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  • Juan Ponce De Leon Research Paper

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    Juan Ponce De Leon stood at a towering 4 feet 11 inches. He was born in the village of Santervas de Campos, Spain, 1747. His primary goal was to find gold and colonize land for Spain. He was the very first European known to have visited the America, known as present day United States in 1513. He also discovered Florida and the Bahama Channel, and was ordered to colonize Puerto Rico. He was born into a poor yet noble family. Ponce De Leon’s parents have never been revealed, they were never considered

  • Juan Ponce De Leon

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    Juan Ponce De Leon was born in Spain in 1460. He was born in a poor but noble family. He served as a page at the court of Aragon. He learned social skills, religious and military tactics there, which led him to become a soldier and fight against the Moors in Granada. He gained fame and fortune like other conquistadores. He employed what he learned in the military to subdue and control native peoples of the Caribbean. He was a Spanish explorer who went with Columbus on his second voyage. In the first

  • Juan Ponce De Leon: Hero Or Villain?

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    Juan Ponce de Leon: Hero or Villain? By Beau Klein Everywhere you go in St. Augustine, Juan Ponce de Leon’s name is on mostly everything. Was he really such a hero? True, he did “discover” Florida, but this brute was hostile as an explorer and a leader. He has performed too many wretched actions to be considered a hero. When Juan was looking for islands to expand the Spanish empire, he probably very well knew that there would be natives on some of those islands. And when he did find the inhabitants

  • Advantages Of The Challenging The Spanish Empire

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    Ponce de Leon was one of the first Spanish explorers in North America. He was the Governor of Puerto Rico and he came to explore Florida. Stories say that he was looking for the Fountain of Youth that Indians had told him about, but really he was capturing

  • Ferdinand Magellan In The Philippines

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    Cebu respectively. However, some of his men survived and left the Philippines by the order of the new commander of the expedition, Juan Sebastián Elcano. His fleet continued sailing westward and returned to Spain in 1522. Thus, completing the first circumnavigation of the world. After several years, Spaniards continued to visit the islands of Samar and Leyte. Ruy López de Villalobos called them “Las Islas Filipinas”.

  • Narrative Essay On Vortex Springs

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    Vortex Springs A place I visited awhile back was Vortex Springs. It was located in Ponce de Leon, Florida and it is a state park. My friends invited me to come support a friend that was going to be in a concert that night and I am glad I took that offer because Vortex Springs is a beautiful place. When we first arrived it was so hot it felt like it was going to scorch me if I stayed in the sun for too long. There was already loud noises going on, people swimming, and even diving. We got there

  • San Sebastian Festival Essay

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    festival that takes place on Old San Juan and San Sebastian street. The festival is where the Puerto Ricans celebrate their cultural on the streets of Puerto Rico. The festival is held every year on the third week of January. There is a lot of different traditional activities and lots of live music shows. The importance of the festival is to keep some of the Puerto Rico’s cultural traditions alive. The original name of the San Sebastian Festival is the Fiestas de la Celle San Sebastián. The festival

  • Ponce De Leon Analysis

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    "Ponce de Leon" By: Josh Rice 10/27/14 Juan Ponce de Leon was born in a Spanish village called Santervás de Campos in the year 1460. Historians don 't know a lot about his past, but they can place his heritage back to a very wealthy and noble family. When Ponce was young, he served as a squire to Pedro Núñez de Guzmán, who used to be a noble knight commander of the Order of Calatrava. Pedro taught Ponce the important qualities of religion, fighting skills, and other manners used in daily

  • Essay On Juan Ponce De Heels

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    Juan Ponce de León has been killed by natives on his voyage as according to his crew who has arrived back. He was to colonize the land, which he did. However, he needed to conquer the land and take it from the natives. He brought about 50 soldiers with him and many weapons. However, it seems that the European weapons that they brought were less effective for close-range fighting and they were forced to retreat. Before doing so, the natives shot an arrow at Juan Ponce de León and fatally wounded

  • Santervas De Campos: The Castle Of Spain

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    Juan lived in a castle with his brothers, Pedro and Luis, in a little village of Santervas de Campos. Santervas de Campos sat on a hillside in Spain. Juan Ponce de Leon was born around 1460. There was no country of Spain like we know it today. The kingdom covered most of what is now Spain. The kingdom of Aragon lays to the east. Juans village had once been in the kingdom of Leon, but it became part of the castle. The Ponce de Leon family was not wealthy but it was noble Juans one relative went by

