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  • Battle Analysis: The Raid Of Cabanatuan

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    The 1945 Raid of Cabanatuan, Luzon Island, Philippines stands fast in history as a battle of wits between Imperial Japanese Army and the partnership of the United States Armed Forces and the United States Armed Forces Far East (USAFFE) Filipino Guerilla Forces. Americans and Allied Armed Forces used distraction tactics and precise human collected intelligence to successfully free over 500 Prisoners of War (POW) held by Japanese forces. The purpose of this paper is to conduct a battle analysis of

  • Trauma Center Essay

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    Technical Definition A Trauma Center is a specialized hospital that offers medical services and resources for patients that are victims of major traumatic injuries. These hospitals must provide immediate, best possible care for life-threatening serious injuries from an extensive variety of causes. There should be a required team of specialized trained healthcare staffs that are available within 24-hours of service. The health care staffs to provide professional services include the nurses, radiologists

  • USS Hornet Characteristics

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    in battle. One Star was awarded for each battle the USS Hornet was involved in including the Asiatic-Pacific Raid, Hollandia Operation, Marianas Operation, Western Carolina Islands Operation, Western New Guinea Operation, Leyte Operation, and the Luzon Operation. She was also awarded the

  • Bataan Death March Research Paper

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    only ten hours after the attack on Pearl Harbor, and the Japanese began to conduct an aerial attack upon the American force stationed in the Philippines. Thousands of Americans, along with over fifty-thousand Filipinos, tried to defend the island of Luzon; however, General Douglas MacArthur, who was leading the American-Filipino force, had to retreat to a defensible place in the Bataan Peninsula. The Allied forces were holding out and were depending on the U.S. Navy to come and aid them. Due to the

  • Battle Of Leyte Gulf Essay

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    Battle of Leyte Gulf The Battle of Leyte Gulf is also known as the Battles of Leyte Gulf and was fought October 23-26, 1944 between The Japanese Imperial Navy and the US Navy near the islands of Leyte, Samar and Luzon. This battle is known as one of the greatest battles of all times as well as the largest naval battle fought in modern history due to 200,000 soldiers involved. In 1942 General Douglas MacArthur had promised the Filipinos that he would return to liberate them. On October 20, 1944 -

  • Essay On American Imperialism In The Late 19th Century

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    United States Imperialism in the late 19th century was very selfish time. Many people in that time, debated about whether are not benefiting our country was the right way or the wrong way. The motiving factors that impacted our imperialism are economic, military, and cultural. These factors impacted the American Imperialism from 1890-194 by having control over weaker territories meeting our expanding needs. The economic interest for America was to support the industrial boom of the 1800s the U

  • Essay On Giardiasis

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    Epidemiology Giardiasis is a global disease. It infects nearly 2% of the adults and 6% to 8% of children in developed countries worldwide. Nearly 33% of people in developing countries have had giardiasis. In the United States, Giardia infection is the most common intestinal parasitic disease affecting humans (Kappus, 1994). Between 2006-2008 in the United States, known cases of giardiasis were twice as high between June to October as they were between January to March (CDC, 2010). Anyone

  • Ferdinand Magellan In The Philippines

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    It began with the arrival of Ferdinand Magellan on 1521 in the Philippines that led the country to be under the colony of Spain for 300 years. His expedition began when royal officials gave him a command to sail to Maluku (the Spice Islands). By sailing westward, he finally arrived in Homonhon Island on March 17, 1521, a province of Eastern Samar, Philippines. On Easter Sunday of March 31, 1521, Magellan conducted the first Catholic mass at Limasawa Island in Southern Leyte that marked the birth

  • Comparing Two Volcanoes Research Paper

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    Major volcanic eruptions are not very common, and when they do occur, they are often tragic and both extremely dangerous and destructive. There are 2 recent major volcanic eruptions that can be compared and contrasted in many interesting ways. How do the separate aftermaths of the events discussed in this essay share similarities as well as differences? The two volcanoes from these events are called stratovolcanoes, meaning they are volcanoes “composed of explosively erupted cinders and ash with

  • The Funeral Home Summary

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    state of Texas was displaying towards them and their father’s death. The story starts off with the author describing the details of the person that died. Felix Longoria was a private for the United States army, Infantry unit who died in action on Luzon, which is located in the Philippines. He was supposed to be burred in Three Rivers Texas, but unfortunately the family was having some complications because the manager of the funeral services didn’t want to allow them to utilize the funeral home while

