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  • The Iroquois Creation Story

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    The Iroquois creation story is a renowned Native American myth written by a Tuscarora historian, David Cusick. He is also the author of David Cusick’s Sketches of Ancient History of the Six Nations, which is known to be the first Indian-written history printed in the English language (Radus). The Iroquois creation myth exists in twenty-five other versions. It describes how the world was created from the Native American perspective. It begins with a sky woman who falls down into the dark world. She

  • Essay On The Iroquois Creation Story

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    The Iroquois creation story is a renowned Native American myth written by a Tuscarora historian, David Cusick. He is also the author of David Cusick’s Sketches of Ancient History of the Six Nations, which is known to be the first Indian-written history printed in the English language (Radus). The Iroquois creation myth exists in twenty-five other versions. It describes how the world was created from the Native American perspective. It begins with a sky woman who falls down into the dark world. She

  • The Beaver Wars

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    Higham, Chris AP History AP United States History (b. In what ways did the encounter between European settlers and Native Americans have devastating consequences for the Natives?) “The Beaver Wars” (1640’s- 1652) For the longest time the French and British never liked each other whether it is in Europe or the New World makes no difference. The biggest export in the New World was beaver skin and the imperial powers of Britain and France agreed on that. To secure access to Beaver breeding grounds

  • The Ferocious Warrior: Mohawk Indians

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    There are many histories about the Mohawk because of some of the things they did. One of the main history that have been recorded was joining the Iroquois confederacy because it reunited six of the most powerful tribes so they can stop the war and have peace (Ryan F. Marla and Linda Schmittroth 8). The five tribes that united is Mohawk, Seneca, Oneida, Onondaga, and Cavugatrie. Later on the Tuscarora

  • Cayuga Tribe Research Paper

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    The cayuga tribe is one of the important neihbars of the cayuga tribe were the other Iroquois nations the Seneca,Onotribe, but once the alliance was formed they were loyal to eah other. The Cayuga tribe is undag,Oneita,and Monhark. Before the Iroquois confederacy the Cayugas sometimes fought wars with the others Iroquois sally location in new York state many people still live there today there are others forced to Wisconsin, Okahoma, And on tara Canda . They

  • Adena Society Thesis Statement

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    lecture notes and the material from the readings. Thesis Statement Although there is some misinformation about the Adena Society and some confusing or incomplete information about the Iroquois and the French explorer Henri DeTonti, a closer look at the overall history of the Adena, as well as the overall history of the iroquois, and comparing the lecture notes to the actual historical information contained in the readings, will show that the lecture notes are historically accurate. II. Misinformation

  • Apush Dbq Analysis

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    APUSH SAQ 1.) The reason that this confederacy was established was to maintain and keep important traditions alive in these 5 later 6 tribes in the state of what is now present day New York. Some of the goals of this confederacy were to, improve trade, strengthen alliances with neighboring tribes against foreign nations, share agricultural techniques, capture land, and improve trade. In terms of how successful they were, overtime some tribes established alliances with European nations causing tension

  • Mingo Culture Essay

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    Some Iroquois Indians moved to Pennsylvania in search for new land, and in 1750, Seneca Indians left their Iroquois homeland, and joined the Cayuga tribe in Ohio, where they later became the Mingo Indians. In 1774, while Chief Logan was on a hunting trip with his family, white settlers killed him. This was very

  • Christopher Columbus: The Decolonization Of The New World

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    Around 1609, Samuel de Champlain settled Quebec as a trading outpost to get goods from the New World back to Europe. The French survived due to the establishment of a treaty with the Huron against the Iroquois Confederacy. “The French Empire in North America is built on a interlinking network of alliances with native peoples and kept alive by traditions of gift-giving and reciprocity” The French used these alliances to keep their control on the beaver

  • Character Analysis In The Handmaid's Tale

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    Name: Instructor: Class: Date: Handmaid’s Tale Character of Offred For the new readers out there, Offred is the main character of The Handmaid’s Tale novel by Margaret Atwood. It is set up in a dystopian future characterized by Christian theocracy in America. The plot tends to follow various events as seen in the eyes of Offred, a woman forced to become a surrogate mother to a ranked official. The novel deals with themes such as religious fundamentalism, freedom variation, and female subjugation

