Gran Colombia Essays

  • How Did Simon Bolivar Changed South America

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    Simon Bolivar changed South America. He freed many countries in South America, while keeping his goals entirely intact. He took a stand against a tyrannical leader, to defeat a corrupt government, to gain freedom, and liberty. When Simon Bolivar was a young man he traveled to Europe, to visit the ruler of Spain, Napoleon. Napoleon was a French military leader who had crowned himself emperor, and quickly rose to power. While in Europe, Bolivar and Napoleon discussed their goals and ambitions. Napoleon

  • Beowulf And Odysseus Comparison

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    In the beginning of story writing, authors portrayed heroes with human-like flaws. They were greedy, ambitious, stubborn, and even cruel. Their perception of being a hero was totally different to what we have now. Despite those characters having severe weaknesses, they were and still are heroes. Odysseus, ruler of Ithaca is the main character in Homer’s epic. Odysseus is a strong headed man with prowess at fighting. Throughout the story his only goal is to return home after 10 years of exile and

  • Should Immigrants Be Allowed To Stay In The United States?

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    According to a study released last year by the Pew Hispanic Center, as of 2008, 11.9 million illegal immigrants lived in the United States, more than triple the 3.5 million who lived in the country in 1990 (Izumi). Immigration throughout the years has become a major issue in the U.S because of too many immigrants entering the country year after year. The U.S has come to a point whether they should deport the immigrants back to their country. Believe it or not, these immigrants are a big contribution

  • Informative Essay: The Issue Of Immigration

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    One main problem that there has been back then and now has been in debate that immigration is either good thing or a problem, this has been an issue for centuries. Immigration is taken off as something invading and trespassing to others, but those who are immigrants see it as a passage of rights, the opportunity to have social justice in having equal rights even if from another country. What it means is that coming from another foreign country and relocating to a new one is referred to immigration

  • Opportunities In America

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    Every year, millions of illegal immigrants are challenged to cross the borders to the United States in search for jobs. However, illegal immigration is becoming an issue that not only is affecting the United States politically and economically, but also the job market. Moreover, the United States has the highest rank if illegal immigrants because of the jobs opportunities it offers to people. Therefore, this is creating many controversies between illegal immigrants and American citizens because of

  • Pros And Cons Of Filipino Immigration Reform

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    Profile of a Filipino Immigrant: Immigration Reform The United States is the country of hopes and dreams, attracting immigrants from all over the world. In the last couple of years, Immigration has been a topic of controversy. Topics of immigration reform have taken over the news channels, tabloids and politicians battling over the pros or the cons. According to Wikipedia, immigration reform is the changes in immigration policy of a certain country. The discussion of immigration reform has instilled

  • Should Immigrants Be Granted Citizenship Essay

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    An illegal immigrant, who works for their keep, pays taxes, doesn't get into trouble, and just wants a better life in a country, should be granted citizenship. An illegal immigrant is a person who migrates to a different country in a way that is in violation of the immigrant laws. Immigration has been a tough topic to bring up for many years in America. Illegal immigrants are seen as a bad thing for America, but some see them as an economic savior. There are over 11 million undocumented immigrants

  • Illegal Immigration Issues

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    Since the founding of the United States of America, this country was considered as the country of immigrants. America was tend to be one of those countries that welcomed foreign newcomers who wanted to settle in the US for a better life. Nowadays, every person living in the US can undeniably be considered an immigrant or the progeny of the immigration. On the other hand, the problem that America is facing today is illegal immigration. Nowadays, illegal immigration is one of the major national issues

  • Pablo Escobar: Hero Or Villain?

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    was a real person. One who walked the streets and enjoyed the little things life offered. Was he misunderstood? Possibly. But this man rose from the ashes of La Violencia and made a name for himself and those around him. He made sure to be good to Colombia 's less fortunate and distribute his wealth any way he could. He was a family man and always looked out for his own. But he also took down those who didn’t agree with him and controlled approximately 80% of the world’s cocaine trade during his time

  • Héctor Luis Palma Salazar Research Paper

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    Héctor Luis Palma Salazar also known as Blondy, is a former Mexican drug trafficker and former leader of the Sinaloa Cartel. He worked alongside "El Chapo". Héctor Luis Palma Salazar was born in , Mocorito, Sinaloa, Mexico in the mid 1950s. There is no evidence of a specific birthdate. Palma began his criminal carreer as a car thief and then eventually working as a gunman for Miguel Gallardo in the Guadalajara Cartel. Palma rose in ranks. Following the loss of a large cocaine shipment, which was

