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  • Louis Pasteur Contribution

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    Louis Pasteur, a French chemist and microbiologist, was born on December 27, 1822, in Dole, located in the Jura region of France. He lived and grew up in a town called Arbois with his father, Jean-Joseph Pasteur. Louis was very skilled at drawing and at painting from a very young age. He first got a bachelor of arts degree in 1840 and then a bachelor of science degree in 1842 at the Royal College of Besançon. He then got a doctorate in 1847 from the École Normale in Paris. After that, he spent several

  • Louis Pasteur Accomplishments

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    Louis Pasteur A chemist, innovator, and microbiologist, Louis Pasteur brought forth a wide number of accomplishments; large and small. A list of the most renowned achievements includes the discovery and invention of pasteurization, vaccines for both rabies and anthrax, and germ theory; all significant advances in the world of science. Beginning his life in the commune of Dole, located in France, Louis was now a part of the Pasteur family. He was described as an average student by his teachers

  • Louis Pasteur Biography

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    Louis Pasteur Your paper should contain relevant biographical details of your subject’s life, Biography Louis Pasteur was born in Dole, Jura, France on December 27, 1822 to Jean-Joseph Pasteur and Jeanne-Etiennette Roqui. He was the third among his siblings. His father served in the Napoleonic war as a Sergeant major. An average student with no special talents during his childhood. He liked to fish and Sketch people portraits. H e his contributions to medicine or the study of medicine, Fermentation

  • Rabies Vaccination Report

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    (Bio-Louis 2015) The vaccine was developed in France during the late 1800s. Pasteur looked for the development of the vaccine because he wanted to explore a more difficult area of human diseases. The disease was a major ethical issue within the 1800s because of the not knowing which microorganisms

  • The Idolatry In Martin Luther's Catechism

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    Fundamentally, idolatry is the worship of an image or object or the excessive devotion towards a person or item. From a religious perspective, idolatry is the worship of images and representations other than the true God. Idolatry is a practice whose scope is often misunderstood, prompting the efforts by different people to demystify the practice both in the past and in the world today. Martin Luther, for instance, explores his understanding of the practice in his Large Catechism, a text meant to

  • Anthrax Research Paper

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    What is Anthrax? This is a highly infectious disease caused by bacteria called Bacillus anthracis. It is found in the naturally in soil. This disease affects humans with the contamination of animal products. For instance the inhaling anthrax spores that have been inhalational anthrax or by consuming undercooked meat from infected animals. Although rare in the United states it is a deadly worldwide for instance in northern Europe. Humans get affected with anthrax when spores get into the body, one

  • How Did Louis Pasteur Contribute To Science

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    Louis Pasteur Louis Pasteur made many discoveries that helped the world. His medical accomplishments include cures for rabies, anthrax, chicken cholera, and silkworm disease. He also contributed toward our first vaccines. His approach to scientific research and his methods are seen to have transformed science. His medical achievements make him an important part of the history of medicine (Discovery of Pasteurization, n.d.). Pasteur’s motivation seems to come just as President Benson said in his talk

  • How Did Louis Pasteur Impact The World

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    Louis Pasteur made many changes in the world that impact each one of us everyday. He also opened up a school in France so that others can continue learning as he did many years ago. he worked in so many different fields and made so many different discoveries. Louis Pasteur was certainly an influential innovator who has forever changed the world and they way that we all live. He has so greatly impacted the world along with many other influential innovators like him. Louis Pasteur made our entire

  • Louis Pasteur Fighter Against Contagious Disease Summary

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    your understanding of your topic or the time during which it occurred?” Louis Pasteur Fighter against contagious disease, by Marylou Morano Kjelle, gave me a better understanding on all the different inventions and discoveries Louis Pasteur worked on. Marylou in this book focused on not only Louis Pasteur’s inventions but his way of thinking and figuring things out. While reading this book I have realized that louis Pasteur has went through a lot over the years of his life. For example, there was

  • Trumpeters Louis Armstrong And Miles Davis

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    Trumpeters Louis Armstrong and Miles Davis became two of the most inspiring American jazz musicians of all time by accessing very differently to their art. In the analysis an album from each artist, I choose “What A Wonderful World” of Louis Armstrong and “Kind of Blue” of Miles Davis. Louis Armstrong (August 4, 1901 – July 6, 1971) was the most influential performer to affect a lot of Jazz musicians. He influenced the whole jazz population with his amazing voice and energetic trumpet. And he played

