Persimmon Essays

  • Poem By Sylvia Plath Analysis

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    Script for IOP Rationale I chose to do my IOP as a TV show because I think that it is a good way of explaining the ideas in the poetry written by Sylvia Plath. My inspiration came from YouTube channels such as CrashCourse and tv shows such as Voices from the Air. I strongly believe that a creative presentation like this will help in the process of explaining the poem “Totem” than doing a purely analytical presentation. Thank you! Introduction Thank you for tuning into Channel 9. You are about to

  • I Have A Rendezvous With Death Analysis

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    “I have a rendezvous with Death”. This poem is written by Alan Seeger. It talks about situation of speaker in war on theme of death. He starts his title “I have a rendezvous with Death” with paradoxical words. The word "rendezvous" is a positive term where people arrange to meet each other with willing. For the word "Death" also known as in negative term means losses that no one wants to meet with him. He also uses ironic diction. There are three stanzas; six, eight, and ten lines. Including to rhyme

  • Under The Persimmon Tree

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    the book Under the Persimmon Tree, the author uses real facts of the Taliban stealing and kidnapping men. (BS-2) The author then used this information to make conflict by having characters affected by Taliban stealing. (BS-3) Also, used throughout the book are accurate facts of the Taliban's restrictions on women. (BS-4) Plus, the author used this to make conflict for the characters by having Najmah not be able to return to her homeland. (TS) The author of Under the Persimmon Tree, Suzanne Fisher

  • Under The Persimmon Tree Essay

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    (MIP-1) Najmah faces the symptoms of PTSD, as shown through the book Under The Persimmon Tree. (SIP-A) Witnessing a death of another is the cause of PTSD that has affected Najmah. (STEWE-1) When Najmah saw what had happened to her mother and brother this was one of the causes of PTSD because,“My heart hammers as if it wants to escape my chest, and it is the only sound I hear apart from the heavy ringing in my ears." (Staples 82). This has affected Najmah because she has lost more of her family and

  • The Persimmon Tree Themes

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    everyone around in fear, chaos, panic, and everywhere there is to walk the feel of sorrow follows. Knowing the same fate and sorrow, knowing there is no escape, from the Taliban. The hardships the characters, Najmah and Nusrat, faced in Under the Persimmon Tree is a depiction of the hardships the many people face under the rule of the Taliban. Staples uses the Taliban 's reign on the people in real life to help the reader understand what had happened in Afghanistan and how the people were affected

  • Persimmon Tree Themes

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    Terrorism in Afghanistan is a major subject still being discussed today. The novel Under The Persimmon Tree portrays numerous events that are still occurring to this day. The author of the novel, Suzanne Fisher Staples, uses these events to form Najmah 's character and her family 's way of life. In the novel Under The Persimmon Tree the Taliban terrorized the people of Najmah 's village in Afghanistan forcing refugees and inequality, while in real life thousands of people in the Middle East and

  • Symbolism In Under The Persimmon Tree

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    (AGG) Symbolism is a literary element that many authors have used to make their novels seem more rich and meaningful, conveying a very important message or idea, or a life lesson to the reader; the book Under The Persimmon Tree by Suzanne Fisher Staples uses symbolism to convey powerful messages. (BS-1) In the beginning of the novel, the author uses stars as a way for the main characters, Najmah and Nusrat, to connect with and remember their loved ones. (BS-2) Later on, when they face their life

  • Under The Persimmon Tree Analysis

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    hold a deeper meaning of hope to the reader, which is evident through the author 's interpretation. (BS-3) Much like Najmah, Staples symbolically uses the stars to show Nusrat’s faith in a new light. (TS) In summary, On the surface, in Under The Persimmon Tree, stars represent many important things for both characters, but Staples also uses them symbolically to convey a deeper meaning to the reader. (MIP-1) On the surface stars represent each

  • Loss In Nusrat's Under The Persimmon Tree

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    (AGG) Loss is just one unfortunate tragedy that everyone can relate too including Nusrat in the book Under The Persimmon Tree. (BS-1) Elaine believes that god had a plan that included the death of Margaret which created a loss in a loss of trust in Christianity. (BS-2) Nusrat and Faiz had many dreams in life, but that crumbled when Faiz has been missing and hasn’t responded to any of Nusrat’s letter, the isolation gave her a chance to think about why Margaret had died. (BS-3) Nusrat hadn’t understood

  • War In Nusrat's Under The Persimmon Tree

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    from loved ones and decreases their comfort of life. (BS-2) Also, victims of war are mentally susceptible to trauma and mistrust. (BS-3) However, people who are forced to go through war also grow and improve as a result. (TS) In the book Under the Persimmon Tree, war impacts and shapes people who experience it, in various negative physical and mental ways, but also by guiding positive growth in their character. (MIP-1) First of all, war victims are

