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  • Essay On Groundwater

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    Groundwater is the water present beneath Earth 's surface in soil pore spaces and in the fractures of rock formations. A unit of rock or an unconsolidated deposit is called an aquifer when it can yield a usable quantity of water. Groundwater, which is in aquifers below the surface of the Earth, is one of the Nation 's most important natural resources. Groundwater is the source of about 33 percent of the water that country and city water departments supply to households and businesses . It provides

  • Essay On Groundwater Depletion

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    Ethics, Policies and Laws Water tables have been drastically reduced all over the world due to groundwater depletion and have a direct impact on those who rely on groundwater like agriculture, domestic, as well as in recreational use. Groundwater depletion is a global phenomenon and is defined as long term declination caused by non-sustained groundwater pumping over time. Continues pumping of groundwater from shallow and deeper aquifers has impact on the nature of the water table. If there is no action

  • Groundwater Case Study

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    shallow groundwater dynamics of an aquifer is a great significant doorstep for investigating a genuine groundwater management scenario. Groundwater is a very great significant element of large whole of the natural water resources system. Evaluation of groundwater capacity (potential) contain as part of the whole as an essential part of a quantitative comprehension of the aquifer system and groundwater conditions. The frequency, dynamics, origin, movement and chemical composition of groundwater is dependent

  • Groundwater Flow Model

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    NUMWERICAL GROUNDWATER FLOW MODELING OF UPPER FAFAN SUB BASIN 5.1 Introduction The groundwater flow equations that comprise the groundwater flow model of this study were solved using the model code MODFLOW-2000 that is based on the finite-difference method. The groundwater flow model was set up as a one-layered, local steady-state model. The purpose of the model was to simulate groundwater flow of the unconfined aquifer, and thereby calculate the distribution of water table elevations and groundwater fluxes

  • Role Of Isotopes In Groundwater Pollution

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    INTRODUCTION Two of the fundamental things that we need to be acquainted with about groundwater are where does it came from, and the period it has been underground. The most communal way of determining its origin and residence time below the surface is by using natural and man-made tracers. These tracers are substances which accompany the water molecule from the upper atmosphere through the deepest aquifers. Groundwater tracers include dissolved gases and isotopes of atoms associated with water. Oxygen

  • Groundwater Recharge Research Paper

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    CHAPTER FIVE RESULTS AND DISCUSSIONS 5.1 Concepts of Groundwater Recharge Evaluation In a broader sense, groundwater recharge is defined by as water that reaches an aquifer from any direction, i.e., down, up, or laterally. In the upper awash catchment, groundwater recharge by downward flow of water through the unsaturated zone is generally the most important mode of recharge. Therefore, groundwater recharge as used in this study refers to the downward flow of water reaching

  • Solution Of Ground Water Pollution

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    Ground Water Pollution • Copper – Copper can be found naturally in rocks that are exposed from mining activity as well. In small amounts, copper in the water isn’t much of a problem, although it can be damaging to fish. It’s an essential element in human life in very small amounts, but too much can cause serious digestive problems and kidney dysfunction. • Fluoride – Fluoride occurs naturally like the other elements listed here, but it’s also added to municipal water to help strengthen bones and

  • The Ground Water Pollution

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    rivers and aquifers. Typically, groundwater is thought of as water flowing through shallow aquifers, but, in the technical sense, it can also contain soil moisture, permafrost ( or frozen soil), immobile water in very low permeability bedrock, and deep geothermal or oil formation water. Groundwater is recharged from, and eventually flows to, the surface naturally. Natural discharge often occurs at springs and seeps, and can form oases or wetlands. Groundwater is also often withdrawn for agricultural

  • Importance Of Hydrochemistry

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    ground water (aquifers and underground streams). It is a critical issue for the survival of all living organisms on the earth. The study of hydrochemistry of fresh water involves description of occurrence of various constituents in surface and groundwater along with their relationship with water use. There are several processes and factors which affect the hydrochemistry and have interdependent effect in controlling the overall chemical quality of ground water and surface water of an area. The hydrochemistry

  • Drainage System Characteristics

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    attributes were assigned to create the digital data base for drainage layer of the basin. (1) 3.2 Uses of morphometric analysis of the catchment The drainage basin analysis is important in any hydrological investigation as assessment of groundwater potential, groundwater management, pedology and environmental assessment. The morphometric analysis has been carried out about parameters as stream order, stream length, bifurcation ratio, stream length ratio, basin length, drainage density, stream frequency

