Ankle Injuries

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We will all at some stage experience a sprained ankle, whether from playing sport, slipping on a wet floor or landing awkwardly. Regardless of its origin, the most important thing to focus on is your to ensure you are able to come back stronger than before.

In the immediate aftermath of an injury you should cease your activity and rest, protecting the joint from subsequent injury. This can be achieved by elevating it above the heart to reduce any inflammation or if you have to be active then using an ankle support or a foot support to protect the area from subsequent injury.

Ankle Injuries

An injury to the ankle occurs where the ligaments within the joint are damaged, affecting the stability of the joint and overall mobility of a patient.
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The most common form is a grade one which is largely self-limiting and described as a minor sprain or strain. Whilst it may be painful a few days rest using ice to help manage the inflammation and you should make a full…show more content…
rolling and causing further ligament damage. The additional support offered can aid with patients mobility during their recovery period.

Foot Support

A foot support differs from that of an ankle support as it protects a greater area and is typically rigid in design. It can also be referred to as a boot with products like the Rebound Air Walker Boot available on the market and typically prescribed by a hospital or clinic following injury. These are designed to offer protection from a variety of injuries, post surgery or something simple as a sprain.

The rigid shell design protects against impact damage whilst still allowing the foot to breathe. The objective is to also immobile the foot and ankle from unnecessary movement whilst still allowing the patient to remain mobile, with the patient being able to inflate the inner area of the boot for a closer fit.

Recently, actress Sheridan Smith was spotted wearing the Rebound Air Walker Boot following a suspected sprained ankle after visiting the Noel Coward Theatre. With her current role in William Shakespeare 's A Midsummer Night 's Dream a fast recovery will be essential in being able to fulfil her role, with a foot support perfect as part of her rehabilitation

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