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  • Al Capone Research Paper

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    suspected it was either Capone or Yale doing. For the reason that it would administrate Torrio to the boss. When the prohibition was introduced it brought the gang immense wealth because the market for alcohol was in enormous demand the gang started bootlegging. In the year of 1925 there was a failed assassination attempt on Torrio by a rival gang and this frightened Torrio into retirement in Italy. After Torrio retired Capone became the man in charge and he expanded their territory by brutality and

  • Influence Of Al Capone On The Illegal Bootlegging Business

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    his life and the women who he would love and have kids with. This man was johnny Torrio, who was just running number at a gmbling operation, at this point Capone would just

  • Alphonse Gabriel Al Capone's 'Chicago Outfit'

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    January 17, 1899. Growing up he became a member of the Five Points Gang where his positon was a bouncer at a brothel. Capone shortly moved to Chicago and became a right-hand man for Johnny Torrio. Torrio ran a big bootlegging operation that supplied alcohol to a vast majority of places in the North. Johnny Torrio soon retired and Capone took over his operation. Capone expanded the business greatly but also introduced his own violent side into the swing of things. Respect was a very important

  • Al Capone: A Ruthless Man In Chicago

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    One of the most dangerous and ruthless men to ever walk the streets of Chicago was born on January 17, 1899--Alphonse Gabriel Capone. Living with his mother and father, Teresina and Gabriele, along with his older brothers Vincenzo and Raffaele, his family moved to a poor tenement in the borough of Brooklyn in New York City. Growing up, Capone never exhibited any signs of becoming the master criminal known about today (Biography 1). Al Capone became notorious for holding Chicago in the palm of his

  • Al Capone: The American Gangster Legend

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    Al Capone: the American Gangster Legend “You can get much farther with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone”- this is a quote Al Capone said and a quote that represents him completely. He was a gangster around the Prohibition Act of 1919 and the Great Depression era. For being one of the greatest gangsters of all time he was a kind guy, but he was not scared to use his gun. With the business he was doing, killing people was something that came with it. Al Capone is a legendary

  • What Were Al Capone's Major Accomplishments

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    "I'm not through fighting yet.” Said Capone as he was getting taken away in handcuffs. (Linder) Al Capone was an infamous American gangster if the 1920s during the Prohibition Era. He ran rackets all throughout the Chicago area. Capone was known to ruthless as he rose the ranks. When Capone started he was just a bouncer. While he was a bouncer he made a comment to a woman and her brother pulled a knife and cut him. After a while he was sent to Chicago because he wounded a rival gang member. This

  • How Did Al Capone Affect Literature

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    because he got in a fight with a teacher. Capone became a member of the James Street Gang, then he befriended the gangs leader, Johnny Torrio. Al Capone affected literature in many different ways, mainly because people started writing books about him. When Capone was a teenager he graduated to the James Street mob’s senior gang, he worked as a gunman for the gang. Johnny Torrio and Frankie Uale (known as Yale) hired Capone to work as a bouncer

  • Al Capone's Accomplishments

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    Torrio showed Capone the significance of keeping up a respectable front, while maintaining a racketeering business. The marginally assembled Torrio spoke to another day break in criminal endeavor, changing a savage unrefined culture into a corporate domain. Capone joined Johnny Torrio 's James Road Young men pack, rising at the end of the Five Focuses Posse. In an energetic rub in a house of

  • Al Capone's Downfall

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    to Chicago after the death of his father to join forces with Torrio (“Al Capone The Mob Museum”). Business for Torrio was booming during the prohibition. Capone helped Torrio with the finances and with his street smarts. One of the biggest areas Capone worked in was Bootlegging. During the prohibition the sale, production, and distribution of alcohol was illegal but they had secret underground bars called speakeasies. “In 1925, Torrio was shot and injured by a rival gang, and then he was sentenced

