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  • The Reconstruction Political Spectrum

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    Reconstruction Political Spectrum The people on the left side of the spectrum are people like Liberals and Revolutionaries, depending on how far left you go. They favor change. During Reconstruction groups like the Radical Republicans, White Unionists, and Black Freedmen were on the left side of the spectrum. After pushing for an end to slavery these groups wanted to continue in the progress made from the civil war. Radical Republicans wanted the Freedmen to have full rights. Radical Republicans

  • Fascism Political Spectrum

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    Fascism and The Political Spectrum In todays political world, most politicians and ideologues want to be as far removed from Fascism as is possible. Additionally, these same politicians often attempt to brand their opponents as fascists. This has resulted in fascism being used as more of a insult than an ideological identifier. This is not surprising given the unpopular nature of Fascism in modern society. That said, this name calling creates a great deal of confusion and can leave one wondering

  • Honors College: A Philosophical Analysis

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    ideas from the opposite side. I love to debate and someday want to become a lawyer and perhaps also a politician. A major problem with political discourse today is our increasing inability to actively listen and respond to the other side in a proper manner. I believe such an inability is at the core of the increasing polarity and gridlock akin to our present political system. Thus, I ask that you keep these statements in mind when reading what I have to say, and understand that I too am a member of

  • Realism Vs Conservatism

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    They say that opposites attract and although it might be true for some things, when it comes to politics, that theory does not exist. Just like there is always going to be two sides to a story, there are two sides on the political spectrum. The American political arena has for decades been divided into two ideas: the liberals and the conservatives. The word liberal is derived from the Latin word "liber" meaning free. Liberals are described as the “left-wing federalists” known as democrats that believe

  • 9/11 Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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    Rhetorical Analysis The fear that was created from 9/11 was no doubt over whelming. Charles Krauthammer argues in this article that we as Americans created this fear ourselves. He goes onto add in this article that was published in the Washington Post on September 8, 2011 that we as Americans overreacted to 9/11. Throughout his article he presents a lot of research and then analyses what he finds. In the article Krauthammer is trying to convince Americans, the reader that

  • A Manager's Role In Ethical Leadership

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    Character is an essential ingredient in ethical leadership. It is also important in mangers and CEO’s. According to Uhl-Bien, Schermerhorn and Osborn (2014), “the ethical leadership theory describes that leaders should be role models of appropriate behavior” (p.321). As a leader whether you are a CEO or a manger, you should have certain characteristics whether it is honesty and respectfulness. Managers and CEO’s should have a positive character because they influence others. A manager’s role in a

  • Informative Essay On Turkey Hunting

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    There is one thing in the woods that is really exciting and that is turkey hunting. Turkeys will get your heart racing and you blood rushing and have you shaking in just five seconds. When he comes up there strutting,spitting,and drumming, that’s when it gets real. When you hit that “yawt yawt” and he cuts you off gobbling that is when you know that he is just as good as dead. I am gonna tell plenty of turkey hunting experiences that i have had so i do not have to have a works cited page or nothing

  • All The Light We Cannot See Reflection

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    Reading: A skill, a pastime, a way to escape this world and enter another. A way to communicate with others. A way to express love, sorrow, joy, anger. A way to persuade. A way to release our emotions that is often taken for granted. We read every day: street signs, ads, a meme on Twitter. However, I have learned that reading is more than just a way to inform or entertain. It can also be a tool used to educate our minds and change the way we think. Not many of the books that end up on my shelf challenge

  • Persephone Vase Painting Analysis

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    In the Metropolitan Museum of Art, an Attic red-figure krater dated to the middle of the 5th century BC depicts the moment of Demeter seeing her daughter, Persephone, who returns from the underworld every half year. This artifact stands 41 cm high, and 45.5 cm wide at its mouth and is credited to Mr. Fletcher Fund in 1928; its accession number is 28.57.23. The vase consists of two vase-paintings on each side. Side A depicts the story of Persephone, including Hermes, Hecate, Demeter, and Persephone

  • Why Do Famous People Deserve Privacy

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    Although people decided to live the life famous, they should still receive some type of privacy like everyone else. All the paparazzi following famous people around can cause them to break, which is what the paparazzi wants. There is plenty of information to help prove how much they need their own space like everyone else. In my opinion, famous people and their children need privacy to help them stay sane and happy. There are many people all over the internet who are agreeing that famous people

