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  • Indian Literature

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    Literature can be classified according to whether it is fiction non- fiction and whether it is prose or poetry, it can be further distinguished according to major forms such as the novel, short story or drama and works are often categorized according feather or expectations. The quest to discover a definition for ‘literature’ is a road that is much travelled, though the point of arrival, if ever reached, seldom satisfactory. Indian literature refers to the literature produced on the Indian subcontinent

  • Indian Writing In Indian Literature

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    INTRODUCTION Literature is one of the fine arts that use language as a medium of expression. In literature, language and culture may change but the nature of human remains the same in the world of literature. Among the world of literature, Indian English literature has occupied a dynamic place in its own quality. India is a country which has been made with distinct religious belief and various regions which has its own regional languages. There are so many differences within India, in the aspects

  • Indian Literature In English

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    Indian Literature in English denotes the works by writers in India who write in English language and whose native language could be one of the numerous languages of India. It is defined as literature written originally in English by the writers who are Indian by birth, ancestry, and nationality. Indian Literature in English is now being developed and gaining impetus as literature in true sense of the term. The English language came to India with arrival of the British. The British came to India with

  • Indian Women Literature

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    Indian women novelists have given a new dimension to the Indian literature. Indian English literature has developed over a period of time and writing in English did not start in a day. It took many years and several distinguished personalities to bring the present status and distinction to Indian English literature. Indian literature is not only about novels, it is also about poetries and short stories. Before the rise of novels, several women writers composed songs, short stories and small plays

  • Feminism In Indian Literature

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    main cause of all psychological disorders in society. Feminism in Indian literature, particularly in Indian English writing, is a by-product of western feminist movement. The last few decades are marked by a new genre of writing by women, for women and about women. The Indian woman caught in the flux of tradition and modernity bearing the burden of the past and the aspirations of the future is the crux of feminism in Indian literature. In their writings there is a prominence of the female point of

  • Indian English Literature Summary

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    ABSTRACT Literature is one of the fine arts like music and painting. It is an expression of life through the medium of language .literature is composed of books which are of great human interest due to their subject matter and mode of presentation. Indian English literature refers to work of writers in India who writer in the English literature and whose native or co-native language could be one of the numerous languages of India. Women’s suffering is before the 19th century, young

  • English Literature In Indian Literature

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    Indian literature in English originated as a necessary result of the introduction of English education in India under the colonial law. In recent years it -Dhavan R.K. is of the opinion that- It is now recognized has attracted widespread interest, both in India and abroad.1 (Dhavan: 1986, 5) Indian literature in English is not only part of Commonwealth literature, but also occupies a Great significance into the World literature.2 (Dhavan: 1986, 5) Today, innumerable Indian English writers

  • English Novels In Indian English Literature

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    The major stylistic and linguistic experiments have been made in the Indian novels in English of this period can be noticed in diction or literal paraphrase of idioms, in grammar or in the structure of sentences. Further in the use of conversation, employment of rich images, presentation of more modern and western devices as symbolism and irony, these novelists real an idiosyncratic character and different coloring. We see a marked modify in the technique of the novels written in this period. The

  • Women Novels In Indian Literature

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    cultural of Indian literature. In the complete context of the woman writers in the Indian writing brought a stylized pattern of their own. In the past, Indian societies gave important for male experiences and their writings. But now it was changed. In 18th century women writers were declines because the male only can give strong themes. But in 19th century more women are participated in India’s every movement and them against the British rule. The influences of the Indian English literature begin by

  • Black American And Indian Literature Summary

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    Multilingual India with its repository of literatures has the potential for becoming an inspiring practicum for literary translation and comparative studies. It furnishes abundant scope for comparative scholars to study Indian Literature based on history, ideology and theology. According to 1981 census 221 spoken languages were recorded in India excluding languages of speakers totaling less than 10,000. In addition to the 18 languages recognized by our Indian Constitution as major languages four more

  • Drama In Indian English Literature

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    In Indian English literature Prose was the first of the literary forms in Indian English literature, and it continues to be the largest and most vigorous form. Fiction in English presents an opposite sort of line on the graph, which compared to poetry, for it shows a steadily increasing popularity first, and now an algebraic growth rate, both in the number of works published, and in the print runs of individual titles. Drama in English is of course the last of the literary forms to flower and there

