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  • Ankle Injuries

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    to ensure you are able to come back stronger than before. In the immediate aftermath of an injury you should cease your activity and rest, protecting the joint from subsequent injury. This can be achieved by elevating it above the heart to reduce any inflammation or if you have to be active then using an ankle support or a foot support to protect the area from subsequent injury. Ankle Injuries An injury to the ankle occurs where the ligaments within the joint are damaged, affecting the stability

  • Response To Injury

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    Whatever the sport, you know that one of the worst things that could possibly happen is to sustain a serious injury during the season. After all those practices and games, that sport becomes your life, and when you cannot play what you love, you suddenly feel lost. Now, what happens to an athlete when they are kept from playing because of an injury? It takes a significant psychological toll. This adverse psychological effect on the athlete happen for three main reasons: our sport is our identity

  • Post Injury

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    sessions after suffering from an injury. Emotions that were focused on during this study were anger, frustrations, self-esteem, and feelings of loss. The participants involved in this study were university student-athletes who have suffered an injury through their particular sport. The student-athletes were given three different interviews. One was given when the injury occurred, then 1 week post-injury, and then the final interview was given 3 weeks post-injury. This study was done in order to possibly

  • Post Injury Model

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    Age: 19 Gender: Male Level of play: NCAA Division 2 Past injuries: pulled hamstring, broken fibula (football), ankle sprains on both ankles multiple times. Sport: currently competes in collegiate track. High school sports: Basketball, Football, and Track and field Injury: pulled part of the proximal hamstring. Athlete was doing intense short sprints, when suddenly he felt his hamstring give out and was forced to stop. Athlete said his hamstring felt tight prior to engaging in sprints, but he

  • Running Injury Essay

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    patterns of overuse injury in running are interesting from a biomechanics perspective. Clinical data reveals that a few runners are repeatedly injured while others are injured infrequently (Cavanagh 1990). A unilateral pattern of injury development is accepted in that injury frequently develops and grows in only one side, in spite of the cycle nature of running. In consideration these observations raise the question whether some individuals are inclined to or at greater risk of injury (McGinnis 1999)

  • Ankle Injury Benefits

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    physical activity Injuries to the ankle can occur due to a number of factors, including over rotating the joint, landing awkwardly or setting off incorrectly. They are a common form of injury among athletes, footballers and other sports people. However, they can also occur in the general population, particularly if you 've failed to warm up before starting an exercise programme. Ankle injuries can vary in severity, from a fairly minor strain or sprain through to a more serious sports injury that requires

  • Essay On Muscle Injury

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    their body. In being an athlete there is an inherent danger of injury and the most common is the muscle injury, either sprain or strain. Each athlete has the ability to learn how to prevent any injury, and they shouldn 't wait for one to happen to educate themselves. Sports medicine is a cross over from scientific research into medical procedures, and all an athlete needs is a basic understanding of it to be able to prevent many injuries from occurring. With that basic knowledge anyone will be able

  • Knee Injuries In Wrestling

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    Knee Injuries in Wrestling As with all sports, it is imperative that all members of the athletic health care team are familiar with the injuries and illnesses that wrestlers experience. These injuries and illnesses range from skin infections and lacerations, to musculoskeletal strains and sprains. While they may experience a variety of injuries and illnesses, due to the nature of this sport, it is not illogical to hypothesize that knee injuries are common afflictions among wrestlers. Current epidemiological

  • MCL Injuries In Athletes

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    MCL Injuries in Athletes Playing any type of sports may be a lot of fun, but if you’re an athlete, you know yourself that having injuries is a part of it. If you do contact sports such as rugby, soccer or football, you are most likely familiar with MCL injury, or in layman’s term, a knee sprain. MCL stands for “medial collateral ligament.” This is one of the ligaments of the knee, a thick band of connective tissue located at the medial (or inner) side of the knee which protects and stabilizes your

  • Personal Injury Claims

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    family recommendations. Depending on the severity of the injury, your financial future could be at stake. It’s important to find an attorney that has the right experience for your particular situation and understands what you are going through. Qualifications Attorneys usually specialize in one type of law. You probably don’t want to choose a lawyer that mainly family law to handle your personal injury claim. Even within personal injury there are several areas that a

