Gustave Eiffel Essays

  • Gustave Eiffel's Business Model

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    Gustave Eiffel was born December 15th, 1832 in Dijon, France. He graduated from the École Polytechnique and later the École Centrale des Arts et Manufactures, as a civil engineer and created a number of bridges for the French Railway Network. However, his name became known after becoming the main man in creating,designing, and constructing the Eiffel Tower. Eiffel was the first born child of Alexandre Eiffel and Catherine-Melanie. While his Mother was a heiress to a charcoal company, his Father

  • Black Radishes Analysis

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    How would you feel if you had to be worrying about the Nazi´s taking you away for being Jewish? Or living in a Nazi controlled area? In the book Black Radishes by Susan Lynn Meyer, Gustave lived in Paris with his parents and hung out with his cousins/friends Marcel and Jean-Paul everyday until the Nazis came and Gustave and his parents moved to the unoccupied zone where he worries about his family still in the occupied zone. At the end, his family finally moves to the United States fleeing from Nazi-controlled

  • Lake Superior Landscape Analysis

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    In his painting, Lake Superior Landscape, George Morrison uses a combination of the visual elements line, texture, and color with the principles of design of repetition and visual unity to create an intriguing, abstract take on the traditional landscape painting. Morrison depicts the horizon at the top of the painting in purple, with the lake directly underneath it in blue. The bottom half of the painting is a representation of the cliffs that border much of Lake Superior. Morrison uses a combination

  • Bayonne Bridge

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    The Bayonne Bridge is the fifth-longest steel arch bridge in the world, and was the longest in the world at the time of its completion. The bridge became a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark in 1985. Ammann, the master bridge builder and chief architect of the Port Authority, chose the steel arch design after rejecting a cantilever andsuspension design as expensive and impractical for the site, given a requirement by the Port Authority that the bridge must be able to accommodate the future

  • Descriptive Essay On The Louvre

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    The Louvre is the world’s largest museum with an extremely impressive art collection. It is located along the Seine River in Paris, France. The louvre was originally built as a fortress, then reconstructed to a royal palace. When Louis XIV moved the royal residence to Versailles, the Louvre became an art museum. The Louvre includes Egyptian antiques, crown jewels, Greek and Roman Sculptures, as well as other French noble artifacts. It houses more than 35,000 works of art at any time. Most of the

  • Angel Of The Waters Analysis

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    Angel of the Waters, sculpted by Emma Stebbins, was originally created in Rome, from 1861 until its completion in 1868. Deliveries of Stebbins' bronze figure were twice delayed - first by the Franco-Prussian War and then by difficulties in New York (MacLean). The statue was finally dedicated on May 31, 1873 at Bethesda Terrace in Central Park, New York City. The sculpture its self is made of bronze standing at twenty-five feet high. Angel of the Waters is standing on top of the upper basin of a fountain

  • Chuck-E-Cheese Thesis

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    “A hidden connection is stronger than an obvious one” (Heraclitus of Ephesus Quote). Connection that aren't clearly seen but appear to be more powerful. The things that are very clear to the reader may not mean as much. This will make you realize what really is most important. The essay represents how Chuck-E-Cheese has a connection to donuts. George Washington was the first president of the United States of America. He was born on February 22, 1732. He was the head of one of Virginia's most prominent

  • Maya Angelou Travel

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    to both France and Italy on a ten day group trip that her French teacher organized. This was an action packed trip in which the group was going sightseeing almost the entire time. Some of the major attractions they visited in France include the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Versailles, Nice on the French Rivera, and Monaco. Everything there was so different the buildings were all artistically constructed and looked beautiful. The beach in Nice was extremely different compared to the beaches that

  • Beauty In Beuty And The Beast

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    After the release of the Hunchback of Notre Dame in 1996, the public was outraged by the both, offensive title and the ultimate moral message it conveys about people with disabilities (Norden, 2013, 163) embeded with questions such as: is beauty really skin deep, can people who do not have external beauty experience true love, how masculine of feminine are the representations of these characters? After the representation of a character as an animal in Beuty and the Beast, Disney decided to explore

  • Comparison Of Jay Gatby And Winter Dreams And The Great Gatsby

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    1. There is a quote from an anonymous speaker that says, “It takes a couple seconds to say Hello, but forever to say Goodbye.” 2. This quote can be related to the fictional characters, Jay Gatsby and Dexter Green. Both were men who met an extraordinary woman and could never seem to let her go. 3. These are characters from the book The Great Gatsby, and the short story Winter Dreams, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The Great Gatsby is one of the greatest novels to come out of the Jazz

