Jerry Finnegan's Sister Play Analysis

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On thursday night I went to see Jerry Finnegan’s Sister. The play had two actors which were Morgan Fox and Genevieve Craven. They played the roles as Brian Dowd and Beth Finnegan. Brian is in love with Jerry Finnegan's sister (his best friend’s sister) ever since a young age, but can never tell her. He is in the conflict of wanting to tell her, but his window is closing. As they like to call it “the point of no return.” The set depicted two neighbor houses which was Brian house next to Jerry house. The design of Jerry's house was like a more of a modern house per say with a artistic look to it. It also had boy qualities towards it with the spiderman posters *cough* Jeff *cough*. Overall it felt like it belonged to a boy because of how the…show more content…
He used the audience in a very good manner and made that person that people just come to know that can’t get any girls. It was funny to see how much this guy tried to get the girl which I can relate to seeing that around me. Genevieve was also a great actor, but I couldn’t relate as much. Though it also brings out that person depicted in other people’s minds that goes out with every boy. There is these whole spectrum which is depicted just by these two actors. That means if they can show it that well and that concise it must have great acting. I also do think it has great acting as…show more content…
Morgan fit perfectly to the weird boy because he is able to depict this boy. Same goes with Genevieve which all in all were good choices. The “going to the past” were a good indicator of them growing up which made the play flow very good and connect to the situation at hand. The blocking was good with all of them interacting with this and that just added more to the play. Also it was funny when they used the whole audience area for acting and made the audience more involved with the show. The remarks on the directors part were okay, but creeping on the “creepy” part. Lessen on them remarks because eventually for me even they would get

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