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  • Zika Virus Essay

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    In conclusion, Zika virus is a mosquito transmitted infection that originated from Africa. Discovered in Zika Forest near Lake Victoria in Uganda, Africa almost seventy years ago on April 18, 1947 on a rhesus monkey, Rhesus 766. It is discovered in the Rockefeller Foundation Program because of the research about the jungle yellow fever. By then, they brought Rhesus 766 where they examine the febrile monkey and pass sample of serum from the rhesus to mice where they found out after 10 days that the

  • Zika Virus Disease

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    Abstract: This research paper is going to demonstrate the outbreak, effects, means of transmission, and treatment of Zika virus disease. Zika virus disease is mosquito-borne flavivirus, meaning it primarily spreads through infected mosquito bites. Through research, we discovered that the Zika virus originated from an experiment that was held on subjects about yellow fever. Zika virus cases have been reported in many countries. However, it is mainly found in the tropical regions. The wide-spread

  • Essay On Yellow Fever

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    `I’m here to talk about yellow fever. Yellow fever is a virus that is spread through mosquito bites. When you travel to places like South America or Africa you need to be careful about things you do and watch out for mosquitos. It usually takes about a week for the symptoms to occur. You can get a vaccine when you go to places like South America or Africa. Yellow is almost like the flu, but way deadlier. There is two stages of yellow fever which is called the toxic phase and the acute phase. The

  • Essay On Emerging Infection

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    Emerging infection is an infection that is new meaning it has not been previously recognised in humans. HIV/AIDS is an example of an emerging infection. It appeared in the 20th century; HIV was first recognised in 1981 but was likely around for decades. The human species had never had a pandemic of HIV before, so it is a classical emerging infection of profound global health impact. The emergence of an infection can be due to several factors like genetic mutation and the environmental factors Emergent