  • Narco-Nicaraguan Case Study

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    North also helped a Honduran general, José Bueso Rosa, receive a drastically reduced sentence after he was busted in 1984 by the FBI for a $40 million cocaine shipment. Rosa had been heavily involved with the Contras and he planned to use parts of the drug profits to assassinate the liberal Honduran President Roberto Suazo Córdoba. That plan was later described by the Justice Department as the “most significant case of narco-terrorism yet discovered.” On the other hand, Oliver North submitted the

  • Medellin Cartel Essay

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    The Medellin Cartel was founded in Medellin, Colombia. It’s main operations were conducted in Colombia, but the cartel had connections with other organizations located in Bolivia, Peru and Central America. The cartel was led by Pablo Escobar and the Ochoa brothers, Jorge Luis, Juan David and Fabio. Before becoming drug traffickers the Ochoa brothers were respected ranchers and Escobar was a street thief. The men then joined forces with marijuana smuggler Carlos Lehder to learn how to produce and

  • The Pros And Cons Of Open Border

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    The political aisle as well as economists spectrum exercises insightful particular distinctions of the demographic shifts on opposing perceptions of the caution on border policy undeterred by prejudices or preferences, to demonstrate the relevance cultural diversity. The pros of open border protect U.S. citizens because the government crafted a solid system is recipe founded on the enforcement of the public safety from any unforeseen disasters. Pros is that the U.S. government would be

  • Pros And Cons Of Border Security

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    How do you feel about about adding more border security? Border security is a way of having more protection so people don 't come into a country where they are not from without having thier document or having permission to come into another country. I say there is no need of that because no matter how much security they have people are going to come into the country that they don 't belong in and also because there they are full of ideas to come in the country. I think there is no need of more

  • Should Illegal Immigrants Be Deported

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    I think that the children of illegal immigrants should be deported. It will not be fair for people who actually try to get into the country legally.A reason I have for this is that many people are getting into our country illegally and it is unfair. Millions of people are trying to get into the country legally and they’re just waiting to get in.Wouldn’t you feel bad for getting into the country illegally when other people are actually doing the right thing to get into the country. It’s like winning

  • Summary: The Importance Of US-Mexico Border Patrol

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    Abstract The US-Mexico border hold a great importance when it comes to national security. In this regard the Border Patrol plays an important role. The certain problems which highlight the importance if Border Patrol include, Illegal Immigrants, drug smuggling and human traffickers. Although all these situations can be handled by investing time and effort to improve the border. Importance The US-Mexico border is and International boundary separating USA and Mexico. The length of the boundary is

  • The Negative Effects Of Illegal Immigration

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    Illegal immigration is one big problem that is widespread in businesses throughout the United States of America. Immigrants require paperwork and recognition by the government; therefore, the inability to fulfill the conditions and paper work results in illegal immigration. Although immigrants are desperately needed for high skilled job openings, it is way too difficult for them to get across the borders and come into this country. There is an enormous amount of uneasiness with the illegal amount

  • Pedro Lopez: The Monster Of The Andes

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    Pedro Lopez , also known as “The Monster of the Andes”, was born on October 8, 1949 in Tolima, Colombia. He was known for being a serial killer for murdering about one hundred ten to three hundred young girls, and a rapist for raping about three hundred young girls in South America. He was also in the Guinness World Records for being the "most prolific serial killer". His mother, Benilda López De Casteneda, was a prostitute at about the age of twelve and his father, Midardo Reyes, was a member of

  • Illegal Immigration Negative

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    I believe illegal immigration negatively affects the United States; illegal immigrants hurt the economy and bring in more crime. They just keep coming illegal immigrants, and our government isn 't doing anything about them. They are affecting America because they bring drugs and their friends. Now if they come over here and help out and came here legally they would help us out and the economy. But instead the hard working people have to pay taxes to help them live here. In 2014 there were 11.3

  • Violence In Colombia

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    The illegal drug industry took charge in the 1970s. Violence increased and illegal drug trade started. Although the external debt crisis affected much of Latin America, Colombia was able to grow almost 3 times faster than the Latin American average.Yet, violence restrained economic growth and drugs distorted the economy. Hundreds of bombs exploded in Colombian cities in the 80s. A rebel conflict occurred in which Union Patriotica; a left-wing political party, had over 3,500 members killed or taken