  • Loss In Najmah's Under The Persimmon Tree

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    refugee camp because it is not safe to stay in Kunduz alone, and that affects her in a variety of ways. (BS-3) At the end of the book, Najmah makes a very big decision to go home, which is influenced by the loss of her family. (TS) In Under the Persimmon Tree, one major message is that people are shaped by those who they lose in their lives. (MIP-1) The loss of Najmah’s family has made her character change in many ways. (SIP-A) The first way that the loss of her father and brother has impacted

  • Character Change In Najmah's Under The Persimmon Tree

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    are harmful to Afghan people. (BS-1) Americans, though they feel as though they are helping Afghan people they are really ruining everything. (BS-2) These bombs from the Americans on Afghanistan affect innocent people like Najmah in Under the Persimmon Tree. (BS-3) American bombs affect areas where the Taliban is most likely located, this includes Nusrat’s husband. (TS) Staples uses the nonfiction topic of American Involvement in Afghanistan to describe character change in both Najmah and Nusrat

  • Role Of PTSD In Suzanne Fisher Staples Under The Persimmon Tree

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    uses the characters to show how people are impacted from PTSD. (BS-2) PTSD also creates different types of conflicts which is shown between the characters. (BS-3) From this book I learned the importance of PTSD. (TS) Throughout the story, Under The Persimmon Tree, the author helps us hear a voice we may not have otherwise heard by showing impacts of PTSD. (MIP-1) In the book, the author shows PTSD through the characters and how the characters are impacted. (SIP-A) The author uses Najmah to show her perspective

  • Essay On Asian American Experience

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    motions in four Asian American poems- “Eating Alone”, “Eating Together”, and “Persimmons” by Li-Young Lee, and “The Lost Sister” by Cathy Song. From the motions or movement in the poems, we can further look into their life and feeling of being an Asian American. In “Eating Alone” and “Eating Together”, speaker would like to express his yearning towards his death father and convey the hierarchy of a Chinese family. In “Persimmons”, speaker claims his unfortunate childhood experience to carry out the theme

  • Asian American Experience

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    This essay investigates on Asian American experience in terms of culture, racial discrimination, culture assimilation and collision, and lost of identity through diverse motions in four Asian American poems- “Eating Alone”, “Eating Together”, and “Persimmons” by Li-Young Lee, and “The Lost Sister” by Cathy Song. From the motions or movement in the poems, we can further look into their life and feeling of being an Asian American. In “Eating Alone” and “Eating Together”, speaker would like to express

  • Analysis Of My Father's Love Letters By Yusef Komunyakaa

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    Familial Redemption Yusef Komunyakaa’s “My Father’s Love Letters” and Li-Young Lee’s “Persimmons” are poems about the familial relationship between a father and a child and the understanding between the two. In Komunyakaa’s poem, the child writes letters to his mother as his father dictates what to say in order to woo back his wife. In Lee’s poem traces the speaker’s life as a whole going back from childhood to adulthood as he tries to get assimilated into a new culture and how that has affected

  • How Taliban Affects Everyday Life

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    hungry, that you don 't know if your home will still be there tommorow, and you 're too scared to go to school because you feel that you would be bombed shot. Well that is the life that many people have to live day by day. But in the book under the persimmon tree the same thing was happening to many families. Many people lived in fear of the Taliban. But Najmah a girl that lived in a town had to show true strength. When her mom and baby brother die while her father and brother are at war. She has to

  • Tasty Baby Belly Monkeys Analysis

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    found, the author writes “a melon came floating along, tsunbara, tsunbara…He was just getting ready to cut it open when he heard a crying noise, boro, boro.” The incorporation of these Japanese words strengthens the connection between the book and Japanese, even though the true essence of the culture and its values were stripped, thus perpetuating the lack of understanding of Japanese culture in America. Another classic Japanese folktale that has made its way to the United States is The Crab and

  • Characteristics Of The Luna Moth (Actias Luna)

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    The larvae are bright green with a brownish head, yellow line on each segment and along the body with red tubercles on each side. Habitat Luna moths can be found in the deciduous forests and woodlands where there are plenty of walnut, hickory, persimmon and sweetgum to feed on. In some areas, populations have declined due to habitat destruction and use of bright lights during the night, the lights disturb the luna moths mating cycle. Reproduction The luna moths eggs incubate for 8–13 days before

  • Venus Of Urbino By Titian Analysis

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    structure of feeling, a set of assumption and practice that clearly marks a number of critiques of the modern project if not a breaking point with the just-past. Architecture claims to have a date for the death of modern architecture, 15th July 1972, in Missouri a prize winning complex of modern blocks of flats that had won awards as ‘modern design’ some 20 years earlier , had to be demolished when it proved to be unsuitable to live in (Plate 6,7). Such an action proclaims the death of International