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Bryan Mitchell B

In a game between Atlanta Braves and New York Yankees, an accident happened that involves one of the star players of Yankees. The baseball pitcher, Bryan Mitchell suffered a grade 3 Turf toe while running to cover his base. The injury is said to be very serious and requires surgery that will take him three months to recover.

When you say Turf toe, it is the term that is commonly used to describe the sprain of the ligaments around the big toe. This usually occurs when a toe is jammed forcefully while doing an activity like running or jumping.

How to prevent Turf toe
Pencil pick-up - use your toe to pick up the pencil on the floor while you are sitting
Toe walking - you have to do this exercise slowly at first. You have …show more content…

This can avoid and prevent turf toe and other foot injuries. It is also important to try various stretching exercises to help strengthen your toes.

Signs and Symptoms of Turf toe
Not everyone will experience these symptoms but everyone keeps complaining about pain. Pain and other symptoms are mild at first but it will gradually get worse.
The base of your big toe is in pain
Your big toe is bruising
Your toe is swelling
Reduced mobility
You can hear a snapping or pop sound at the time of injury
Your toe movements are very limited

Th following are the ways on how to treat a Turf toe
Turf toe can cause long-term problems even with proper treatment and medication. Turf toe can also lead to hyperflexion injuries. The pain will eventually disappear after two to three weeks.
Anti-inflammatory drugs - using over the counter medications like Ibuprofen will help to lessen the pain
Rest - if you are in a healing process, it is important to avoid putting extra weights and pressure on your injured foot
Ice - use ice packs or an ice massage every hour that will take 15 to 20 minutes just to lessen the pain and the swelling
Compression - your toes should be taped with the use of elastic bandages and tapes to prevent your toes from moving
Elevation - raise your injured foot above your heart level using pillows and

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