  • Sports Related Injuries

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    sports were established, sports-related injuries have become a prevalent issue and a common concern for people who deal with sports medicine. Depending on the type of sports-related injury that occurred, some effects include severe joint pain, sudden swelling, tenderness, weakness and aching. Injuries that have been known to have these effects include torn achilles tendons, concussions, hamstring strains, and ankle sprains. Also dependent on the type of injury that occurred, is preventive procedures

  • Nerve Injury Research Paper

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    Nerve injuries around the shoulder region occur mainly as a result of motor vehicle accidents, gunshot injuries and athletic injuries. Contact sports athletes such as football players and wrestling athletes, are at high risk of nerve injury in the shoulder area, caused by an extreme force and stress applied on the joint. In this acute setting, these injuries may be associated with shoulder dislocation, upper humeral fracture, rotator cuff tear or/and vascular trauma, such as axillary artery rupture

  • Head Injury In Professional Football

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    sport, is not always the safest. There are numerous types of injuries professional football players could potentially sustain while playing football. Many of these require a lengthy recovery and, depending on the injury, players could suffer devastating, lasting,and potentially addictive effects from prescriptions written for pain. Some injuries are obviously worse than others, depending on the kind of injury it is. Head injuries such as concussions or clean knockouts can lead to many bad effects

  • Shoulder Injuries In Rugby Players

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    Shoulder injuries are very common in rugby players due to the frequent amount of forceful physical contact and collisions with other players and the playing surface (Pallis, Cameron, Svoboda and Owens 2012). English professional Rugby Football Union clubs were surveyed in the 2002-2003 and 2003-2004 seasons and the results showed that acromioclavicular joint injuries accounted for 32% of all shoulder injuries assessed (Headey, Brooks and Kemp, 2007). The acromioclavicular joint is extremely susceptible

  • Football Injury

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    across the country to create a full-featured program that any league or school can use to address key safety issues - empowering coached to implement each component of the program”. Specifically, they work to properly teach and certify coaches in injury prevention and recognition, educate on concussion and dehydration, demonstrate proper equipment fitting, and inform players how to properly tackle and block. This program is a great step in the safety of the sport of football and will continue to

  • Hamstring Injury Research Paper

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    Hamstring strain is a common recurring sports injury. Aside from interfering with your routine, hamstring injuries can cause injuries throughout the body by changing your gait, meaning that other muscles will be compensating for the injured hamstring's action. This often manifests as lower back pain, since muscles in this region tend to compensate for the hamstrings. On top of weak, tight hamstrings, back pain can further interfere with your performance. Researchers have analyzed several studies

  • High School Football Injuries

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    high school football the three of my four years of high school I had multiple injuries each year. The most serious injuries I had was a sprained ankle and a pulled hamstring. I never missed a game because of my injuries but I have miss some practices because of it or I was limited to the stuff I could do in practice. When I was sitting out of practice the athletic trainer would help me and tell me stuff to get my injuries in better shape. According to the National Athletic Trainers Association “Athletic

  • Shoulder Injury Research Paper

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    For some injuries, it’s easy to tell the difference between something serious that requires a doctor’s attention and something minor that, with the proper procedures, will heal on its own. A shoulder injury, however, is more elusive. You may not be able to tell at the exact moment that the injury occurs which category it will fall into. You may think that the pain you’re feeling is no big deal, but you might have actually caused serious shoulder damage. North Shore Shoulder is an orthopedic doctor’s

  • Examples Of Personal Injury Claims

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    A personal injury claim in Tennessee requires evidence of negligence. That evidence must include proof that the victim’s personal injury was caused by someone else and the injury results in loss of good health and income. Law Office of David Day, P.C. will provide insight on the three most valuable pieces of evidence to collect when filing for a personal injury claim. Evidence of Personal Injury 1. Physical Object When a victim is injured by a car crash, hazardous environment or product, it’s

  • Handling Personal Injury Cases

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    from obtaining the services of a personal injury attorney. You may even decide that you can handle the insurance company and court system on your own. Handling personal injury cases is more difficult than you might think. In accidents involving worker’s comp, there is a lot of paperwork and deadlines that have to be considered. Missing a deadline or not filling out the paperwork properly can possibly cost you financial security. In situations of injury resulting from a car accident, one wrong statement