Fluoride therapy Essays

  • Water Fluoridation

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    Water fluoridation was introduced more than 60 years ago, in Michigan, as a public health measure to prevent tooth decay and it has been the reason for big controversies since there. The technique is defined as a process in which the substance fluoride is introduced into the public water supply in order to prevent dental cavities, reaching a large number of people. The Morbidity and Mortality report prepared by the Center of Control of Disease, Atlanta, Georgia, and printed and distributed by Massachusetts

  • Dentistry Personal Statement Examples

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    My interest in dentistry was sparked at the age of fourteen. It all started after me and my dentist decided that I needed braces, for a "wonderful smile" as he put it. Every visit to the dentist was a new experience to me. From every time I had my braces cleaned and checked to the difficulties I had to endure afterwards, curiosity found its way, and I slowly took an interest in dentistry. The conversations with my dentist revolved around the fundamentals of the dental world, and this strengthened

  • Food Chemistry Assignment

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    Food Chemistry Assignment 1 1. Why would you use D-glucono-δ-lactone in a refrigerated pizza crust? Which additional ingredient do you need for D-glucono-δ-lactone to work and why? (5 points) D-glucono-δ-lactone is a leavening agent so is added to pizza crust to cause expansion of the dough. When water is added to the dough mixture containing D-glucono-δ-lactone and sodium bicarbonate, they dissolve. D-glucono-δ-lactone hydrolyses to gluconic acid, which then reacts with the sodium bicarbonate to

  • Water Fluoridation In Australia

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    Artificial water fluoridation has an intensified debate on the public health intervention and this decision made by several Australian politicians. The Australian dentists and other health professional’s agreement that adequate enamel fluoride is essential for dental caries. The children are the commonest contributors to dental caries include poor dental structure, poor oral hygiene, bacterial involvement and dietary factors etcetera. The most prevalent health problem in Australia is dental caries

  • Fluoride Argumentative Essay

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    this is bad, and many have voiced their opinions quite loudly. Here are some articles to help educate the public on what fluoride is, what it does, and what people think. What is fluoride? Fluoride is a substance that many types of toothpaste use to help to strengthen the enamel on a person’s teeth. When used in small amounts, it’s perfectly fine, but in larger amounts, fluoride can be toxic, leading to the weakening of bones, cancer, and other problems in the body. When used in great amounts on children’s

  • Essay On Baby Toothbrush

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    of toothpaste that is suitable for infants is important, but can also be a confusing process. So, how do you make a decision? Firstly, remember to choose baby toothpastes that contain Xylitol as it prevents bacteria formation, and has a type of fluoride that is safe to swallow. Also, you should also consider choosing the right kind of flavored toothpaste. It would be irritating for you and the baby if the toothpaste’s flavor were bad. Parents should also consider trying and experimenting different

  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus Experiment Essay

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    Introduction In this experiment we are examining Streptococcus Mutans and Lactobacillus Acidophilus which are bacteria found in the mouth. The bacteria Streptococcus Mutans have been seen to have negative effects to the mouth such as tooth decay. Lactobacillus Acidophilus on the other side is seen as a good bacteria and has been used as a probiotic. Both of these bacterias grow within the mouth and can be collected through saliva. Our experiment is to compare the difference between two processes

  • Whitening Toothpaste Essay

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    It’s what nearly everyone wants: a dazzling white smile so shiny it can cause a traffic accident. Seen all over the place from TV shows to fashion models, to celebrities and world leaders, it seems that a white smile is an indicator of success, glamour, and prestige. Yet a white smile is notoriously difficult to come by at the best of times, and many people have dedicated a lot of time and effort in finding new ways to secure a whiter, cleaner smile. Tooth whitening is basically the process by

  • Radiation Awareness

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    and kill cells, increases in actively dividing cells, such as cancer cells. That is, rapidly dividing cells, such as cancer cells, are more prone to radiation damage and are more likely to be killed by it. This is why radiation is used as a cancer therapy (radiotherapy). However, because exposure to radiation is a serious hazard, all staff working in areas where ionizing radiation is a risk, needs to adhere to strict safety regulations. Protective equipment, such as a lead apron, must be worn. Moreover

