Ogre Essays

  • The Importance Of Ogres In Popular Culture

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    When it comes to describing an ogre, many people would not have the basic knowledge to describe it. Ogres are mythological creatures that are gruesome in appearance, prey upon children, and isolate themselves from the world. Ogres deserve to be researched because they used to be portrayed as villains; but through popular culture, it has been seen that Ogres can be the hero. These legendary creatures have been encountered in mythological and literary distinctions through European folklore, French

  • Beauty And The Beast Fairy Tale

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    As fairy tales have always been orally told rather than being in a written form, there have always been variations of the tale. As they were shared from one place to another, parts of these tales were changed according to the local culture of the place at where they were told. The Beauty and the Beast is an exemplary example of such a fairy tale. Beauty and the Beast is a 17th century popular traditional fairy tale which was written by a French novelist Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve and

  • The Destruction Of The Family In Grimm's Cinderella

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    the family, sometimes even oppressed, has to take care of themselves but in the course of the story reaches high self-esteem which leads to a happy ending i.e. marrying a prince or finding a treasure. One of the Grimm’s most popular stories Cinderella, which I will later on analyze in more detail, is the perfect example for a story like that. Oppressed and enslaved by her stepmother and stepsisters, Cinderella has to live a life without love and affection, which changes radically when magic helps

  • Dumbo The Flying Elephant Analysis

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    In October 1941, Disney introduced Americans to Dumbo, a young, bashful circus elephant ridiculed for his unusually large ears. Made to regain funds lost from Fantasia and Pinocchio, and based upon Helen Aberson and Harold Pearl’s children story, “Dumbo, the Flying Elephant,” Walt Disney’s Dumbo is one of Disney’s shortest animated features running at just under 64 minutes. Throughout the film, Dumbo the elephant faces many challenges stemming from his uniquely large ears, however, with the help

  • Red Riding Hood Rapunzel Analysis

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    In a world of fairy tales, happy endings and justice are always a common sight. Although it ends in good terms, these stories have an ambiguous meaning and are open to different interpretations due to the stories covering contentious aspects such as the portrayal of women. Popular fairy tales all the way from Red Riding Hood to Rapunzel highlight this highly debated topic of how women are portrayed as the weak and vulnerable in order to achieve this “happy ending”. Furthermore, almost all stories

  • Theme Of Ogre In Beowulf

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    “Ogre”, a word which draws forth images of an inhumanly large and tall creature with disproportionately large head, abundant hair, unusually colored skin, and a voracious appetite. The word ogre is of French origin, derived from the name of the Etruscan god Orcus, who fed on human flesh, which would explain why ogres are usually depicted as human eating monsters (South). The hierophants of the ogre exist as a multitude of cross cultural variations serving different socio functions, spanning from

  • Green Ogre In Shrek

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    Green Ogre Every hero’s life follows steps to save a person, or to complete a task. Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson concept for creating Shrek are to show there is a way to save someone and to save true love. In an unknown world found a big, green ogre who people were scared of, but he meant no harm to anyone. He was out to get his home back, but it turn into him coming out of his shell. Being an ogre may consist of encountering new tasks, motivation, and seeking true love. Shrek encounters new tasks

  • Hunger And Greed In Ogre Tales Essay

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    Hunger and Greed in Ogre Tales Cassie Ray In the Ogre Tales stories, we read that the main trickster is often the child. This is quite interesting, but even more interesting is the way that the stories are written and received. The children are abandoned. However, the parents never seem to come under fire for the abandoning of their children. Not only that, but the children never come under fire for stealing from the so called monsters they often meet. They’re actually seen as good children, helping

  • Subversion In Black Fantasy Literature

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    As is evidenced by Sofia Samatar’s “Ogres of East Africa” and William J. Wilson’s “Black Forest” section of his “Afric-American Picture Gallery,” fantasy serves as an outlet where the world we know can be flipped upside down. Ogres can resist the encroachment of “humans,” a race of milk white people can be expunged from the world, and a black man can enslave a white man. Where in the

  • Monsters In The Beauty And The Monster

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    Why do the presence of monsters haunt our dreams? 'Shrek ' and 'The Beauty and the Beast ' both fall under the same Meta- narrative, whether the prince is turning into a beast, or a princess into an ogre. They start off with a certain shared vocabulary people have, of how the monster 's presence is felt. Monsters are labelled on basis of how their existence is crossing the boundaries of common acceptability, which is an act of cognitive distortion on part of the entire society. We see things in

