Katharine Hepburn Essays

  • Jerry Finnegan's Sister Play Analysis

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    On thursday night I went to see Jerry Finnegan’s Sister. The play had two actors which were Morgan Fox and Genevieve Craven. They played the roles as Brian Dowd and Beth Finnegan. Brian is in love with Jerry Finnegan's sister (his best friend’s sister) ever since a young age, but can never tell her. He is in the conflict of wanting to tell her, but his window is closing. As they like to call it “the point of no return.” The set depicted two neighbor houses which was Brian house next to Jerry house

  • Symbolism In The Glass Of Menagerie

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    In the play “The Glass of Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams, she uses symbolism to recreate a memory about a family living in an apartment and who is struggling through the Great Depression. Laura Wingfield is one of the main protagonists who is shy and has a limp, which she wears a brace to help support it. She retreats from reality because her mother, Amanda is so rough natured. Amanda lost her husband and looks after her children. Her husband abandoned the family. She relies on her son, Tom Wingfield

  • A Rose For Emily Symbolism Essay

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    Symbolism in literature is using an object to portray a different, deeper meaning in a story. Symbols represent ideas or qualities that the author has schemed into their story that has meaning. It is up to the reader to interpret the meaning of the symbols and their significance to the story. William Faulkner wrote, “A Rose for Emily,” which was published April 30, 1930. He used a great deal of symbolism in this story. Faulkner’s use of symbolism captivated the reader until the shocking end of the

  • Brief Summary Of David Pelzer's The Lost Boy

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    Summary of The Lost Boy David Pelzer, author of The Lost Boy, shares his struggles of dealing with an abusive mother that lead to his life in foster care in his memoir. He details the beginning of his story by revealing the abuse of his mother who referred to David as “the boy” and even calls him “it”. While he has three older brothers the Mother chose David to take out her anger on and the family even referred to the abuse as “the family secret”. Forced to live in the basement, David tells how he

  • Greatest Actress Of All Time: Katharine Hepburn

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    and only a few actresses have been known to do that. Katharine Hepburn did a lot to achieve the title “Greatest Actress of All Time.” Katharine Hepburn was born in Hartford Connecticut. As a young child, Hepburn liked her hair cut short and called herself Jimmy. She often joined her mother, Katharine Martha Houghton, at her Women’s rights demonstrations. Her mother’s independence and strong views on women’s right influenced little Hepburn. She, along with the other children were raised to use

  • Audrey Hepburn Accomplishments

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    Possibly Perfect Audrey Hepburn “Nothing is impossible the word itself says I’m possible.” (Audrey Hepburn) In Audrey’s greatest accomplishments she proved that anything is possible. Over the course of her remarkable life and career, Audrey Hepburn seized hearts around the world and created a positive public image that is one of the most recognizable and adorable in recent memory. For the next 16 years, Audrey changed the definition of feminity, she was like no other actress, childlike, vulnerable

  • How Did The Wright Brothers Impact Society

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    “The airplane stays up because it doesn 't have time to fall” Wilbur Wright said this quote because he never gave up on inventing the first plane. Through his and orville’s trial and error they created and flew the first plane in mankind. Through their creation they changed the mode of transportation forever. The airplane now travels people, animals and luggage in a very short amount of time. The Wright Brothers didn 't just affect america but the whole world! The Wright Brothers Impacted society

  • Wright Flyer Research Papers

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    On a cool December morning in North Carolina on December 17, 1903 the world was forever changed (Drye 3-4 :Greenwood 17). The dawn of a new stage of humanity was put to the test. Two brothers, the Wright brothers, flew and tested the the very first working flying machine in the history of all mankind (Bednarek 1). This new contraption was called the Wright Flyer I and it would be the basis of all powered flying machines to this day (1). When the Wright brothers flew their wright flyer I for the

  • Examples Of Loyalty In Julius Caesar

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    Loyalty, Trust, and Betrayal Trust and loyalty are two of the most needed attributes for a relationship to work. When those things are broken, betrayal is close to follow. Humans want to trust and be loyal to one another. Unfortunately these tend to be some of the most broken structures in life whether your trust is held within a: friendship, stranger, family bonds or a romantic affair with a loved one. The novel “1984” written by George Orwell and the medium “Julius Caesar” by William Shakespeare

  • Marilyn Monroe As A Role Model

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    Army photographer David Conover was taking pictures in local factories for a magazine article about women’s contribution to the war and shot a picture of Marilyn. That picture later made it’s way to the Blue Book modeling agency and they signed her. She started her modeling career as a pin up model, that way early from the beginning she became associated with sexuality. Pin ups were intended to be pinned up on walls in male-dominated areas such as gas stations or car repairs. A pin up was the wide