  • The Earth On Turtles Back Analysis

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    In the story “The Earth on Turtles Back” it explores a very nurturing and unique way that the earth was created. The original idea was brought on by the Native Americans but is retold by the authors. It explores the idea that animals and dreams helped start the building of earth. Within the story you find some very shaping and well-fitting themes. The themes with in “The Earth on Turtles Back” are one thing must end for another to begin, importance of animals, and belief in dreams. To begin,

  • Mary Jemiemison Research Paper

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    Mary Jemison was one of many white captives who lived a full and happy life with her indian captors. The day Mary Jemison was taken by the indians started out like any other day. A friend of her father’s needed to borrow a horse in order to carry a bag of grain to the Jemison’s house. The friend had also taken a gun with him in case he saw any game fit for killing. The Jemison’s heard gunshots coming from nearby outside and quickly became alarmed. When someone finally looked outside to see what had

  • Iroquois Observation

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    For each student I collected 3 sources of evidence of their learning during this unit over the Algonquin and Iroquois tribes. I collected a work sample from their daily notes, Anecdotal records from a daily center activity and I then took a short video clip of each student working in a particular center. Ishel, started out in the archeological dig site center. I knew that this activity would peak his interest, because what fourth grader doesn’t like to dig in the dirt? Ish-el and his partners dug

  • Iroquois Compare And Contrast

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    the Iroquois,and these are only some of the Native American tribes in Canada.In this article one of the three tribes dried food to keep it fresh for other seasons such as winter because food is hard to grow during that particular season.Can you guess what tribe used this method of storing food?By using facts and statements to explain how these tribes survived in the mixed regions of Canada. The Iroquois,Haida,and Inuit have many differences,but even more similarities. The Haida and Iroquois shelters

  • Iroquois Six Nations

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    The haudenosaunee or people of the longhouse known as the Six nations or the Iroquois, they are members of the confederacy of Aboriginal nations known as the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. When the tuscarora joined the confederacy early in the 18th century, it mostly known as the Six nations. The Haudenosaunee speak Iroquoian languages, The Iroquoian language group comprises over ten languages (comprises means they made it up.) including Cayuga, Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Tuscarora and Seneca. Cherokee

  • Essay On Iroquois Tribe

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    succeeded. Like other places such as Canada and South America, North America was colonized by European countries. North America was colonized by France, Britain, and Spain. Today, I will be investigating the Iroquois tribe that is located in North America, and explain life as a member of the Iroquois tribe during the time when the settlers first came.

  • Adam And Eve In The Iroquois

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    When discussing how the human race came to be there are numerous stories that speak of the beginning of the Earth. Two popular tales are the one of the Iroquois and the Christian story of Adam and Eve. Although these stories are relatively the same, when analyzed further the similarities and differences become clear. Both contain strengths that the other is lacking in. One of the biggest similarities when comparing these two tales is that they both speak of a forbidden tree. In both stories, a woman

  • Essay On Iroquois Constitution

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    the mid-16th century. This confederation, however, is the mighty Iroquois Nation, who has been living by their own constitution, unified in peace, for over 800 years. The founding fathers were brilliant men, and yes, they were very intelligent, but they did not just pull words out of their rear ends and write it down on a piece of paper. The most basic truth is that the Unites States Constitution was based on the Iroquois Constitution

  • Iroquois Confederacy Vocabulary

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    Peacemaker) restored his emotional balance. They took the wampum to the five Iroquois nations as a message of peace. This became the Iroquois Confederacy. (pg 3) Iroquois Confederacy : The Iroquois Confederacy was when the Iroquois nations submerged their differences and created a confederacy based on the condolence ceremony. The Iroquois Confederacy’s origins date at about CE 1400. The historical significance is that the Iroquois Confederacy is the oldest dated democracy. Because Indians did not communicate

  • Iroquois Religion In The 17th Century

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    France (near present-day Québec, Canada), in the country of the Hurons, by the Iroquois, enemies of the Faith” was written by Father Paul Ragueneau and delves into this relationship and describes a specific interaction that occurred in 1649 in New France (present day Canada) where a Catholic priest, Jean de Brebeuf, was killed during an Iroquois raid of a Huron village. During this period, the cultures of the Huron and Iroquois tribes and the French settlers, specifically Catholics, were vastly