  • Essay On Soil Remediation

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    Soil remediation is a common term for various strategies that are used to purify contaminated soil. Soil contamination, also known as soil pollution, is brought by manmade chemicals or alteration in the natural soil. The soil contamination is caused by various factors such as industrial activities, improper waste disposal, acid rains, accidental oil spills, and agricultural chemicals. Pesticides, petroleum hydrocarbon, and heavy metals shavings are the most common chemicals causing soil pollution

  • Unsaturated Matrix Essay

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    4.1.2 Lateral infiltration into the unsaturated matrix (qlu) Lateral infiltration of macropore water into the unsaturated soil matrix takes place strictly over the depth where stored macropore water is in contact with the unsaturated matrix. Absorption is the dominant mechanism at low soil moisture contents. It will be negligible under wet conditions even when there is a large pressure head gradient and for this condition Darcy flow will be dominant. Darcy flow is very small under dry conditions

  • Physicochemical Properties Of Water Essay

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    Water is the lifeline of our environment. Our planet earth is dominated by water. Two thirds of earth’s area is covered with water. Scientists estimate that 70% of the earth’s surface is covered with water in the form of oceans starting from Pacific Ocean to Atlantic and Arctic Ocean. This water is not suitable for human use because of the high saline level in the water. The high amounts of salt in saes and oceans require a process of reverse osmosis for make the water fit for human use. The process

  • Environmental Effects Of Soil Drainage

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    scale irrigation, the groundwater level has continued to decrease and as a result lower ground water level has been observed. Tile drainage is the process of

  • Ground Water Geomorphology

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    Abstract - Integration of geographical information system (GIS) and the remote sensing data for the exploration of groundwater resources has become a breakthrough in the field of groundwater research, which assists in assessing, monitoring, and conserving groundwater resources. The current study conducted to delineate the ground water potential zones in Manimala watershed. Totally eight parameters have been consider for the study such as drainage density, elevation, geology, geomorphology, land

  • Weighted Overlay Analysis Essay

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    CHAPTER-6 DEMARCATION OF GROUNDWATER POTENTIAL ZONES 6.1 GENERAL Groundwater potential is the rate of water that can be abstracted from an aquifer in sustainable rate without any adverse impact on the whole environment. But in many parts of the world, groundwater abstraction has exceeded the safe yield, resulting in overexploitation and overstressing of the aquifer. Therefore quantum of available groundwater resource has to be assessed accurately for its optimum extraction and

  • Essay On Ground Water Pollution

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    occur over large enough areas, they are often collectively treated as a nonpoint source of pollution. HUMAN ACTIVITES AS THE SOURCE OF GROUNDWATER CONTIMINATION Human activities such as agricultural activities, irrigation, construction, industrial introduce the toxic and poisonous pollutants in ground water. 1.Muncipial : Municipal sources of groundwater contamination include open dumpsites, poorly constructed or maintained landfills, latrines and other waste sites. Each of these can contain

  • Groundwater Pollution

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    Groundwater is an integral part of the environment, and hence cannot be looked upon in isolation. There has been a lack of adequate attention to water conservation, efficiency in water use, water re-use, groundwater recharge, and ecosystem sustainability. An uncontrolled use of the bore well technology has led to the extraction of groundwater at such a high rate that often recharge is not sufficient. The causes of low water availability in many regions are also directly linked to the reducing forest

  • Radon Content In Water In Luebeck Case Study

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    Bachelor Thesis For Mr. Silin Xing Radon Content in Water in Luebeck Prof. Dr. rer.nat. Manfred Rößle Dipl. -Ing. (FH). Uwe Janßen Date of handing out: 30th March 2015 Date of handing in: 30th June 2015 Declaration of Academic Honesty I assure that I prepared the thesis single-handed without external help. For the composition of the work only the referenced sources have been used. Literally or analogously taken parts are marked as such. Luebeck, 31/05/2015 _____________________ Signature

  • Sabkha Composition

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    The rise in groundwater level in the older suburbs of Kuwait city has been estimated to vary from one to two meters in the past thirty years. This rise has principally been attributed to the overdose in water consumption for irrigation and domestic needs. This rise in groundwater levels will certainly have serious geotechnical consequences on foundations and other substructures built on or in sabkha