  • The Importance Of Compassion Fatigue In Education

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    Educators can be exposed to several stresses because of their role in supporting students and their eventual exposure to the experiences of the students with crises, traumas and violence. Too much focus is on the mental health of the students. Neglected was the mental health of the personnel directly in communication with the students, particularly, the teachers. The teachers may manifest emotional exhaustion and this may lead to poor performance. Beside stresses from students, there could be other

  • Reaction Paper About Comfort Women

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    The landscape, action, and documentary photograph as seen above presents the comfort women during the last months of World War II (August 27, 1945) inside a detention house on some part outside Manila playing mahjong. The identity of the photographer is unknown, however, it is likely that s/he belonged to the American forces basing on the following evidences: (1) The caption certainly reported for the American forces and at the same time, the picture has been preserved by the Bettmann Archives (located

  • Social Harassment In Cyberbullying Cases

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    “Think before you click.” This is probably one of the most famous lines netizens encounter whenever an online page exposes a cyberbullying case that eventually leads to a victim’s depression or suicide. Different organization campaigning against cyberbullying use this as their statement to elicit awareness to the seemingly rampant exchange of libelous statements throughout the internet. However, campaigns are not efficient in preventing these cases from happening again. Due to the online world’s

  • Pinatubo Vs St Helens Case Study

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    United States of America. Volcanoes often cause worldwide issues and distress when they erupt causing large economic struggles and battles for people’s lives. Mt. Pinatubo is located in Botolan in the Philippines. The volcano is on the island of Luzon and erupted in 1991. The exact time that the eruption started was 1:42pm on June 15th 1991. The cause of this volcanic eruption is due to the subduction of the Manila plate, this is a destructive plate boundary. The subduction increases subterranean

  • Characteristics Of Aswang The Philippine Monster

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    Title : Aswang Description : Philippine ghoul Region : Visayas, Southern parts of Luzon and parts of Mindanao WebSite : 3. – legends – and – myhts - .com/ aswang 4. Cruz, Neal. “As I See It: Philippine mythological monsters”. Philippine Daily

  • Concept Of Nurse Leadership In Nursing

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    Typhoon Halima occurred last night at about 11:00pm local time in Central Luzon, with strong winds of up to the speed of 225 kph near its centre and gusts of up to 315kph. The super typhoon is known to be a serious threat as it brings torrential rains alongside damaging winds, triggering flash floods and mudslides in a lot of

  • Strengths And Weaknesses Of Government In The Philippines

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    INTRODUCTION We belong in a time where the world goes through constant changes. Life today is so fast-paced and dynamic that we sometimes knowingly ignore what 's happening around us since it may instantly change anyway. The Philippines specifically, have gone through great changes in the past several years. These changes have rooted from problems that made it impossible for us to develop and progress as a country. It is perhaps opportunely that our government is able to push through boundaries and

  • The Causes And Consequences Of The Spanish-American War

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    The Spanish-American war The Spanish-American War happened in 1898 between Spain and the United States. During the war, the Spanish colonial rule was ended in America, leading to the U.S acquiring territories in Latin America and Western Pacific. The origin of the war was Cuba’s struggle to get its independence from Spain that started in 1895. The war was a short one that lasted for four months. During this time, Spain used brutal measures in stopping the rebellion, and various sensational newspapers

  • Japanese Cuisine Book Review

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    The author not only wanted to discuss the beauty of Japanese cuisine but also to capture its readers’ about culture in Japan. A strong point about the book’s methodology is how Japanese people carefully plan and arrange food together, even the chinaware in order to complement one another. Japanese cuisine is a study of unity and contrast. Raw fish served one ice is paired with hot soup, Daikon oroshi (grated radish) is also served with hot dishes while wasabi (horseradish) will be paired with

  • How Does Water Pollution Affect Human Life

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    pollution are: According to data from the Philippine Environment Monitor and the EMB, four regions had unsatisfactory ratings for their water quality criteria. These include the National Capital Region or Metro Manila, Southern Tagalog Region , Central Luzon, and Central Visayas . (The Problem) So, in the Philippines,