  • Bob Hoover Accomplishments

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    What would you do if your role model described you as “the greatest stick-and-rudder man who ever live, the first pilot to fly and land an airplane using tools only”? General James “Jimmy” Doolittle who said that about another aviation legend, Bob Hoover, who stated: “Jimmy Doolittle was my idol, I wanted to be just like him”. The fact that his own idol said that about him is enough to make him a legend. Nevertheless, with his continuous handwork, daring personality, and extraordinary skills, he

  • Argumentative Essay On Golden Girls

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    Betty recently came out to share with the world privy information about her and the other actresses from the ‘Golden Girls.' The three other stars who are now deceased are Estelle Getty, Rue McClanahan, and Bea Arthur. Betty who is an Emmy award winner is still full of spirits and is enjoying life. She has come out clearly to state that the four were more of friends than colleagues. She has revealed that they not only shared gossip but also helped each other through thick and thin during the shooting

  • Why Is Marilyn Monroe A Good Role Model

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    “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”- once said Marilyn Monroe. From going to foster home to foster home, to becoming one of the worlds biggest stars. Marilyn Monroe is one of America’s biggest icons. She had a detrementing childhood, multiple relationships all of which ended on a negative note, to the ups and downs of her career, to when it all had to end. Monroe is a role model to many. She started out as a model and then

  • How Did Audrey Hepburn Revolutionized The Acting World

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    “Nothing is impossible, The word itself says I’m possible!” This very inspirational quote was said by none other than Audrey Hepburn. She has influenced many people, young and old, famous or not, male or female. She revolutionized acting and is overall who many people aspire to be. Hepburn does this even through her hardship and suffering childhood. She is one of the most influential people ever because of not only her impeccable acting,but the way she treats people changed the way that many people

  • Coco Chanel Essay

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    Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, most commonly known as Coco Chanel was a French designer, whose patterns and designs revolutionized women’s clothing. She was the only designer listed in Time’s 100 Most Influential People of the Twentieth Century. Chanel has left a lasting mark on women’s clothing and fashion. Coco Chanel was born in 1883, there is not a specific date as she did not reveal her birth date. Chanel grew up in uncertainty and poverty. When Coco Chanel was twelve years old her mother passed

  • Funny Face Film Analysis

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    Devil Wears Prada (2006) directed by David Frankell, are two films staring young women who are propelled into the world of a fashion and undergo a personal and physical transformation.  When Jo is hired as a fashion model at Quality Magazine (Audrey Hepburn) and Andy as a fashion assistant at Runway Magazine (Anne Hathaway), both characters experience similar situations; visiting the fashion capital (Paris), developing a romantic love interest, being dressed in designer clothing (Chanel and Givenchy)

  • Comparison Of Spencer Tracy's Life And Work

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    Biographical essay of Spencer Tracy of the 1920’s and the 1930’s Spencer Tracy was born on April 5th 1900 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Some people called him Spence or Pops, Spencer Tracy had a mom and dad named John Tracy, and Caroline Brown Tracy. He had a older brother named Carroll Tracy he was four years older than Spencer Tracy. [2 He was always getting in trouble with the school because he kept skipping school]. His education was taken at Marquette academy in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but he left

  • Harvey Milk And Jackie Robinson's Contribution To Social Change

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    Cesar Chavez, Kenneth Clark, Fred Korematsu, Katharine Hepburn, Harvey Milk, and Jackie Robinson, all contributed to social change in America in the areas of gender or “race”. Explain who each person was, what issues they were dealing with, and what method or methods they used to try to create social change. Be clear on what role the media of the times played in their actions. Essays should be about three pages double spaced, approximately 700-800 words Jackie

  • Cinema In The 1950's

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    Back in the 1950s, there were many reasons why people found cinema as one of the most relaxing method of enjoyment. By then the world had seen two world wars and people wanted to go into peace. Thanks to the advancement in technology and the use of that technology in making movies that resulted in the new world cinema. Big Film studios and film makers were interested in using more and more technology in the feature films. Alien Invasion and extra terrestrial life were hot topics and any film made

  • Walter Plunkett Research Paper

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    Walter Plunkett, Costume Designer Walter Plunkett was born in Oakland, California on June 5, 1902, to James and Frances Plunkett. Although he studied law at the University of California, he was drawn to theatre while attending college and moved to New York City in 1923 (imdb.com). His early life could not have indicated he would eventually be an academy award winning costume designer, nor could it have predicted that some of his designs would be iconic in the world of costume and fashion design