  • How Did Al Capone Contribute To The Rise Of Organized Crime

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    racketeering business. The bootlegging business was a lucrative one. Especially for Al Capone’s gang boss and friend Johnny Torrio. “In Chicago, Torrio was presiding over a booming business in gambling and prostitution, but with the enactment in 1920 of the 18th Amendment prohibiting the sale and consumption of alcohol, Torrio focused on

  • Al Capone's Gang Related Crime

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    gangs in the city when he moved there from Naples and joined one in his teens called Johnny Torrio’s James Street Boys ran by Johnny Torrio. Later, he moved on to the Five Points Gang, which he graduated from. He got into a gang fight and someone cut his face with a razor hence the nickname “Scarface” (Grossman). When Torrio entered a brothel business he sent for Capone to be a bouncer at the saloon. When Torrio went to Chicago to help

  • Al Capone: The Chicago Gangster

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    Al Capone, Chicago gangster, killed many people and was never caught for his mob crimes, but he went to the most maximum security prison in the United States for tax evasion. Al Capone started getting involved with criminal activitiess at a young age and got into a gang activity. Al Capone started doing bad stuff when he was young but it wasn’t very large compared to what he would do as a adult.. And-not supposed to start sentence with and he was also involved with some gang activity (MacNee, 1998)

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    the Dead Rabbits and Bugs Moran. During this mafia, a new criminal was acquired. And that was Alphonso Capone. Joining the gang at a young age, he made drug runs and soon worked his way up to becoming the boss of the gang, moving to Chicago with Johnny Torrio during the Prohibition

  • How Did Al Capone Contribute To Power

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    Al Capone accrued his power through his numerous political and gang connections, and through the use of his vast fortune. Capone began making acquaintances in the gang realm early on in his life. When he was only fourteen years old, Capone met Johnny Torrio, “which would prove the greatest influence on the would-be gangland boss” (Biography). Capone lived on the same

  • Al Capone's Accomplishments

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    crimes (History). As a young child in grade school, Al Capone didn’t make the worst of grades. He was a decent student who lost interest in school and started enjoying doing mob like activities such as gambling with dangerous people like mobster Johnny Torrio. One day, Capone got in trouble with his teacher and was struck due to his troubling actions. When he was hit by his teacher, he lost all self control and hit his teacher back; causing him to get kicked out of his school (Nix).

  • What Were Al Capone's Accomplishments

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    Al Capone was no exception. Since Capone’s childhood consisted of living in two gangs, he later joined another gang called “James Street Boys,” whose leader was Johnny Torrio (known mobster in this period), who later would become Al Capone’s mentor in the underworld. Torrio was also an associate of another gang called the Five Points Gang, which later promoted Capone at the age of sixteen to a full-time member and started working with aspiring mobster Frankie Yale

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    ‘Five Points Gang’. Al Capone met Johnny Torrio within this gang. Capone and Torrio developed a close, and lifelong friendship. Torrio took Capone under his wing, with Capone looking to Torrio as his mentor. Gang warfare ruled the streets of Chicago during the late 1920’s. Two of they key players involved in this warfare were Al “Scarface” Capone and George “Bugs” Moran. As the infamous Al Capone took the reigns of chief crime lord from his boss Johnny Torrio in 1925, he sought to seek out and

  • Alphonse Gabriel Al Capone

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    Torrio later retired in 1925 handing the control over to Capone, after he was almost killed by North Side gunman . During Capone’s takeover he expanded the business with malicious intent. The North Side gang had a part in Capone 's rise and fall. “ His

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    com/people/al-capone-9237536#early-life). Even though he never finished the sixth grade Al Capone was very intelligent and by the age twenty-six he was running Chicago’s criminal underworld. He began his career under the wing of criminal boss Johnny Torrio

  • Al Capone's Accomplishments

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    He was feared by many, but people did not fear Al Capone himself: they feared what he could do more than anything. Capone was ruthless, just like when he ordered the assassination of seven rivals. Al Capone earned the title of the most infamous gangster in American history because of his gang life like by ordering assassinations and running a bootlegging empire (“Al” History). Capone was a family man; he married an Irish-Catholic woman named Mae Josephine Coughlin(“Al” History). They had a son named