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Totalitarianism

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    across Europe in the 20th century Totalitarian State Totalitarian states were developed in the 1920’s by Italian fascists, Giovanni Amerdola, and it swept across Europe, then later spread to other parts of the world. Totalitarian states use the political system in which all

  • Stele Of Naram-Sin Essay

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    The ancient artifact Stele of Naram-Sin, dates back to the time of r. 2254-2218 BCE. This piece was from Sipper and was found at Susa Iran. The artifact is made from an eye-catching pink limestone, which is a type of rock combined with calcium carbonate. The height of this monument is 6’6” (1.98 m) and can now be found in Musée du Louvre, Paris. This artifact is a fairly large upright stone, conveying many aspects of the culture that were practiced and portrayed back then. This gives archaeologists

  • Gratifications Theory Of Social Media

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    how changes in communication and organization add to the value of social media for feminist movements. However, social media appear to have a unique position in comparison to traditional media in the relationship between media and politics. While political institutions increasingly depend on the mainstream media's logic, counter movements are becoming independent and instead seek out social media to bring their message

  • Doing The Right Thing 'And Thank You Ma' Am

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    Did you know that 1 in 6 young Americans have stolen something in the past year? Not many people in life have the courage and integrity to do the right thing. In the poem “The Road Not Taken,” commentary “Doing the Right Thing,” and short story “Thank You Ma’am,” the speakers in each text had an incentive to do the right thing. The question is, what gave them the courage to do the right thing? The most common theme in these three literary texts is that the worst times can bring out the best from

  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Legend Of American Football

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    Danny was running with the ball when my cousin Miguel kicked the ball away. “You are never going to make a goal on me,” Miguel yelled. That 's when the ball came rolling to Vincent. Vincent was getting ready to kick when Danny announced,“miss”.Vincent looked up and took a shot with the ball. It went up in the air and turned to the right. The ball flew into someone’s yard. Miguel stated,”I’m not getting that because I did not kic Danny was running with the ball when my cousin Miguel kicked the ball

  • Personal Narrative: Hectic Hunting Day

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    I knew from getting out of my red dodge truck, seeing black clouds covering the sky, it was going to be a hectic hunting day. Justin, Dad, Orlando, Jake, Emily, Rob, and I, were all getting ready to start the journey to the skinny pond on the outskirts of Salem. While everyone was either getting waiters or thick, puffy, big, strap pants, Izzy their black hunting lab was sniffing the place out. We got out hand lights or headlights turned on, locked both trucks. We started to head out to the Skinny

  • Poetry Essay: A Road Not Taken By Robert Frost

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    Poetry Essay Shamyra Thompson Liberty University Poetry Essay Outline “A Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost Thesis: In the poem “A Road Not Taken”, Robert Frost shares how sometimes in life one has to make decisions rather they’re good or bad. However there are consequences following one’s decisions and choices. One can use their second chance by looking forward and choosing to take the right paths in life. I. Mood & Theme a. The poem’s author, Robert Frost, focuses

  • Pros And Cons Of Monarchy

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    going back an absolut monarchy, which is a form of dictatorship , still in use in many countries in the middle east and afrika.But a modern constitutional monarchy could be a qualitative evolution for our present liberal , 100% quantitative, only political democracies. Having the king for president,although with less executive power , would be a qualitative change, and might bring back important values like our history, our traditios, what we always stood for...like we have the flag and sing the national

  • Rhetorical Devices In Kennedy's Speech

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    In 1962 President John F. Kennedy held a press conference in which he informed the audience on his stance for the rising steel prices. Kennedy not only wanted to inform the audience, he wanted to get them on his side of the argument. He wanted to show the audience that the rising steel prices were going to have a negative impact on the nation. To do this Kennedy used some of the rhetoric strategies and tools. He used periodic sentences, anaphora, and diction. By using these strategies Kennedy was

  • How Did Hitler Gain Power In Germany

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    The causes of Hitler and the Nazi Party gaining power in Germany in 1934 were a large combination of factors. The first was losing world war one which created serious social, political, and economic effects on the Nation with the addition of the treaty of Versailles, the Wall Street crash and the Great Depression of 1929. Secondly, the newly elected socialist democratic government saw unable to provide solutions to all the crises - leading to the fall out of the Weimar Republic. The third factors