Soccer Injury Analysis

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I have chosen to write my personal project about the prevention of injuries in soccer because it is a topic which I am very interested in. I watched and played soccer since I was around 5 years old, likewise, this was a perfect fit for me because it’s very personal. I have become interested in the process of preventing an injury deeply every since my forearm injury. When watching soccer, I always analyze things about the sport such as the position of players, formations, and creation of plays. Ever since I started to support my favorite team Bayern München at a young age, I notice how injuries can impact a team as a whole in a matter of seconds. Nearly every season there are at least 5 players injured around the time the most games are played.…show more content…
This global context shaped my product/outcome by requiring to have in-depth research on how the human body system work. My product/outcome is a PowerPoint on the awareness of the process of prevention of injuries in soccer and educating others not interested in sports about the importance. My product did meet my goal because the global context explores the area personal, physical, mental, social and spiritual health and my PowerPoint brings up the transition of training, warm-ups, and nutrition which are key aspects in the personal and physical health of a soccer player. The only issue with a topic like this and creating a product just like mine is giving out information to people that are not already common knowledge. Articles and E-mails were equal in most used forms of communication for getting information. For articles, I look for physios that are actively involved in the soccer from the low level to high levels, such as the MLS or EPL. I had contacted Matt Sheldon, a professional soccer player who currently plays for Saint Louis FC, on numerous occasions about the process that he did for injuries on a personal level and team level. I felt that contacting a player in the sport made it much more interesting and simpler than just reading endless articles because I knew that I could ask questions that would be answered. Physical Education, U.S. History, and English were classes that helped me use thinking strategies/skills while creating my project because Physical Education has a direct correlation to the prevention of injuries in soccer since we do warm-ups every day and we are taught up technique in sports. U.S. History and English made it way easier to analyze and pull out information while researching subtopics for my product due to the fact both classes deal with analyzing and interpreting information from articles.
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