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  • Essay On Soil Microorganism

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    Soil and its origin Soil is the unconsolidated mineral or organic material which forms the outer loose layer of earth surface that serves as a natural growth medium for land plants. Soil originates from disintegrated rock materials. These rocks could be igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic. The simultaneous and continuous weathering of rocks by physical and chemical elements results in formation of parent materials. The action of biosphere (Living components of soil) on the parent materials forms

  • Essay On Soil Erosion

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    1.1 SOIL EROSION: 1.1.1. SOIL: Soil contains minerals, water, air, natural matter, and life forms that are the rotting. It forms at the surface of land – it is the “earth’s skin.” Soil has capability to support plant life and is invigorating to life on earth. Also it is capable of supporting all civil engineering structures. Soil is the prime source-for food. Since, topsoil is necessary to grow plants. So, that way soil is the most precious gift of nature. So, we have to fertile soil for better

  • Essay On Soil Mechanics

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    sieve (US Standard) is considered to be clay. • Gravel-This are rock particles that will pass a 75mm sieve but not a 4.75mm sieve. Gravel can either be coarse or fine depending on the particle size. • Peat-This is mainly composed of decomposing organic matter and as a result it usually produces

  • Thermodynamics: What Is Soil Classification?

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    on earth's crust consisting of disintegrated rock with an admixture of organic matter, which supports plant life". While, Geologist distinguish soils as the disintegrated rock material which has move away from the origin place. But, the civil engineer believed that soil as "the loose unconsolidated inorganic material on the earth's surface produced by the disintegration of rocks, overlying hard rock with or without organic matter".

  • Group Index Test Report

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    4.3.3 Group index To evaluate the quality of a soil as a subgrade material, the Group Index (GI) is also used along with the groups and subgroups of the soil. Group index is a function of the liquid limit, plasticity index, and the amount of material passing the 0.075mm sieve. A group index of 0 indicates a “good” subgrade material and a group index of 20 indicates a poor subgrade material (AASHTO, 2000). Group index is calculated using the following formula. GI = (F-35) [0.2 + 0.005(LL-40)] +

  • Essay On Rice Dehusking

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    Abstract Rice obtained from the field is basically in the form of paddy rice. It consists of a hard protective covering called husk that protects the rice grain from being damage. This covering is removed and the rice grain obtained is called as brown rice. This brown covering is called as bran. After removing the bran the head rice grain thus obtained is white rice. The paper comprises of the detail information about the process carried out during rice dehusking. This paper also discusses

  • Soil Stabilization Lab Report

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    STABILIZATION OF CLAYEY SOIL USING CHEMICALS Bhawna Sahay1, Prof. V.K.Arora2 ABSTRACT: Soil stabilization is a technique of enhancing the geotechnical properties and strength of soil to modify the bearing capacity and durability of weak soil. There are numerous methods of stabilising the soil such as soil replacement , grouting ,reinforcing ,chemical, mechanical, electrical method, using additives such as fly ash, rice husk, gypsum and cement. Chemical stabilization with lime and sodium hydroxide

  • Hexavalnet Chromium Case Study

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    The present investigation was carried out with effect of hexavalnet chromium on seed germination, growth, yield, biochemical constituents, mineral contents and RAPD analysis of Tagetes erecta. In addition recompense on hexavalent chromium polluted soil by using suitable soil amendment of VAM(Arbuscular mycorrhiza) treatment was followed and their correspondent results have been given above mentioned parameters. Germination percentage The germination percentage, vigour index, tolerance index, toxicity

  • Pinatex Case Study

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    Threat of new entry Pinatex is a product which is made from pineapple leaves, this works like natural leather originally non woven textile. • Time and cost of entry: Here time and cost of entry is low. Pinatex leaf is available in Bangladesh. At first any entrepreneur should gather capital and gather knowledge about pinatex and how the business can run. Then from where he can gather the pineapple leafs. In Bangladesh here many pineapple grow every year. So gathering the pineapple leafs is easy and

  • Compacted Mixture Lab

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    Lab Report #3: Laboratory Compaction Characteristics of Soil Using Standard Effort (12,400 ft-lbf/ft3 (600 kN-m/m3)) Soil compaction demonstrates how the soil will behave considering factors such as physical and chemical properties, moisture content, method of compaction, amount of compactive effort, and thickness of layer or “lift” being compacted when a compactive effort was added to it. This results to a compaction curve which is a plot of dry density versus moisture content. This was obtained

