Gender-neutral language Essays

  • Social Construction Of Gender Analysis

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    Gender, defined by Sara Arber refers to the social, economical and cultural expectations and norms given to men and women. Gender is an important socially constructed idea that differentiates the roles and responsibilities given to the sexes, deeming what is appropriate and acceptable for men and women as well as the way in which they are treated by their social groups. Social construction is a specific concept based on space and time, thus gender being a social construction, is continuously changing

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Michelle Obama's Speech

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    On October 13th, 2016, Michelle Obama delivered a masterly censure of years of bigot and sexist assaults on women in an astounding speech about the man behind these horrible claims and statements. The man who has been chosen for a president-elect. The man who is supposed to lead America into greatness and success. The Republican nominee; Donald Trump. With mind-boggling rhetoric and her husband by her side, the First Lady of America portrayed the agony and mortification women have persisted for years

  • Coca Cola In Africa Case Study

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    Well to start off the Coca-Cola Company has been around for a little over a hundred years and has flourished in their market. Like any large company, the reason they are targeting the African market is simply the reason they are seeking for new opportunities for future potential growth within the market. This search in opportunities for potential growth is due to from the fact that many of the companies markets outside of Africa are mature, saturated, declining or are experiencing and increased number

  • Gender Roles In Parenting

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    Gender roles are norms set by society on how one should act and behave according to their sex. Gender roles are acquired through our environment, from how other people act and behave and from the task that men and women do based on their culture and norm (Lipsitz 1981). The specific role of male and female parents vary depending on the cultures and norms. Lipsitz argued that all societies specify adult roles base on the sex (1981). Gender influences the role and expectations in the society and in

  • Analysis Of Gloria Anzaldua's To Live In The Borderlands

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    to use is the imagination in order to visualize what the author message is in his story or poem. Some stories, poems or drama are based from the writer’s personal experience, such as the conflict with they have with society because of their race, gender or ethnicity. The poem “To live in the Borderlands Means you” by Gloria Anzaldua, describes from the author’s personal experience how society can affect an individual’s identity. The mixture of different cultures and races can isolate a person because

  • Patricia Highsmith: Spatial Parody

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    Li Wanjie (14) 4D Literary Research Project Spatial Parody in the Novels of Patricia Highsmith Introduction To clarify the relationship between space and identity, Kevin Hetherington writes, “identity…is about spatiality…certain spaces act as sites for the performance of identity” (105). Spatiality is the conflux of identity performance and space, whereby a space can be infinitely appropriated and modified by the presence of a human subject within it. A natural corollary in the process of

  • Essay On The Positive And Negative Influence Of Architectural Design

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    through the bad design that call people to production and break relations. Defenders of social justice have acknowledged the influence of architecture on behavior and used it to change people 's values, beliefs and behavior. People have long seen gender

  • Essay About Queer Culture

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    the traditional gender in the society, the heterosexual individuals. Two evidences of this are the little research on this culture because participants are reluctant to disclose information about their gender orientation. Until now, some still regard homosexuality and bisexuality as “stigmatized identity”. (Nicholas, 2004). However, it can be deduced that there is an increasing rate of acceptance for these gender orientations because the awareness of the public about these genders are slowly increasing

  • Gender Stereotyping In The Film The Mask You Live In

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    A. Gender typing in early childhood is how people think each sex should act. Through cultural stereotypes and norms, children begin to associate different characteristics and activities with one sex or the other. As soon as children begin to understand gender categories they start to assign objects, roles, and traits towards a particular sex. Girls play with dolls and make-up and tend to spend more time with art or playing house, while boys have trucks, fake guns, or racecars and they want to play

  • Shakespeare In English Language Essay

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    of phrases and words, many of which are still heavily prevalent today. So prevalent that, in the 1990s, the name he created, Jessica, was the most popular girls’ name in the United States of America. In fact, Shakespeare has influenced the English language in countless ways. He even invented the knock knock joke in order to insert some comic relief into the tragedy that is Macbeth. From names to cliches to overused jokes, there is not a part of

