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Besides a coach an athletic trainer is the right hand man to an athlete. As an athletic trainer there are many tasks that keep us going. One is the athletes themselves and all of the requests they come in and demand. From recovering from an injury to preventing a life long injury from reoccurring trainers are always on the move. Prioritizing, viewing a wide variety of injuries, and differing work fields are just a few of the benefits that you get when you are a trainer. Being a trainer teaches you how to prioritize. As a student athletic trainer it is a demanding job because you are constantly working while trying to maintain a high GPA. Megan Torrence of writes, “Athletic trainers work evenings and weekends, and often travel with teams to sporting events. While there’s pride in going through the routine with their athletes, the fluctuation in scheduling affects trainers and their families” (Torrence, “The Positives and Negatives of Being an Athletic Trainer”). Because of the long hours, sometimes you are studying while you work. Whether you are reading notecards while performing an ultrasound or have someone call questions out to you, you are always learning new ways …show more content…

Working with a wide variety of injuries gives you the knowledge to be confident in your abilities as an ATC. What many people do not know is that athletic trainers use preventative care workouts just as much as rehabilitation workouts. We prevent athletes from developing an injury with many of the same rehabilitation workouts that we have. The author of writes, “Although rehabilitation is most commonly cited as the main focus of sports medicine, preventative care is a huge aspect of the field, as well. The idea is to improve and maintain one’s health, in order to help avoid future injuries.” (“Benefits of Sports Medicine”). Even if athletes aren’t hurt we have them do certain exercises to prevent a reoccurring

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