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  • Research Paper On Regression Analysis

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    3.4 STATISTICAL TOOLS 3.4.1 REGRESSION ANALYSIS Regression analysis is a statistical process which helps to establish relationship between a dependent variable and one or more independent variables also known as predictors.The method may be parametric or non-parametric. The common ones are linear regression and ordinary least square regression. REGRESSION MODELS Regression model consists of three variables - the dependent variable denoted by Y, the independent variable denoted by X and an unknown

  • The Poisson Regression Model

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    analysing data, it is paramount to know the nature of the data to be analyzed because the credibility of the results and its interpretations are greatly influenced by the distribution assumed in the analysis. There seems to be this basic assumption that all data follow the normal distribution (that is having a continuous underlying distribution), but this is not a valid statement as there are other types of data. In modelling count data (non-negative integer values, often skewed with zero as the most common

  • Keratoconus Case Study

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    considered normal, between +12 μm and +15μm are suspicious, and more than +15 μm are typically indicative of keratoconus. Similar numbers about 5 μm higher apply to posterior elevation maps. 2. Anterior curvature map (Tomidokoro et al., 2000): The steepening of the cornea, irregular astigmatism, inferior steepening (I-S difference), location of steepest point and the thinnest point on the cornea may help in the diagnosis of keratoconus. 3. Pachymetry and thickness distribution maps (Ambro´sio

  • Probability In Business

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    Probability, conceptually, according to Mason and Lind (1993:163) "is a measure of the likelihood that an event in the future will happen; it can only assume a value between 0 and I inclusive". The above definition of probability is corroborated by Webster (1992:12) when he states "probability is the numerical likelihood, measured between, 0 and 1 that an uncertain event will occur". Before taking up other concepts of probability we must understand that events occur at random. Determinants of Success

  • Binomial Distribution Case Study

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    a) In a binomial experiment if p(x=0) =0.0041 and p(x=1) =0.041 are the result of 5 trials then find the value of p and q. b) Write any three properties of binomial distribution. c) Three cards are chosen at random from a deck of 52 playing cards without replacement. What is the probability of getting a jack, a ten and a nine in order? d) A city survey found that 45% of teenagers have a part time job. The same survey found that 78% plan to attend college. If a teenager is chosen at random, what is

  • Pt1420 Unit 6 Case Study

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    standard normal curve between z = 0 and z = 1.65. Answer: The value 1.65 may be written as 1.6 to .05, and by locating 1.6 under the column labeled z in the standard normal distribution table (Appendix 2) and then moving to the right of 1.6 until you come under the .05 column, you find the area .450 . This area is expressed as 2. Find the area under the standard normal curve between z = -1.65 and z = 0. Answer: The area may be represented as . Since the normal curve

  • Cross Forces Lab Report

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    that is done on the two vectors in the three dimensional space. This operation is defined by the symbol ×. If the two vectors, suppose a and b are perpendicular to each other than their product will be also a vector quantity. Also this true for the normal plane containing these vectors. Cross product has many applications in engineering, physics and mathematics. If two vectors are in a same direction or one of these vectors has zero magnitude then their result of cross product will be zero. Generally

  • Abstract Survival Analysis

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    analysis in economics, event history analysis in sociology and medical researchers give it the name of survival analysis. Survival analysis is used because the survival data are generally not symmetrically distributed, so it can not follow the normal distribution. The survival data depend on the time and it render standard methods in which the survival times are frequently censored [1]. Censored data arises when the study end and the patient still alive, a patient is lost to follow-up during the study

  • Appropriate Dichotomous Choice Model Analysis

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    3.7. Model Specification 3.7.1 CVM Model Specification Model Specification of Bivariate Dichotomous Choice Model Following Haab and McConnell ( 2002), in the double-bounded dichotomous format, individuals will be asked two respective questions that has ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ responses, where the second question involves another bid depending on the first answer. That is if the individual answers yes to the first question then he is asked about his WTP for a higher amount. If he answers no to the first question

  • Case 3.1 Geometric Model Of Wigley Hull

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    3. Geometry and Methods: 3.1 Geometric Model of Wigley Hull: An STL-format model of a Wigley hull (Figure 1) is included in the Wigley hull example case provided with OpenFOAM. Its dimensions are L = 1 m, B = 0.1 m, H = 0.0625 m. In initial simulations, difficulties arose due to the fact that wave elevation sometimes crossed the upper limit of the domain in some regions near the hull. Following this, the mesh was extended in its height from 0.0399 to 0.31 metres. The Wigley hull model, being an

