Ponce De Leon Analysis

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"Ponce de Leon"

By: Josh Rice

Juan Ponce de Leon was born in a Spanish village called Santervás de Campos in the year 1460. Historians don 't know a lot about his past, but they can place his heritage back to a very wealthy and noble family. When Ponce was young, he served as a squire to Pedro Núñez de Guzmán, who used to be a noble knight commander of the Order of Calatrava. Pedro taught Ponce the important qualities of religion, fighting skills, and other manners used in daily life. He was like a father and a best friend to Ponce de Leon. Just like Pedro, Ponce became a very religious man. In time Leon became very strong in the religion of Roman Catholicism.
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He was running out of food and many sailors on his ship were becoming sick. He longed to see his family again. While still on his journey back his ships became scattered in a terrible thunderstorm. Leon placed his faith in God. He prayed The Lord to show him the way using his compass. His prayer was answered when his sailers finally started to see Puerto Rico 's shore. When he reached Puerto Rico, he received a letter from a recently landed immigrant. Ponce was to return to Spain immediately. Frightened, he journeyed back to Spain where he was unexpectedly "knighted, given a personal coat of arms, and granted a royal patent to colonize the islands of Bimini and Florida. He was officially named the Adelantado Don Juan Ponce de Leon, Governor of the Islands of Bimini and…show more content…
During the attack he was injured and soon after died from a poisoned arrow shot to his leg. Juan Ponce de Leon was a famous, respected and trusted explorer. When the message of a new route to Spain and the new land of Florida came to the Middle East the population boomed in the southern parts of North America. Our modern world has benefited greatly from the discoveries of Ponce de Leon. Ponce de Leon is now known for his expedition to find the for the Fountain of Youth that is told to every sailors child. Since Leon was a very religious man, historians have traced the religion of Catholicism, which is one of the most popular religions in America now, back to when he founded the land of
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