  • Social Injustice In Fences

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    In the play Fences, August Wilson follows the struggle of a family that deals with injustice and racial segregation that creates a hardship that leads to a personal lack of self-esteem and uncontrollable circumstances. Troy, forced his family to deal with his struggles of past life experience. Troy was a hardworking man who did his best to provide for his family. Rose explained this to Cory, "Your daddy wanted you to be everything he wasn't...and everything he was...he meant to do more good than

  • Themes In The Hockey Sweater

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    The Hockey Sweater Questions By: Rafi 1. Setting: The setting of this story is in a small town in the province of Quebec, where the year is 1946 and the season is winter. Places this story takes action in include Roch’s home, where he listens to the Canadiens game and is forced to wear his Maple Leafs sweater by his mother. This story also takes place on a hockey rink. Here, Roch is treated differently due to his new Maple Leafs sweater which is unalike to the other Canadiens jerseys. Theme:

  • Reflection Of Plato's The Allegory Of The Cave

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    While the universal cliche in regards to looking at a photograph is “a picture tells a thousand words,” the questions we should truly be asking to ascertain what those words really mean are what is the context of the messages being asserted, and whether or not the language behind these “thousand” words is the same for all of us. In simpler terms, what I am trying to say is not all images are interpreted alike. Whether it’s from looking at a photograph at an art gallery, the news, or on our phones

  • Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Analysis

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    The English author Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series presents a fantastic universe which symbolically can be taken as a parody of our postmodern age, a period of non-stop change and no-boundries in which nothing has a concrete stable meaning. The series displays human being that seems lost in a digital world where philosophical search for the meaning of life and spiritual enlightenment become futile and frivolous under the shadow of the rapid change of technologies. Thus

  • Sun Ra Movement

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    Another artist who had a large influence in the black freedom movement and the third world struggles during the 1960’s and 70’s is Sun Ra. Sun Ra is a revolutionary jazz musician who began performing professionally as a kid. Once Sun Ra moved to Chicago in 1945, he immersed himself in jazz. Throughout his life, Sun Ra was influenced by space, religion and radical social movements and he expresses his beliefs and ideals through his music. Sun Ra’s love of astronomy and spiritual awakening opened doors

  • Oscar Peterson: A Jazz Pianist

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    One may or may not have heard of this unbelievable jazz artist, Oscar Peterson. Well, Oscar Peterson, a jazz pianist is an honoured Canadian artist. Oscar Peterson was born on August 15, 1925 in Montreal, Quebec. He is known for being the first person in Canadian Jazz and the Blues Hall of Fame. He wrote books called, “Jazz Exercises and Pieces for Young Jazz pianist.” Having many types genres of music, Oscar Peterson played the genre of jazz! Jazz is a genre that most black artists play. African

  • Max Roach's Song Analysis

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    In the year 1960, the Civil Rights Movement activity was at its highest, and it was also a pivotal concern to jazz musicians. One of the many jazz musicians that was strongly involved in the movement for integration during the African-American protest movement is Max Roach. Roach was a teacher, activist, bandleader, composer, but more importantly, one of the most influential musicians in jazz. The growing political events of 1960 were the reason that led him to  respond and established many of the

  • Montreux Jazz Festival Analysis

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    1. Disclaimer Although the Montreux jazz festival is a world renowned event it is still located in Switzerland, in the French speaking part. Thus some of the information of this report are just translated version of different sources 2. Introduction “Jazz does not belong to one race or culture, but it’s a gift that America has given to the world- Ahmad Alaadeen” This paper will be an analysis about the Montreux jazz festival, the second biggest jazz festival in the world. This paper will present;

  • Improvisation In Swing Music

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    History of Jazz music Jazz is music genre that originated from New Orleans in the early 20th century. A major port city, people from all over the world, of different ethnic groups came together and as a result, musicians were exposed to a variety of music (Verity, 2016). Jazz was born out of and evolved from the African American experience in the United States. Jazz evolved from slave and religious folk songs and its originators were primarily African American (Dyas, 2016). However, its roots can

  • Definition Essay On Jazz

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    Define jazz in your words Jazz is a form of expression that does not confine itself to music and expands itself to influence beautiful art pieces––such as paintings, poems, novels and essays––that intellectuals represent themselves in. Is that truly what jazz is? Not really, as it is a culture that has more than one identity, as well as, more than one definition. Describe jazz Jazz culture consists of different types of art, but they have many elements in common. Jazz music is truly innovative; the