  • Bottling Company Case Study Summary

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    Bottling Company Case Study As a manager at a major bottling company, customers have complained that the bottles of the brand of soda produced in the company contain less than the advertised sixteen (16) ounces of product. There is need to solve the problem at hand and has to be investigated. Employees are instructed to pull thirty (30) bottles off the line at random from all the shifts at the bottling plant and measure the amount of soda there is in each bottle. The table (i) below shows the number

  • Variance: Analysis Of Means

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    Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) is a statistical method used to test differences between two or more means. Though it is called "Analysis of Variance" but actually it is "Analysis of Means." ANOVA was developed by Ronald Fisher in 1918 and is the extension of the t and the z test. Before the use of ANOVA, the t-test and z-test were commonly used. But the problem with the T-test is that it cannot be applied for more than two groups. This test is also called the Fisher analysis of variance, which

  • Case Study Of The Cimb Bank In Malaysia

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    PART I: GROUP EFFORT Introduction The bank that we choose is CIMB bank, the second largest bank at commercial bank nationwide in Malaysia. CIMB bank’s roots can be traced back nearly 90s, from a small commercial bank turn into a regional banking powerhouse in Malaysia and also a bank that leads in the ASEAN universal banking groups. The total assets of CIMB bank now is RM506.2 billion, the total shareholder’s funds is RM46.8 billion, the total funds under management is RM75.9 billion, the staff

  • Importance Of Nonverbal Communication In Teaching Learning

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    ABSTRACT The purpose of this study was to explore the use of non-verbal communication and its effect on teaching learning process .The research was descriptive. The objectives of the study were to explore the perception to teachers, students, regarding non-verbal communication as an important teaching learning tool, also to analyze the non-verbal communication use in English language teaching learning process. Research questionnaire were: 1.Why teachers use non-verbal communication in the English

  • Finite Element Analysis: Analysis Of Chain Link

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    stresses induced in the link. It is necessary to study the stress distribution, deformation and deflection so as to avoid design failure and loss. The necessary information required for the project like material properties, type of load to be applied, intensity of load is taken from the textbook ‘Strength of Materials ’ by Dr. R. K. Bansal. We will simulate our chain link by applying load in ANSYS and study the stress distribution (on circular portion as well as straight portion of the chain link)

  • Nisi Filter Case Study

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    NiSi ND-Vario, a variable ND filter without the X Users of variable ND filters have grown used to the X marking the extreme of the usable density. NiSi claims its new ND-Vario filter does not suffer from the same problem. As any other ND-Vario filter, the NiSi filter offers a variation in neutral density by rotating two polarizers, one over the other, in this case reaching a maximum of 5 stops. Videographers may be interested in the solution. NiSi presents its new filter, the NiSi Pro Nano 1.5-5

  • Mutual Fund Theory

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    DATA ANALYSIS AGE Less than 30 58 40.3% 31-40 56 38.9% 40-50 30 20.8% The questionnaire was filled by 144 respondents out of which highest number of respondents was in the age group of less than 30. The pie chart and table shows the segregation of the respondents on the basis of age group. The data is collected from the age group of 20-50 as they are assumed to be the active participants in mutual fund industry as compare to elderly population QUALIFICATION Under Graduate 2 1.4%

  • The Chi-Square Test

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    Chi-square test test, what are the chances that an observed distribution is due to chance? It is also known as goodness of fit statistic, as it determines how fine the observed distribution of data fits with expected distribution when assuming the variables are independent. It is used for categorical data. Null Hypothesis Null hypothesis is that the variables are independent. If the observed distribution data doesn't fit the expected distribution model, the probability that the variables are dependent

  • QA System Evaluation

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    Evaluation Evaluation of a QA system is done using three parameters: precision, recall, and F-measure. Precision specifies how many of the answers given by the are correct. It is computed as Precision(q) = number of correct answers by the system /number of answers generated by the system . The next parameter is recall. It is computed as: Recall(q) = number of correct answers by the system / number of expected correct answers from the system The F-measure is the weighted average between the precision

  • Chi-Square Testing Case Study

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    Chi-Square Tests Count Value df Asymp. Sig. (2-sided) Pearson Chi-Square 50.226a 9 .000 Likelihood Ratio 53.568 9 .000 Linear-by-Linear Association 4.770 1 .029 N of Valid Cases 100     a. 7 cells (43.8%) have expected count less than 5. The minimum expected count is .63. INTERPRETATION: Form the above test it is found that significance value 0.29 which is greater than the 0.05 hence accept the h0 and reject H1   INFERENCE: There is no significance relationship between