  • Isabella Ponce De Leon: Land Discovery

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    same view of natives, so did Ponce De Leon. After exploring the island and endless the uses that the natives could provide, in 1504 he began a campaign with the main goal to suppress the natives on the northern part of the island (Galegroup.com). Due to a very successful campaign in the eyes of Spain and somehow successfully suppressing a rebellious native uprising, Ponce De Leon was named provincial governor. Exploring new ideas and places was something Ponce De Leon was intrigued with and very passionate

  • Hernando De Soto Achievements

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    Hernando De Soto Born:october 27,c,1495 Born in:Jerez de los Caballeros Died in:may 21,1542 Early life His parents were both hidalgos.The region was poor and many battled to stay alive, unwavering loyalty, and cruelness schemes for the extortion of native villages for their captured chiefs became de Soto 's hallmarks during the conquest of Central America. He gained fame as an excellent horseman, fighter, and tactician. During that time, de Soto was impacted by the achievements of Juan Ponce de León

  • Ap World History Unit 3 Outline

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    in the Hispaniola Island today Santo Domingo city, Dominican Republic, from (UNESCO, 1990) “were departure for the spread of European culture and the conquest of the continent. From its port conquerors such as Ponce de Leon, Juan de Esquivel, Herman Cortes, Vasco Núñez de Balboa, Alonso de Ojeda and many others departed in search of new lands.” The Spanish colonizer imposed their language, customs and of course the Catholic religion spreading

  • Puerto Rico Pros And Cons Essay

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    In 1493, Columbus founded the island of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico was finally named this in 1520 after is was named San Juan Bautista by the first settler in 1509 named Juan Ponce de Leon. Puerto Rico started to evolve and in the late 1800’s the first form of government was put to power and abolished slavery. In 1898 the Spanish- American War occurred, in which the U.S. wins Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Philippines and others from Spain under the Treaty of Paris. The Organic Act of 1900 was approved, which

  • Columbus Informative Speech

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    until he reached Cuba and eventually Haiti. Soon, after all, this happened more explorers were going over to the new world, just as Columbus did. They were going over there hoping to find new land to claim for Spain. One of these other explorers was, Juan

  • St. Augustine Research Paper

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    Spanish explorer and admiral Pedro Menendez de Aviles, St. Augustine is the oldest city of European origin in the US territory permanently inhabited. St. Augustine is the oldest European settlement occupied until now in the United States. The Spaniards had previously explored the area in expeditions that took place between 1513 and 1563, in order to colonize the Spanish Florida, and directed by various conquerors: Juan Ponce de León in 1513, Lucas Vázquez de Ayllón in 1526, Panfilo Narvaez in 1527 -together

  • Ending Poem: The Struggle Of Puerto Rican Identity

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    struggle of Puerto Rico to define its own identity as an independent nation. In 1493, Christopher Columbus found the island of Puerto Rico and claimed it to the Spanish naming it San Juan Bautista. The island did not become known as “Puerto Rico” until the year 1521. Puerto Rico was then conquered by Juan Ponce de Leon in 1509. The indigenous people of the island were Taino indians who became slaves after the Spanish arrived. As many Taino indians died

  • The Role Of Sign Language In Linguistics

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    Sign language linguistics has not been a field in its own since 1960s, when the investigation researches started from a linguistic perspective about sign languages. Sign language was considered as a gesture-based aid only for communicating with people, not a whole language. While the early researches were focusing on explaining the fact that sign languages are not only simple languages, but an equivalent to spoken languages and having the same characteristics as the spoken. The researchers investigated

  • The Search For Immortality In The Epic Of Gilgamesh

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    It has been wondered for many years if immortality can be achieved. Many scientists have inquired about the possibility. Many theories and research papers have been published on this subject. Although today’s science is not yet advanced enough scientists are still trying to figure out the secret to immortality. Humans have been looking for the secret to immortality as far back as the 18th century B.C. The Epic of Gilgamesh tells the story of a king. After the king’s closest friend

  • What Does April Fools Day Mean

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    April 1 Fool me once, and . . . . April Fools’ Day April 1st, odd years only. April Fools! On April 1, 1950, the sleepy town of Hot Springs, New Mexico officially changed its name to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Here’s how it happened. In March of 1950, and to promote the tenth anniversary of the popular radio game show, Truth or Consequences, host Ralph Edwards promised to broadcast an episode of the program from the first town in America that would rename itself after the show. The