Polyandry Essays

  • The Various Forms Of Reflexivity (HTML)

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    Reflexivity (-- removed HTML --) It is imperative that people understand the actual extent of violence against women, the various forms that it takes (as mentioned above) and its prevalence. This is important because in many cultures around the world patriarchy (one of the main factors in instances of abuse) is very much alive and the girls and women that grow up in these societies are brought up to believe that the abuse they endure is normal, in other words; they deserve to be abused because they

  • Polygamist Marriage Analysis

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    Introduction Polygamous marriage has long been associated with abuse and extremism. The Mormon Fundamentalists are widely known for participating in this practice and their abuse of women and children has been widely publicized. This type of marriage is currently illegal and forces those who practice this type of marriage to live in secrecy and not report abuse to authorities. I’m interested in researching if legalization of polygamist marriage, one man to multiple women, protects or harms women

  • Essay On Misuse Of Authority In The Crucible

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    Noah Roberts C. Young ENG3U1 3/26/2018 Misuse of Authority: Will the Crucible Crumble A difficult choice to make is whether maintaining ones morals is more important than aiding another. In Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, many of the characters face a misuse of authority and have a choice to make which is either to break their morals so they can help others, or stand by them and watch what happens to the people that they protect. Elizabeth, the wife of John Proctor, faces pressure from the court and

  • Analysis Of The Act Of Polyandry

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    Polyandry is a form of marriage where a woman has two or more husbands at the same time. Polyandry was derived from greek where is means “many men” There is another form of polyandry known as “fraternal polyandry” where a woman is married to two or more brothers and it is believed by majority of anthropologists to be encountered frequently. In the Hindu epic, Mahabharata a woman by the name Draupadi marries 5 brothers known as the Pandavas. However, it should be noted that Draupadi was also known

  • Essay On Affinal Kinship

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    Anthropologists identify two kinds of traditional perceptions of kinship, namely affinal kinship and consanguineal kinship. Affinal kinship is defined by the oath of marriage: Traditionally believed, when a man got married, a relationship was established with the woman which he got married to, and the woman’s family members too. Additionally, the man’s family and the woman’s family became one and therefore, a mass of family relationships were formed after the marriage. This means that the new husband

  • Changing Gender Roles In Today's Society

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    recognized and licensed by the state, however; civil marriages are neither sanctioned by the law nor respected but the civil marriage is recognized by the government (Sheriff. & Robert,5). There are various kinds of marriages; which includes monogamy, polyandry, polygyny and group marriages monogamy is a form of marriage whereby one man marries the woman, the form of marriage is common and found in different societies of the world. Monogamy marriage is crucial as it contributes to peace in the family leading

  • Feminism And Polygamy

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    Islamic Feminism & Islamic Family Law (Polygamy) By Muhammad Ali Bin Rohani Introduction Muslim feminism has been addressing issues and concerns regarding Muslim women politically, socially and economically. One of the areas that this movement focuses on is gender equality especially in Muslim family law. Most of the Muslim feminists view some of the Islamic family laws related to polygamy, divorce, wife obedience, beating of wife, inheritance and others to be conflicting with gender equality.

  • Conflict In My Family

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    a staunch Muslim home, her Parents are wealthy with strong affiliation with the Oba of Lagos and was from a Polyandry background. So many issues erupted; the lady’s family claimed that my brother purposely put their daughter in the family way to lay hold of their wealth, as she was the only girl out of her siblings. My Parents considered it a taboo for their son to marry from a Polyandry home and a Muslim background.

  • Henry David Thoreau's Use Of The Counterculture In The 1960s

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    The 60s revolved around free love, psychedelic rock, bell-bottoms, and extremely long hair. The style and culture was once viewed as unethical, revolutionary and anarchistic, but is now portrayed as a party theme or a style. The views and perspectives of the 60s definitely shifted, but the importance of the counterculture and what it represented is in need of an in depth explanation. For some people, counterculture was less about style but more about philosophy. There have been claims that American

  • Functionalist View On Family

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    amongst families and does not consider other family structure such as the Kibbutz, which is a collective community is Israel based on agriculture. The Kibbutz can perform all of the 4 essential functions mentioned. The Nayer, known for practising polyandry and matrilineal social organisation. The conflict perspective however only identifies the inequalities observed in the society and provides no solution to bridge the gap between the rich families getting richer and the poor families getting poorer

  • Sociology Gender Roles

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    Gender roles differ from society to society, culture to culture and change through time. Our understanding of this subject is important, because it helps us understand the development processes impact differently on men and women roles. While boys and girls are born with biological differences, we find other differences that appear in our communities, linked to the expected roles portrayed by society and the community that enforces these roles on us. The concept “gender roles” describe the relationships

  • Functionalist View Of A Social Institution

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    INTRODUCTION In this assignment social institutions, work and the economy, marriage and family, social media and religion are going to be discussed at length. This essay will argue that not all the perspective might be correct or acceptable and thus a critique will be given. The aim is to explain these social forces with regards to the sociological perspectives, namely, functionalist, conflict and symbolic interactionist perspectives. SOCIAL INSTITUTIONS In sociological term, ‘‘institutions are a

  • Theories Of Psychodynamic Counselling

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    Introduction There are various approaches to counselling and psychotherapy and these therapies generally fall into five categories. These are behavioural therapies, psychoanalytical and psychodynamic therapies, cognitive therapy, humanistic therapies and Integrative or holistic therapy. Most of the approaches to counselling and psychotherapy are based on the Judeo-Christian tradition with Western values and objectives. It is argued that the western value system has a profound impact upon counselling

  • Comparing Ramayana And The Book Of Samuel

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    days come to an end you will be allowed into the kingdom of God. Another point in David’s culture that is also similar to Rama’s is the kind of marital statues a man could have. “…Although women could not have more than one husband simultaneously (polyandry), men might have more than one wife at the same time”. David unlike Rama did have more than one wife in fact he had about six wives and children with most of them. The main difference for both cultures is the reason behind all their actions and

  • Cultural Relativism: The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights

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    Universal Human Rights mean the rights which are equally acceptable in all the socities when The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) is the unique and an important document which is translated into different languages all over world. It is based upon idea of promoting freedom, justice and peace and it provides a set of uniform standards that were adopted by the United Nations General Assembly with the support of forty-eight countries. This doctrine consists of universal international values

  • Misogynistic Gender Roles

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    claims that marriage is important because it raises stocks of virginity, but all of her 5 marriages are childless. She also edits the part of her references which does not fit her argument, as seen in her story of Solomon. Alisoun justifies her polyandry with Solomon of the bible, who also had multiple partners, but she fails to mention that Solomon’s carnal hunger led to him turning away from God. She even completely fabricates sources, as the quote she attributes to Ptolemy does not appear anywhere

  • Ghost Marriage In Society

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    an aim of having children, and also a union that is only applicable among heterosexual relationships, which is inaccurate in our 21st century. This definition does apply with the Tibetans people where brothers share a wife. Goldstein notes that “polyandry among Tibetans are two or more brothers jointly taking a wife, who leaves her home to come and live with them” (1987; 1). These marriages are particularly arranged by the parents with children, especially females having little or no say in the matter

  • Summary Of Robin Hood And The Three Squires

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    “Robin Hood and the Three Squires” 12th June 2015 Summary “Robin Hood and the Three Squires” is a poem (or a ballad) by an anonymous poet about how Robin Hood goes on a quest to rescue his three men who have been captured for killing the king’s deer. On the way, he encounters an old woman and an old man, as well as the sheriff who locked up his men, and with them he gains information on how to save his men. Genre The genre of this literary text is poetry because poems are written in stanzas of 4