James Bond Essays

  • James Bond Gender Roles

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    “The name is Bond. James Bond” There is no man who is not familiar with the popular phrase used by MI6 agent 007 James Bond, which became somewhat his signature. James Bond is tremendous character of Ian Fleming book series and protagonist of spy novels. He seems attractive to both sides of audience: women want him and men want to be him. Although, there were different transformations of Bond’s appearance in the movies, the main attitude towards gender roles, women inferiority and men masculinity

  • Crime And Social Deviance In The James Bond Franchise

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    The James Bond franchise is revered as one of the most iconic fictional pieces to date. I believe the franchise has been so successful over the last 60 years because it has the ability to immerse it’s audience with its distinctive brand. When people think of James Bond, they immediately highlight its themes of violence, hegemonic masculinity, and slew of troubled characters who involve themselves in organized crime to satisfy their greed. The novel enlists its characters with distinct personality

  • James Bond Evaluation

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    James Bond Producer Says Next 007 Could be Black or a Woman Photo Credit: The Sun According to the Barbara Broccoli, the producer of the James Bond films, once Daniel Craig steps down from his famous role as 007, anything is possible. She even went as far as hinting that the next actor who plays the highly-coveted role could be a black actor or even a woman. The 57-year-old producer’s father, Albert Broccoli, was the person responsible for executing Ian Fleming’s books into the biggest spy

  • Characteristics Of James Bond Franchise

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    The Bond franchise over the years has solidified the background and characteristics of James Bond. Since his inception, the secret agent has been depicted as a white man who has a talent for killing people, and dominating women. It’s hard to separate these defining characteristics from the Bond we’ve grown to know over the years. Recently however, there has been speculation that Bond may be undergoing major part to his identity. There is some speculation that the next Bond may be casted as a Black

  • James Bond Gender Stereotypes

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    Aside from the main character, James Bond, being very dominant, he is also very masculine. Even though this stereotype is often portrayed in media, this view is incorrect since these characteristics are nearly impossible. “007 maximizes the inherent duality of gender by capturing masculinity and realizing it in its purest form. While it is impossible to be him, he still represents the ideal, and perhaps that is why he speaks to both genders. Bond embodies a set of specific attributes that

  • Essay On 1960s Movies

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    Movies in the 1960s Movies in the 1960s have influenced movies today because they brought action movies to people’s attention. Musicals are movies with many songs in them, drama movies could be sad movies with possible happy endings, and action movies are movies that usually involve a hero with an enemy. Jaws was an action movie being made in the 1960s, but had a major aftereffect of influence to future action movies. Drama movies were very popular in the 1960s because of the mood set. Even though

  • Macbeth Argumentative Essay

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    The most important thing to consider when planning to direct a film or play based on Macbeth is how to get the audience to feel like the key characters in the narrative are true living, breathing people. For this reason, the adaption must be in a film, the more dynamic and controlled medium, and needs to include actors who look the part as well as have vast experience in that specific type of role. The medium of film is a much better option for Macbeth because of how much more control it gives directors

  • Bmw Swot Analysis

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    Introduction Early History Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, also known as Bavarian Motor Works or the famous acronym, “BMW” is a German based company best known for its manufacture of luxury cars and SUVS. These long time automakers are respected for their craft of designing cars that offer ultra-premium levels of comfort and driving pleasure. The company’s roots can be traced back to the 19102 in Munich where they began as aircraft manufacturers. In fact the company’s logo was designed to represent

  • Empowerment In Thelma And Louise

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    Thelma and Louise, released in 1991, was a female buddy motion picture which marked the evolution from a traditionally male genre to the appearance of female road movies, presenting women as the only protagonists. Casting Susan Sarandon as Louise and Geena Davis as Thelma, the movie not only became a commercial success, it also sparked criticism on its stereotypical portrayal of women and men and discussion on feminism embedded in the film. While some has been long stated that Thelma and Louise is

  • Where The Red Fern Grows Book Analysis

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    Compare Contrast: Where the Red Fern Grows Relationships in the Novel and the Movie As you readers and movie watchers may all wonder, will there EVER be a movie that is the same as its novel counterpart? The answer is, we all highly doubt it. If we were to watch a movie exactly the same as the book version, wouldn’t it be quite boring? Yes it would. An example of one of these book/movies is Where the Red Fern Grows, written by Wilson Rawls in 1961, and directed by Norman Tokar in 1974. The movie

