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  • Moral Values In Film

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    One can examine the moral foundations and ethical principles of various characters within the context of film with respect to not only those ethical principles and moral foundations, but also in context of the greater social and political circumstances shaping each individual character. For example, the character “Paul” in Terry George’s acclaimed film Hotel Rwanda and none other than civil rights legend Mahatma Ghandi depicted in Attenborough’s feature film Ghandi are perhaps two excellent filmographic

  • The Importance Of Music

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    Music was influenced by the world for a very long time. It has become more and more popular over time. In the past music can be used for many purposes including relieving stress, sending a message and entertainment, However, in the present time, people start to use music in many other ways especially for educational purposes. Music has been a very important tool for people to study different culture and tradition (Opiyo, 2015). Today, people start to use music as a tool for learning. Overall, music

  • Reflection On Leadership And Nation Building

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    Initially, I was quite apprehensive with regards to taking the leadership 3 course. This was because previous students who had taken this course had told me that the course required lengthy readings. However, because leadership 3 was one of the courses the University requires that every student take I had no choice but to adopt a positive mind set. My first lecture which was an introductory one and to some extent, it put all my worries to bed. My lecturer Nepati Nicanor, who I had heard so much about

  • Egan Counselling Theory

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    The Egan skilled helper is a theory of personality development that encourages clients to be active interpreters to the world, exploring their problems and establishing their goals (Egan, 2010). The skilled helper aims to help their clients and develop the skills to solve their current problems that they are facing and the once that can come up in the future (Egan, 2010). It also helps individuals to be aware of their non-verbal communications, According to Egan (2010) he says counsellors need to

  • Phenomenolgical Theory

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    main point of Freuds Theory “Phenomenolgical Theory” is to deal with the structure of the clients personality. According to Freud, a human beings personality is made up of three distrinct structure, id, ego and superego found on page (120) of the “Okun/Kantrowitz” text in the book “Hums 250 Working with individuals Columbia College Edition.” The id is though as the clietns “primal urges' things like fufilling the need to eat, sleep and gass on genes to future generations. The main concern of the

  • Essay On Foreign Language Anxiety

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    With respect to the significant demographic variables, the finding that older students reported higher levels of foreign language anxiety is consistent with the positive relationship found between age and test anxiety (Crook, 1979; Hunt, 1989; Yesavage, Lapp, & Sheikh, 1989). The age/language anxiety relationship may have arisen because the ability to acquire mastery of the finer points of language, such as phonology and morphology, as well as the capacity to speak a second language without an accent

  • Familial Social Support: A Case Study

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    of positive and negative social trades (Okun and Keith, 1998). Past examinations that have considered the buffering impacts of system strengthen on strain include commonly done as such inside relationship type. Hardly any investigations have inspected potential cross-buffering impacts, for example, examining regardless of whether a steady life partner can balance the evil impacts of a stressed family network (for special cases, see (Lepore, 1992) and (Okun and Keith,

  • Premarriage Marriage In Marriage

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    For as long as I can remember, I have been hearing the statistic that fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. Although that statistic may or may not be true, when I look at all of the marriages around me that have failed, I can believe it. My parents are one of those marriages that I have watched unravel and fall apart. I also remember reading that a big predictor of your own marriage success rate is your parent’s marital status. If your parents have a successful marriage, then you are more

  • Special Olympics Singapore Case Study

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    According to the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC), volunteerism is defined as ‘activities done out of your own free will, without expecting financial payment, to help others outside your household, family or relatives’. (National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre, 2013) Special Olympics Singapore is a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic type sports for individuals with intellectual disabilities

  • Sedentary Behaviour Case Study

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    In today’s reality, sedentary behaviour has become the norm to characterize many of the work conditions and space. This message campaign idea will address the epidemic of sedentary behaviour in the workplace. Given the hierarchical and bureaucratic structures of many corporations and organizations, the solution to reduce sedentary behaviour in the workplace extends beyond an individual employee’s control. It is the desired outcome of this campaign to raise the awareness of this issue among workplace

