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  • Technology's Influence In Popular Music

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    Technology’s influence within popular music has been widely debated and there are many examples of the positives and negatives technology can bring. There are many cases where the advancement of technology has come under scrutiny as it appears to challenge ideas of authenticity, technique and various other complexed issues within popular music. This essay will explore why some technological developments in popular music are perceived as negative and will analyse these arguments to judge their validity

  • The Globalization Of Popular Music Analysis

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    gets people to connect with one another. Music has become such an important part of globalization that critics have said that fusion music harms the authenticity of oriental music. I argue that fusion music brings diverse styles into oriental music, which enriches the quality of oriental music in many ways. It has been shown throughout history that the different styles of music have influenced others to incorporate their own style. Different types of music have shaped how people in different areas

  • The Bebop: A Form Of Popular Music

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    time I listened to the music, I immediately knew it was Jazz because of the intricate sounds of the saxophone and the trumpet. However the the music had a fast tempo, and therefore I concluded that it was a bebop, a style that began to shift jazz from popular music towards a more challenging musician 's music soon became a form of jazz characterized by fast tempos, virtuous technique and improvisation. Musician began to add more complicated tunes and melody to their music to make their song more

  • Popular Music And The Civil War Essay

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    The reading “Popular music and the civil war” explained the heavy influence that music had leading up to and during the civil war. Music was used to express the way Americans, those in the north or south, were feeling during this time. Through their lyrics, writers and singers were able to convey their feelings on topics such as being separated from loved ones, losing someone, patriotism for the confederates or the union, and anything else that related to war time. Many of these songs appealed to

  • Musical Milestones In Popular Music Analysis

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    Musical milestones in popular music: Mobility between the Popular music and the Traditional/Cultural fields. Tahitian musicians easily adapt what they hear to their own musical repertoire (Yves Roche and Heitapu Chang, pers.comm., 25 September 2013), including jazz, American and French popular songs (from which the valse tahitienne [Tahitian waltz] genre emerged), blues-rock (leading to the “jeck” style in the 1960s) and rhythms derived from Latin music such as the bolero and the bossa nova, which

  • Synthesizing Of Popular Music In The 1980s

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    of popular music was the synthesizing music technology. It was the technology that helped in transforming the sound of popular music in 1980s. "It is not easy to draw boundaries between the fictional character, the celebrity persona, and the private individual” (Starr, and Waterman, 598). It changed the sound in that the synthesizing of the sound was changed and the way this technology did it provided a different sound in the popular music. MTV is termed as one of the promoters of the popular music

  • Beatles Influence On Popular Music

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    their great skills in music as Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart, Bach, and Vivaldi. The Beatles are considered as one of the most important and influential groups of all times. Even 40 years after they disbanded, they are still current reference in the music scene, and influence new artist that see them like role models to follow. It is fair to say that there are not many artists that have not been influenced by the Beatles. There were a group of factors which helped the Beatles get popular in a short time.

  • Popular Music's Negative Effects On The Music Students

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    presents the discussion on how popular music can have the greatest impact on the music students’ behavior of the students of the College of Performing and Visual Arts in Silliman University. The first part talks about popular music influencing bad values on the students’ behavior. The second part contains how it (popular music) can discourage patriotism among these students. The third part addresses the deprivation from their own culture, the Filipino culture. Popular music can greatly influence bad

  • Country Music: The Evolution Of American Popular Music

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    have contributed to American popular music by, making things diverse. Identity makes it different by having different types of people like the music, geography gives off different sounds due to being in different places of the world, business makes things better, look at Phil Spectre making the sound wall, and tradition has kept the old ways around, and not let them die out. American popular music has reinforced stereotypes by the things that are said in their music. Like with country, since it

  • Theodor Adorno's Popular Music Essay

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    In his 1941 essay On Popular Music, Theodor Adorno describes popular music as “cheap commercial entertainment, (…) patterned and pre-digested” (in Storey, 2009: 70). He compares his time’s popular music, such as jazz, to what he defines as ‘serious’ music – classical works. He claims that the listeners of popular music “are distracted from the demands of reality by entertainment which does not demand attention either” (in Storey, 2009: 70). Is he by this stating that the listeners are simply just