  • The Identity Crisis In Washington Irving's Rip Van Winkle

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    Washington Irving’s “Rip Van Winkle” enjoys the reputation of being one of the first great American short stories written by a pioneer of American fiction, and of capturing a transtemporal portrait of American life. Yet because of the ambivalence with which Irving treats the new nation in this work, scholarship has debated whether this story is simply “the first truly American folk tale, or a derivative vehicle used to undermine the young republic” (Wyman 220). I argue that this short story cannot

  • False Sense Of Satisfaction In Maupassant's The Necklace

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    There is nothing wrong with wanting more, but temporal desires can lead to a whole new portrayal of your character. Finding your self worth in materialistic things will only lead to the destruction of who you really are. Guy de Maupassant illustrates this in his story, “The Necklace.” Maupassant describes the consequences of how worldly desires can precede a false sense of satisfaction. Mathilde Loisel, the main character, struggles with her feeling of entitlement, her lust for materialistic things

  • Salman Rushdie The Free Radio Analysis

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    “The Free Radio,” by Salman Rushdie is a short story that describes societal expectations of gender roles in a traditional Indian culture. Ramani, a young rickshaw puller, is seduced by the beauty of the thief’s widow to undergo a government sterilization program for them to get married. The thief’s widow, already having five children alive and two dead, did not want to conceive any more children. Ramani was further convinced on complying with the widow when being told that participants were to be

  • Theme Of Irony In Animal Farm

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    “Beasts of England”, “Ode to Napoleon”, the sheep’s chants, revised anthem, “Animal Farm, Animal Farm” are among the most relevant songs mentioned in this allegory. All the animals at the farms sing these songs together at the same time and by commanding this, pigs evoke an atmosphere of grandeur and nobility. The animals on the farm feel satisfied when singing together because it brings them a sense of community, but the animals do not realise that the real purpose of the songs is to keep them focused

  • Moral Lesson In Flanner

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    The human race is constantly evolving. Yet, we struggle to learn what the true meaning of good and evil is. These two simple words should be easy enough to define, yet they have the most ambiguous meanings. No one can truly say what is good or evil, but Flannery O’Connor, a writer that lived from 1925 to 1964, provides an accidental moral lesson through her stories that may be able to explain why human fail truly define these words. Though the writer Flannery O’Connor did not set out to teach

  • Art In Oscar Wilde's The Decay Of Lying

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    Wilde’s Concept of Art Along with “The Critic as Artist”, “The Decay of Lying” was included in the anthology “Intentions” in 1891, the year in which “Dorian Gray” was republished as a full-length novel. Both essays expound and defend Wilde’s aesthetic doctrines and both essays take the form of conversational dialogues . In “The Decay of Lying”, Wilde studies the relationship between art, life and nature. From the outset, Vivian, one of Wilde’s fictional characters, denounces nature as “crude”, “monotonous”

  • Film Authorship Theories

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    Q1: MacCabe and Caldwell both analyze film authorship as a collective process ad a collaborative effort, but this does not mean that their ideas are interchangeable. Compare and contrast one key difference and one point of significant overlap between MacCabe and Caldwell’s theories. Film authorship is a fascinating topic for discussion because it had an enormous influence on the development of the industry. MacCabe and Caldwell propose similar film authorship theories that highlight the importance

  • Lorrie Moore's You Re Ugly Too

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    Manic, Depressive Superiority on a Quest for Perfection Lorrie Moore’s character, Zoe Hendricks, in “You’re Ugly, Too,” is an outsider drowning in irony from a supposed perfect world she has built for herself. Her cynical, yet humorous outlook on her self-isolated life, is a result of her rose-tinted view of her inability to find intimacy or satisfaction in her life. In an otherwise depressing story about a mid-western history professor going through the middle-aged motions, Zoe Hendricks’ wry social

  • Last Life In The Universe Analysis

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    Directed by Pen-Ek Ratanaruang, one of Thailands foremost “new wave” filmakers, the strangely haunting Last Life in the Universe provides viewers with an enticing and wholly unique cinematic experience. Delicate, enthralling, and hypnotically charged, Ratanaruang poignantly portrays the story of Kenji, a suicidal, OCD-bound Japanese librarian, living in Bangkok and seemingly on the run from his Yakuza influenced past. Over the course of the film we learn, not so much through dialouge but rather through

  • Plot Analysis Of 'The Other Side Of Midnight'

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    Chapter 2- Plot Analysis of "The Other Side of Midnight Noelle is a pretty girl born to a poor family. Because of her beauty, her father continuously calls her a princess. One day, her father arranges her to become the mistress of Auguste Lanchon, a rich boutique owner. Noelle is forced to sleep with Lanchon. During the intercourse, she realizes that she can control men. She influence Lanchon to give her a sum of money, and then escapes to Paris. There, she fell in love with American RAF pilot Lawrence