  • Role Model: Egan's Skilled Helper Model

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    for clients to see from different perspective when they are experiencing the situation over and over. Challenge clients’ blind spots are crucial in developing client’s new perspective as it challenge self-defeating thinking, feelings and behaviours. Okun (2007) stated that challenge clients’ blind spots aimed to help clients to consider other ways of looking at their lives, for example, clients’ problem can be reframed as strengths instead of weaknesses. Egan (2002) stated that the helper challenge

  • Skilled Helper Model Case Study

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    for clients to see from different perspective when they are experiencing the situation over and over. Challenge clients’ blind spots are crucial in developing client’s new perspective as it challenge self-defeating thinking, feelings and behaviours. Okun (2007) stated that challenge clients’ blind spots aimed to help clients to consider other ways of looking at their lives, for example, clients’ problem can be reframed as strengths instead of weaknesses. Egan (2002) stated that the helper challenge

  • Life Satisfaction In The Elderly

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    Life satisfaction often refers to the attitudes that people have about their past, present as well as future in relation to their psychological well being (Chadha & Van Willigen, 1995). Life satisfaction can be a source of self-worth and can provides meaning to one’s life. In Indian culture, most of elderly people retrospect their part life in terms of contentment of oneself (Butler, 1976). Life satisfaction is defined as a cognitive judgmental global evaluation of one’s life. It may be influenced

  • Bank Indonesia Case Study

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    (1990). The Econometric Analysis of Time Series. (2nd ed.). New York: MIT Press. Johnson, D.R. (2003). The effect of inflation targets on the level of expected inflation in five countries. The Review of Economics and Statistics, 85 (4), pp. 76-85. Okun, A. M. (1962). Potential GNP: Its Measurement and Significance. The American Statistical Association and Economics Statistics Section, pp.

  • Creative Advertising Research

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    The Impact of Creative Advertisements on Behavioral Intentions of Donners Application of Theory of Planned Behavior Background: Charity organizations all over the world share a common goal; to strive fiercely for donations for the purpose of serving the public interest and common wellbeing of society. These organizations struggle in order to raise funds to be able to help the underprivileged, and over the years the donations made by the public grew with great importance in an era where the funding

  • Parkinson's Disease Case Study Outline

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    Chapter 2 DISCUSSION 1) What is Parkinson’s Disease? Parkinson’s disease according to Parkinson’s disease foundation (PDF) is a chronic and progressive movement disorder meaning the symptoms worsen overtime and nearly one million people living with Parkinson 's disease lives in U.S,. The cause is unknown, and although there is presently no cure, treatment to manage its symptoms, through surgery and medications are advised. The disease is known not to be lethal rather it is known to affect a person’s

  • Political Instability Factors

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    growth. It was explained that there was a negative relationship between economic growth and unemployment (Fanati and Manfredi, 2003). This is commonly said to be that that the relationship between the unemployment rate and economic growth is ruled by Okun‟s Law (Malley and Molana, 2007). Although there are various number of studies has been based on the negative relationship between the variables, there is no agreement on the negative relationship between GDP growth and unemployment rate. Therefore

  • Tiffany & Co. Case Study Conclusion

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    “It’s not just a diamond. It’s a Tiffany” (Tiffany). To look for an old or perhaps and ancient company that is still pretty much alive and active is very rare in this century since media and technology is on constant evolution. Luckily, Tiffany & Co. is one of the very rare companies that are catching up with the constant rise in technology nowadays. As shocking as it may sound but Tiffany & Co. has been around ever since 1837; which means it has existed for 177 years and is still in the market.

  • Reality Therapy In The Philippines

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    The Republic Act 9258 which is more popularly known as the Guidance and Counseling Act of 2004 is a law crafted and designed to professionalize the practice of guidance and counseling in the Philippines. According to this law, guidance and counseling is the profession that involves the use of an integrated approach to the development of a well-functioning individual primarily by helping him or her to utilize his or her potentials to the fullest and plan his or her present and future in accordance

  • Social Care Worker Analysis

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    Introduction This essay aims to evaluate the role that a social care worker plays in looking after the overall well-being of older people in care, incorporating their physical, psychological and sociological needs. This role includes assisting the older person in accessing relevant supports and services to suit their individual needs. This paper will evaluate good and bad practice. Included in this essay the importance of following policies and procedures such as, HIQA standards to ensure safeguarding