  • Star Wars Archetypes Analysis

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    The three original Star Wars movies are A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. The three movies came out between 1977-1983. That is only 35 years ago, but the ideas that are in the movies can be traced back thousands of years to the Monomyth and the Hero’s Journey. In Star Wars, many of the common archetypes are represented. Luke Skywalker is the hero and the three movies are of his quest. The villain is Darth Vader. Mentors are Ben Kenobi and Yoda. Loyal retainers are R2D2

  • The Use Of Power In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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    “Animal Farm” Essay Whether it may be in the past or the present, power can change a person, making one do horrible things. To some, they will use any means of tactics to obtain power. In “Animal Farm” by George Orwell, he uses the story to portray the Russian Revolution in which it shows how power changes one. An event that happened in “Animal Farm” was when Napoleon starved the hens to death when they weren’t willing to lay eggs. A historical event that could relate to this is when Stalin starved

  • Metaphor In The Glass Castle

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    The Glass Castle is a memoir based on the life and family of Jeanette Walls. Short on food and money, the family travels quite frequently to resettle and regain their lives. Based on her point of view, Jeanette maintains a steady heart while dealing with her dysfunctional family’s issues. The parents fail to provide for their children adequately due to their own personal problems, and because of that, Jeannette learns how to fend for and take care of herself. As Jeanette grows older, she realizes

  • Dr Faustus As A Morality Play Analysis

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    Morality play: Morality plays started at the end of the fourteenth century and were admired in the fifteenth century. They were religious, ethical, and didactic unlike mystery plays. Characteristics of morality play are : • A hero who speaks to either humankind in general or a little social structure. • Supporting characters are representations of good and malevolence. • Urge men to carry on with an equitable life. • Gives audience a moral lesson. Now if we talk about Christopher Marlowe's Dr Faustus

  • The Quiet American Film Analysis

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    The film the Quiet American tells the story of a British journalist, a Vietnamese woman, and an undercover CIA agent in midst of the war between the communist Vietnamese and the imperial French Phillip Noyce, the director of the film, thrust into the spotlight, due to directing several films with high budgets, including Rabbit Proof Fence, which was released at nearly the same time as The Quiet American. Noyce was deemed as “an artist on top of his game” by the Seattle Times movie critic Moira

  • Father Son Relationship In Master Harold

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    A seventeen-year-old boy’s superficial discontent towards his disabled father’s return from the hospital draws attention towards what is supposed to be the strongest bond: a father-son relationship. Throughout Athol Fugard’s play “Master Harold” … and the boys, Hally tries to suppress his mixed feelings after each call from his mother, who intends to bring his father home. Athol captures Hally’s true sentiments towards his father through two phone calls, initially provoking irrational anger and uncontrollable

  • Girls With Slingshots: A Character Analysis

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    Female characters propagate sex-positivity through their sexualization, and utilize it as a tool of shaping solidarity by eradicating the double standard concerned with male and female bodies (Pratl, 2009). Axel Alonso’s (2014) previous comments on the impossibility of “not sexualizing comic characters” are affirmed, as he mentions that not only physical ability and appearance take part in defining a character, but sex appeal as well. The argument that sexualizing female comic characters only leads

  • North By Northwest Themes

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    The film North by Northwest is a spy thriller movie that was released in 1959. It was directed by Alfred Hitchcock and stars Cary Grant as Thornhill, Eve Marie Saint as Eve and James Mason as Vandamm. The film runs for a period of 136 minutes, giving a story on a man, Thornhill, been pursued as a result of mistaken identity by men from a spy organization. The film revolves around several major themes that make it interesting to watch. One of the major themes is mistaken identity, which is evident

  • Bowling For Columbine Essay

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    Bowling for Columbine is a political documentary that was released in 2002. Directed, Produced, and narrated by Michael Moore, we follow him as he explores the causes to the Columbine High School massacre in 1999 as well as other acts of violence throughout America’s history. The film provides background information on the massacre as well as public opinions on the situation. It goes further in to compare America’s gun violence to other countries such as Canada, and poses reasons for this dramatic

  • Miss Piggy Kenya Brennan Analysis

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    There are many ideas as to what makes a feminist icon. Samantha Brennan discusses about a childhood female character that represents feminism and a body-confident role model. In her article "Miss Piggy's Feminism, Redefining Human Relationships through Martial Arts" Brennan creates an educational diction through viewing how Miss Piggy from The Muppet Show has the potential to be a feminist icon. Writing with a proud and didactic tone throughout her article, she shows how Miss Piggy's character is