  • Essay On Specific Gravity

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    2. 0 DETERMINATION OF SPECIFIC GRAVITY 2.1 Introduction 2.1.1 OBJECTIVE To determine the specific gravity of a given soil by Density Bottle or Pycnometer Method 2.1.2 Learning Outcome Explain the Concept of Specific Gravity and its Uses Describe Lab Method for Determining Specific Gravity of Soils Perform the Specific Gravity Test on a given Soil Sample Determine Specific Gravity of the Soil Produce a report of the exercise 2.1.3 NEED AND SCOPE A knowledge of specific gravity is often used together

  • Benefits Of Organic Farming

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    Organic fertilizers are fertilizers made from organic materials, usually coming from natural resources and free from harmful chemicals. These organic fertilizers cannot be usually seen in markets, due to the fact that there are more chemical fertilizers being manufactured in the market. Organic fertilizers are minimally processed; thus, the nutrients remain bound up in their natural forms rather than being extracted and refined. Considering that in today’s time, people are becoming more conscious

  • Consolidation Test

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    Short Summary The aim of this experiment is to determine the rate and magnitude of compression of the soil. This is achieved by the displacement of water content in a given saturated soil sample when subjected to a load. By studying its rate and magnitude of compression, its preconsolidation pressure, compression index, recompression index and coefficient of consolidation can be calculated. Having the preconsolidation pressure helps determine the maximum vertical loading the soil can withstand before

  • Importance Of Environmental Auditing

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    auditing is performed when a progress is already in place. It is mostly employed to examine the existing practices and to determine the environmental effects of present activities. All kinds of organizations now recognize the importance of environmental matters. They accept the fact that their environmental performance will be examined by a wide range of parties and personnel. Environmental audit is widely used to investigate, understand and identify. These are used for the improvisation of active human

  • Three Major Theories Of Knowledge In Theatatus Essay

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    Epistemology – Prof Caitlin Gilson Q – ‘’Outline the three major theories of knowledge in the Theatatus’’ The three types of knowledge discussed in the Theatatus are: knowledge is perception, knowledge is true judgement, and knowledge is true judgement with an account. Knowledge is perception - Plato's strategy tries to portray that knowledge is derived from the perceptible or sensible world. Plato explains that this ‘’perception only’’ knowledge is not the whole truth because the sensible

  • Character Analysis: A Genie Grants You Three Wishes

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    Consider the following situation: Assuming everyone you know will be taken care in all aspects of life, would you like A.) 1 billion dollars and be the most miserable person you know until die or B.) never get another cent but be the happiest person on the face of the earth? You know the answer to that question. So why do we put success before happiness? And don't say you don't. How many times have you googled easy ways to make money online? Tried to create your own business hoping to make it

  • Acid Rain Memo

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    estimated that our oil reserves will last for 30 to 40 years only. However, solar energy is infinite. Solar energy does not harm the environment in any way and is a cheaper investment. Though the solar panels themselves are pretty costly, it is only a matter of a few years that solar power would have been a better investment then using electricity run by fossil fuels. Though solar energy is a great alternative there are some negative implications that come with it. For example solar energy can only be

  • Essay On Judicial Independence In Malaysia

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    INDEPENDENT OF JUDICIARY IN MALAYSIA Independence of the judiciary connoted independence from the political executive; it is based on the terms of traditional constitutional theory. Pressures from superiors within the judicial branch can threatened a judge’s freedom of action. However, the challenge to judicial independence from the religious establishment is not unknown. There is also the danger of pressure from private, political and commercial centers of power. Public confidence is vital in

  • Essay On Bad Study Habits

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    Study Habits Many students value the importance of education as it helps them to achieve their goals in life. Study habits are the ways of a student to improve their ideas academically. Study habits can also be done through positive and negative actions of a student. Good study habit refers to reading articles, writing notes, listening and reviewing lesson for the advantage of learning. On the other hand, bad study habits include addiction to computer games, ditching class, and being late in passing

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Refraction Of Light Through Different Media

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    Refraction of light through different media Light travels in waves through space in straight lines. In a vacuum the speed of light is 3x10⁸m/s, when light travels through denser mediums, it will change speed depending on its density. If light travels through a medium at a right angle, it’s velocity will change but not the direction. However if light enters the medium at an angle, both it’s direction and speed will change. For example if a ray of light (known as the incident ray) travels at an angle