  • School Dress Codes Essay

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    these regulations hold several negative influences and should be remodeled in a different way. Dress codes were created over a series of court cases. These cases address the freedom of speech and expression students hold on school grounds including language, dress and writing topics. They were applied to prevent distractions to students. In order to combat what they believe to be unjust dress policies, students have taken to the internet to share their stories of being “dress coded” or protest during

  • Elizabeth Vliet's Argumentative Analysis

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    Strive for Gender Neutral Bathrooms The recent hot debate in our society focuses on the new controversial policy for public bathrooms to be identified as gender neutral. People who identify as a gender other than their biological sex are allowed to use the bathroom based on how they identify themselves. Elizabeth Vliet, is a current physician, has acquired specialized training from Johns Hopkins Sexual Medicine Consultation team, and provides her stance about the gender neutral bathroom policy will

  • Gender Neutral Pronouns

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    history of gender-neutral pronouns. Arguments may include the fact that gender-neutral language has not been around for a long time and therefore professors can do without it, as they have since the beginning of time. In fact, individuals such as professor Jordan Peterson claim, “‘I will never use words I hate, like the trendy and artificially constructed words ‘zhe’ and ‘zher’” (Lecture 10, p. 40). In general, especially in the 21st century, there has been a rise in ‘slang’ language, which has

  • Gender Differences In Japanese Language

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    Gender Language in Japan The study of language and gender has had a big impact on Japanese ideology. The use of Japanese language in Japan include, how the language reveals attitudes towards gender and how people use the language by speaking and writing in ways that reflect gender. In Japan for instance, gender differences in Japanese language used to be very recognizable, but recently the language has become more gender natural as the language evolved. The status of women equality struggle to prove

  • Michel Foucault's Theory Of Power Relationship

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    would say that translation is the effort of communication between different worlds. You try to translate a source text, a speech, a theme, a culture to the target one. How can that be possible though, if absolute equivalence between two different languages and more specifically two different worlds is a remote possibility? There are slim chances in achieving the perfect translation, and the only way a translation can be described as a successful one, it is when it constitutes a real encounter between

  • Stroop Effect Lab Report

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    times in a colour identification task tested in undergraduates __________ words   ABSTRACT A phenomenon known as the Stroop Effect, discovered by J. R. Stroop in 1935, was tested among a sample group of 54 undergraduate psychology students, of mixed gender and varying age range. Stroop found that reaction time in identifying a colour was significantly increased when presented in the form of a word describing a different or incongruent colour. 144 words, divided into four levels of congruence were presented

  • Sex Sells Advertisement Analysis

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    alcohol-free beers have the same positive effect on breastfeeding. Beer advertisements have always been associated with men, so maybe this is a new approach to beer publicities. This theory is emphasized by the fact that the hand seems to be gender neutral because it’s not hairy like a man’s hand, but it’s a smooth looking hand: either a woman’s one or a teenager’s. This ad targets teenagers by eye catching them with an optical

  • Loneliness And The Sun Literary Analysis

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    Loneliness and the Sun: Woman, “Languageing” and Loneliness in Menis Koumandareas’s Koula and Selma Lagerlof’s “The Eclipse” What are the features of those fictional writings that deal with loneliness? If we believe, as Husserl did, that consciousness is always intentional, then loneliness must be something unbearable for humankind. However, there are a thousand modes of loneliness, and a thousand modes of being in company. A tree may be a truer friend for me than a fellow human being, but that

  • Street Art In Fashion

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    REFLECTIVE JOURNAL Yuliya Borodavkina// FS 2 1415 Gender Ambivalence as a trend. The world's main trade show of man's fashion, Pitti Uomo, has recently become not only a source of various inspirations and stylistic ideas for the women (as it has always been), but also a source of the new brilliant brand discoveries, and what is interesting – their men's lines. There is one trick, known since the times of Gabrielle Chanel: if the texture allows that, mensclothing (the

  • Literature Review: Hostile Sexism Against Women

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    LITERATURE VIEW In today’s world, it cannot be denied that patriarchy, political, social and traditional power of male over other genders, is faced inevitably (Goldberg, 1993) Sexism is one of the most common problematic issues in today’s society that shapes people behavior on gender and usually it is seen as hostile behavior against women. However, its one side of which people are unaware is missed: positive-thought part of sexism (Glick and Fiske, 1996). Benevolent sexism and hostile sexism