ACL Injury Paper

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Introduction The aim of this review paper is to access the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury of the knee (tibiofemoral) joint, which is a common sport and exercise injury related to the musculoskeletal system. Investigation of the anatomy and physiology of the knee joint, and the diagnosis, etiology, pathophysiology, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of ACL injuries will provide a descriptive epidemiology. This will aid readers in making informed management and treatment decisions, and guide them to safely perform movements to prevent injury. This review paper will incorporate holistic views on relevant scientific research, including primary resources such as journal articles and lecture notes, which will be cross-referenced …show more content…

The ACL is most often torn due to a twisting motion from sudden change in direction or pivoting that occurs on a locked knee. (Gianotti, Marshall, Hume & Bunt, 2009). According to Sports Medicine Australia 1 (n.d.), majority of ACL injuries occur in high demand sports including Australian football, netball, basketball and skiing. This can result in serious mobility consequences and pain for athletes, as well as cause emotional distress due to cost of treatment and time lost from sporting activity. There is little comprehensive Australian data regarding number of ACL injuries that occur each year due to insufficient reporting. (Janssen, Orchard, Driscoll & Mechelen, 2011) Other studies have shown that women are more likely than men to experience ACL tears. However, it was revealed that males have a higher knee reconstruction rate. (Masters, 2011) Furthermore, this review paper will be useful to the community as ACL injuries affect many Australian citizens, particularly the young adult population who engage in multi-directional sports. Understanding preventative measures will reduce ACL injuries, support rehabilitation and maximize movement

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