  • Anita Nair's Novels In Indian Literature

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    Indian women novelists have contributed more for the development of Indian literature. The Indian literature has gifted several talented women novelists who present the Indian version of such books and that too within the limits of dignity and decency. Most of the female novelists are known for their bold views that are reflected in their novels. Among them, Anita Nair is one of the feminist writers. Her novels explore the disturbed psyche of the modern Indian women. Her primary focus of attention

  • Shiv K. Kumar's Letter-Day Psalm As Postmodern Indian English Literature

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    After 1980s, India realized itself as a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-lingual nation and literature in India after 1980 is described as Postmodern Indian English Literature. It was Nissim Ezekiel who gave Indian English poetry a postmodern aspect and approach with his Letter- Day Psalm(1982). After that a number of poets came to bear that flagship and Shiv k. Kumar was one of them. His contribution bears the stamp of his learning and scholarship. His poetry gave a new shape, a new direction

  • Indian Writing In Indian Literature

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    Indian Writing in English started during the period of the British rule in India. Now it has grown into leaps and bounds. Indian English is not only being enjoyed by the native people, but also being by the foreigners. It happened only after the constant improvement by great people like Tagore, Sri Aurobindo, R.K.Narayan, Raja Rao - to name only a few. In modern time, there are number of writers who are getting awards and accolades all over the world. Indian English Literature is an honest enterprise

  • Literature In Indian English Literature

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    of Emperor Jahangir that literature started gaining importance. The Mughals welcomed Captain William Hawkins, the commander of the British Naval Expedition in a very humble manner. While India was under the British rule, the medium which was generally used for understanding by the masses was English. At that time, the creative writing in English was supposed to be an integral part of the literary traditions. The writers of those times focused particularly on writing Indian English Dramas and Poetry

  • Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni Analysis

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    Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni is a famous Indian American author whose works mainly focus on the experiences of the South-Asian immigrants, and their related problems of adoption and adaption. She writes for adults as well as children and her fiction covers a wide spectrum of different genres like fantasy, realistic fiction, magical realism, and historical fiction. Divakaruni’s first notable attempt in the field of literature was a collection of stories Arranged Marriage (1995), which won an American

  • Essay On Indian Literature

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    Indian English Literature from the last two decades has gained immense recognition all over the world. The fictional writers from Raja Rao to Salmon Rushdie have focused on transformation of values, social patterns and transition in the society. Indian English Literature is also referred as Indo-Anglian literature. This term was coined by J.H. Cousins in 1883. Later Sreenivasa Iyengar has become the pioneer in his field. In his work The Indian Writing in English he has emphasized his own view of

  • Indian Short Stories In Indian English Literature

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    and imagination between 1832 and 1849. The first Indian English short story, is Naked Shingles by Iswaran who published his first collection of a short stories in1941. Rabindranath Tagore also credited finest short stories to Indian English literature. Raja Rao, Mulk Raj Anand and R. K. Narayan who are the contemporary short syory writers of Isvaran. Thus, the Indian short story writers gave more contribution to development of English literature. Nilanjana Sudheshna Lahiri, the youngest

  • Indian English Literature Study

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    all living languages, its literature deals with universal themes and values. Today Indian English literature has reached the peak of creation. The beginning of 19th century was a rebirth to India because of the rise of Indian English literature. According to Sir Aurobindo, “the attempt of a reawakened national spirit to find a new impulse of self- expression which shall give the spiritual force for a great reshaping and rebuilding.” Earlier the Indian English literature was referred to as an Indo-Anglian

  • Indian Literature In 19th Century

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    “Contemporary Indian literature which is only one and a half centuries old is marked by amazing variations in both the literatures and the regions through which it was produced”. In India contemporary literature was origin at 19th century. The 20th century literatures are more modern than 19th century. The three terms in modern context are highly condensed for historical experiences. Anything fashionable today is considered as modern. The major language writers are adhered to the ‘modern’ and ‘post