  • Popular Music Research

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    Defining Popular Music ‘Popular music’ is a term that currently and historically has relied on varied interpretation to function. It is difficult to present a fixed definition of the term due to the problematic research methods/approaches coming from a variety of backgrounds that have allowed us to arrive at this point. The lack of consensus in the academic realm surrounding exactly what encompasses popular music and whether or not it should be a discipline of it’s own, alongside problematic relational

  • Poverty In Popular Music

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    one of these social problems. In certain popular songs, there are lyrics that address poverty as a social problem that continuously affects only the low class. So, what are the similarities, and differences in music artists’ lyrics that define the framework of poverty within contemporary society? Furthermore, I will show comparisons with three other media sources to give a greater understanding of commentary other researchers discussing poverty. My music analysis research origins from sources of

  • Popular Music In Spain Essay

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    In the nineteen sixties, Spain was living under the rule tyrannical rule of Dictator Francisco Franco. During this time, around the world music was changing lives and expanding across cultures. The young people of Spain were dealing with a rocky political climate, as well as a vast upheaval in the economic structure of the nation. It was inevitable that the way people perceived themselves would shift with the world around them. There were so many economic and social changes going on, however, that

  • Single Working Mothers Stereotypes

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    Imagine a single working mother having to explain to her daughter why she can not take her to the father-daughter dance because of the possible judgements she might encounter. Over the years, different groups of people are labeled by society with different characteristics that are sometimes extremely absurd. This is usually a result from exaggerated facts that were once true or that were taken from a creative scene of a movie. Either way, these stereotypes have spread among individuals and often

  • Theories On Domestic Violence

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    CHAPTER – III THEORIES ON DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Violence against women is wide-spread in society, but it is not universal. There are small scale societies like the Wape of Papua New Guinea and Garos and Khasis of North-Eastern India where domestic violence is at its minimum level or virtually absent. Anthropologists have researched and found out the fact that social relations can be organised to minimise domestic violence. Human beings are social animals and so always stay on relations. Relationship

  • Essay On Popular Music And Politics

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    social background The 1960s was a decade of revolution and change in politics, music and society all over the world. It started in the United States and the United Kingdom, and made its way to central Europe and other parts of the world (Street 2001: 243.) There have been a lot of statements towards popular music, made by people who are opposed to popular music and this resulted in the political importance of popular music in the 1960s. From the beginning of rock’n’roll, politicians, priest and parents

  • Domestic Violence In Popular Music Essay

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    understanding of domestic violence. Contrary to popular belief, domestic violence is not only caused by men. Women can be abusive as well and, in fact, both partners in the relationship can harm each other. These facts are depicted in the form of real life artists who have either been abused or committed acts of domestic violence and how these people, along with their music, impact us. The portrayal and seemingly glorified status of domestic violence in popular music influences the world in so many ways and

  • Informative Essay: Understanding Popular Music Culture

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    you? It interpreted feelings you did not know how to express, or maybe that song took you back to the time when it was popular. “popular music culture refers to the ways of making, dissemination, and consuming music; the economic and technological practices associated with these processes; and discourse created by these practices.”Pg 2 (Understanding Popular Music Culture) Music unlocks your mentality to new speculations. It Influences your appearance, the way you dance, your speech and so much more

  • Examples Of Postmodernism In Fashion

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    The movement that I decided to work with is Postmodernism in Fashion .In the following essay I will be analyzing the styles, characteristics and examples. Postmodernism basically means to the blending of styles, ideas, materials, and so forth in a way that breaks guidelines or set principles in the Art field. On account of form this could mean to a blending of prints or textures in many ways. It could also mean putting together and mixing styles altogether. I would say that male/female unique apparel

  • Spotify Argumentative Essay

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    Music has been around for many centuries, and it’s one of the many universal languages that allows us to connect with other societies in the world. In the 1920’s, music was only accessible through radio, however, now music can be heard on YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, etc. For instance, Spotify is a platform in which people have access to listen to music from various different artists in the whole universe. Spotify updates the trending music channel everyday in which the new songs are introduced. Spotify