  • Shrek Analysis Essay

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    Shrek is an animated childrens film that tells the story of a misunderstood ogre who only wants to be left alone in his swamp because he feels shunned from the world. However, to reclaim his swamp, which had been overtaken by Lord Farquaad, he and his new talking donkey companion, Donkey, set out on a journey to rescue the princess Fiona from a dragon to become Lord Farquaad’s wife. Two phenomenons occur throughout the film. The first is the appraisal of theory of emotions; when someone is making

  • A Connecticut Hankee In King Arthur's Court Analysis

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    opinion of the English nobility. The pitiful and unflattering reality of the Arthurian nobility and Mark Twain’s disdain for romantic literature are portrayed through Hank’s quest to rescue Sandy’s fellow ‘damsels’ in distress from the clutches of their ogre captors. Twain mocks the romantic writers by imitating their flowery, fanciful, and idealistic call to adventure. “Her mistress was a captive in a vast and gloomy castle,

  • Cinderella And Shrek Gender Analysis

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    all, for comedic effect. However, these conventions are all reversed, as the King is a main villain, and the “evil” ogre is the hero. The physical appearances and personalities of some characters subvert traditional fairy tale conventions. The beautiful princess later turns into an ugly ogre, the all-powerful king is very short, and the donkey talks. The convention of an evil ogre is also subverted, instead Shrek is a good person who doesn’t wish any harm on

  • Human Being In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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    " “witch," “thing," and “ogre”; all of which aren't human. Although Frankenstein talks about Being with

  • Coyote Steals Fire

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    in “Master Cat” and “Coyote Steals Fire”. Both of the stories have anthropomorphism. Anthropomorphism is when animals have human characteristics. The animals talked and also wore clothes. The protagonists were clever and smart. Master Cat tricked an ogre by eating him when he turned into a mouse and Coyote cheated in a game of dice when Thunder wasn’t looking. Both of them wanted valuable things. Coyote wanted fire and Master Cat wanted Wealth. They also achieved

  • Lord Farquaad's Obstacles In The Life Of Shrek

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    In a land far away, hidden behind a vast amount trees, lived a lonely Ogre named Shrek. He was seen as a terror to the world, and outcasted from society due to the reputation his kind held. However, he was perfectly content living his life alone in his onion shaped hut, until he encountered a talking donkey that later became his best friend. Their unlikely friendship all began when a gang of Fairy Tale creatures were sent to live within the same land as Shrek. This was all due to the commands of

  • Masculinity In Michael Frrayn's 'Spies'

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    is a comment on the unhealthy effect of this stereotype, which makes men being more aggressive to overcompensate their absent. In the novel ‘Spies’, Mr. Hayward’s barbaric behaviour is like an 'ogre ' because it is preceded by a sense of rudeness, giving Keith a false sense of family. The word 'ogre ' has connotation of burtal and cruel direction creates a strong imagery from a child 's perspective. This suggest that a strict person in the eyes of children is a monster. Stephen narrates how strict

  • Spongebob Character Analysis

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    1. Character: SpongeBob SquarePants – SpongeBob SquarePants SpongeBob SquarePants is a yellow square sponge who lives on the ocean floor in a pineapple in the city of Bikini Bottom with his pet snail Gary. He is employed as a fry cook at the Krusty Krab and is very devoted to his job. SpongeBob is a kind, friendly, responsible young man who could never hurt a soul. Although he is organized and meticulous he also tends to be naive at times with his foolish friend Patrick Star who isn’t as bright.

  • Shrek Sociological Analysis

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    Beauty is the eye of the beholder. Spoiler alert, this is the theme in the animated movie “Shrek” (2001) by Dreamworks Animation. The story is about an ugly Ogre who lives by himself in the woods. The townspeople are frightened by his size, smell and myths about how he eats humans. He embarks on a quest to save a beautiful princess from a far away castle, guarded by a dragon. Princess Fiona is just like the other princesses that we see in fairytales. She is white, slender, long straight hair and

  • Racism And Racism In Shrek

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    a mental disorder which has caused many disasters, such as the Holocaust, apartheid and many wars.” (Benoni, 2011) This definition explains how piousness it is to treat people based on the color of their skin. In fact, Shrek is not only an ogre, but a green ogre. The many struggles that faced Fiona and Shrek explains how race is an issue for him. His situation with Fiona is an example of interracial marriage and the plot as a whole shows how stigmatic society is. Fiona kept insisting in Shrek II