  • Janis's Theory Of Groupthink

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    Groupthink is a theory of social interaction involved with methods of group decision-making, originally developed by Irving Janis, a social psychologist, in 1972 (Communication Theory). Groupthink was initially described by Janis as the thought processes of people engaged in group decision-making with a deep desire to conform to ‘in-group members’ーrequiring extreme loyalty to group values and the exclusion of those deemed part of an ‘out-group’. In situations when groupthink occurs, the need for

  • Acupuncture In Domestic Animals

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    Holistic medicine is a fairly uncommon practice that is now gaining popularity widespread in not just the treatment of humans, but animals as well. In fact, more and more people are going through classes to become certified to work on animals as this offers a drug free pain and stress relief option. Two major branches in the veterinary holistic care are acupuncture and massage. These, like other aspects of medicine worldwide, are approached differently based on the species, age, and function of the

  • Personal Statement: A Career In Physical Therapy

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    physical therapy and what is expected of physical therapist. The way that I learn these things is by asking question from my supervisor while they are performing task with the patient, also by paying close attention to the way they complete the task and take very detail notes while I am observing the instruction that is given to the patient from the physical therapist. There are a few goals that I want to achieve as an intern. The first goal is to learn as much as possible about physical therapy in the

  • Argumentative Essay On Group Therapy

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    society. Group Theory/Techniques/Interventions Effective for Adolescents Dealing with anxiety and substance use: Cognitive behavioral therapy helps the group members to cope up with their stressor and help them to deal with that stressor. This stressor could be situations and feelings that could lead to substance use and with group cognitive behavioral therapy they learn to act to cope with the anxiety. The CBT groups, it has conventionally assumed that CBT model trained the group as an ‘active

  • Crisis Counseling Ethics

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    Counselors must be aware of their ethical and legal obligations when providing counseling services, such as those related to crisis prevention and intervention. This knowledge can guide the counselor in making appropriate decisions to best assist the client. The American Counseling Association Code of Ethics (2014) provides counselors with the core principles of autonomy, nonmaleficence, beneficence, justice and fidelity to guide them in decisions making. Furthermore, the following ACA (2014) ethical

  • Cessative In Indo-Tibetan Yoga

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    Introduction Yoga Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice that helps the mind, body and soul (White, 2011). It came from the term “yoking together” wherein there were two animals used as a metaphor to really demonstrate the yoking of the body and mind. This means to say that it is the exercise of the mind and body working together as one (White, 2011). It is still debatable where yoga came from (Flood, 1996). Between the 500-200 BCE it was the rise of ideologies and philosophies just

  • Mindfulness Approach To Wellness Essay

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    wellness has a vast application within the world of therapy. Its universal application allows for its benefits of calmness and understanding to arise in a diverse range of clients. The mind and body are strongly connected, and therapists who take a mindfulness approach encourage their clients to strengthen this connection. By knowing the brain health of a client, a therapist can utilize the mind body connection in virtually all forms of therapy to help the client address stress and come to terms

  • Ethical Issues In Counseling

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    career, including ethical concerns in on-line counseling, dual and multiple relationships with the clients and issues of confidentiality. Ethical Concerns in on - Line Counseling Over the last years on-line psychotherapy, including e-mailing and Skype therapy, has been a popular means of providing counseling to clients. However, given the fact that on-line counseling is a relatively new medium

  • Future Counselling Skills

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    When reviewing the video and sound recording, I noticed some counselling skills that I acquired that will be useful in my future counselling sessions. One of the skills that I have shown in the video is my attending behaviour. This includes eye contact, facial expressions, and body posture. For example, I made eye contact with my client and lean forward sometimes to indicate empathy and understanding. Also, I was relaxed during the session and I believe this has put my client at ease. I constantly

  • Critical Thinking In Nursing Essay

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    Introduction Nurses job are getting more challenges now a days. Nurses are exposed to conditions where the increasing standard in healthcare needs to be taken at the same time handling and managing people with different background. To allow them to be effective in this environment, they need to be good in making decisions. Making decision is not as easy as it said but needs capability of thinking critically in complicated situations (Chan, 2013). They need a capability to see large picture, foresee

  • Creative Arts Therapy

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    Towards a Definition of Creative Arts Therapy As Storr (1972) observed, creativity offers a means of “coming to term with, or finding symbolic solutions for, the internal tensions and dissociations from which all human beings suffer in varying degree”. Numerous and often conflicting definitions of creative arts therapy have been advanced since the term first emerged in the late 1940s (Waller and Gilroy, 1978). According Naumburg model described the therapy as the release of unconscious through