • Analysis Of Francesco Petrach's The Eyes That Drew From Me Such Fervent Praich

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    Francesco Petrarch’s “The Eyes that Drew from Me Such Fervent Praise” and Michael Drayton’s “Since There’s No Help, Come Let Us Kiss and Part” shed light on their speaking voices’ romantic relationships. Francesco Petrarch’s sonnet discusses lost love. The speaker reminisces over his dead lover’s charming features that he misses, while Michael Drayton’s sonnet focuses on the different stages the speaker goes through before he or she accepts that the lovers are separated and hopes that this will change

  • Motherhood Betty Rollin Analysis

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    Before I begin my essay, I would like to state what I know to be true, in order to dispel the multiple lies and misconceptions contained in Betty Rollin’s “Motherhood: Who needs It?” I wish I knew the names of the sick individuals who decided to put this book in the curriculum, and the names of those who have supported this, because then I could tell them what I am about to tell you. Just as the magazine that contained Rollin’s essay was immediately defunct, (it ceased publication a year after Betty

  • Character Analysis: I Escaped A Violent Gang

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    In the memoir “I Escaped a Violent Gang” and the play “The Watsons Go to Birmingham.” the theme they used was courage. In “I Escaped a Violent Gang”, Ana had enough courage to join a gang but not only that but to stand up against it. In “The Watsons Go to Birmingham” Sarah and Junior walk in a march for equal rights. They both show courage in different ways in “I Escaped a Violent Gang” the characters actions are different. Sarah and Junior both march for equal rights, but Ana wasn’t marching for

  • Boredom: A Horror Story

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    ‘I don’t know what to do with myself’ resonates repeatedly off the walls. Boredom occasionally yells in frustration at not knowing what to do. Thunder cracks outside followed by a flash of lightning shredding the sky. A dark shadowy figure travels across the window almost as recklessly as the flash of lightning. Boredom merely decides to watch a movie to satiate the feeling of sparseness, ignoring anything happening going on in the outside world. The movie is one that Boredom has never

  • Allusions In One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

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    “It's like everyone tells a story about themselves inside their own head. Always. All the time. That story makes you what you are. We build ourselves out of that story.”― Patrick Rothfuss. There is power in words, power in the way they can bring new ideas and opinions to the people who perceive them. The people who understand this the most, are the people who use them to weave stories for their audience. It stands to reason that these practitioners might draw from each other, as a student who cannot