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  • Chronic Skin Disease: Psoriasis

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    Psoriasis A long term chronic skin disease which causes skin cells to grow too rapidly is known as Psoriasis. The results are thick silvery, white, or red patches to appear on the surface of the skin. Areas affected are generally the elbows, knees, scalp, back, palms, face, and feet. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, it’s estimated that about 7 million people in the United States alone are suffering from the skin disease, a vast majority being Caucasians. Conditions can flare in

  • Psoriasis: The Cause Of Autoimmune Disease

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    Someone with psoriasis has skin tissue that constantly replaces itself, contrary to every few months like someone without it. They would have reddish patches of skin that could either be raised or smooth, depending on where the patches are located. The patches can also appear to be scaly (generally called plaques due to its rigidity), and all can cause itchiness and discomfort. Approximately 7.5 million people in the United States suffer from psoriasis, of which it is mostly caucasians

  • Psoriasis Or Psoriasis Vulgaris

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    Psoriasis or psoriasis vulgaris is a lifelong chronic skin disorder that is characterized by spotty red and scaly marks and is usually hot and itchy to touch. The human skin cell has its ability to self-replace called exfoliation. For a normal person, the skin cells grow and flake in a matter of three to four weeks. What happens is that the dead skin cells are being shed and is replaced by new skin cell as the outer layer of the skin. People with psoriasis exfoliate too fast; they have a relatively

  • Echo Check Reflection

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    feelings actually felt like therapy to me. I now feel like after all, psoriasis might not be that bad and we all have flaws at the end of the day.- Celine I felt good talking or speaking about this to her because I feel like I 'm not alone in this fight.- Mya What would you say to a someone your age who has

  • Essay On Indoor Tanning

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    The use of artificial tanning has become increasingly popular over the past ten years and has significantly helped people of all ages with self-esteem and body image concerns. Indoor tanning is equally common in men and women, varying from the ages of 18-40 years old. The use of ultraviolet indoor sunlight is beneficially for health reasons and for the increase in self-image. It has been said that indoor tanning is dangerous and can be damaging to the skin. However, if tanning is done properly and

  • Psoriasis Essay

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    Things That You Should Know About Psoriasis Psoriasis is one of the most common skin conditions which affect people in all age groups. Patients suffering from this condition may be extremely self-conscious about their look and may also suffer from low self-esteem and lack of confidence. Gratefully, DermASAP has a team of expert professionals who have been successfully treating patients with such skin diseases over several years. Dr. Kenneth M Reed, the founder of the clinic, has over 25 years of

  • Speech About Beauty

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    When it comes down to what beauty is, I believe we all have our own definition of beauty. But you will agree with me that feeling sexy and attractive is one of the best ways to boost our self-esteem. If you look your best and feel beautiful and confident, it is going to show and definite turn heads (heads of men of course). It is the desire of everyone woman to make her inner beauty come out. Women want to know how to look their best all the time; they want to improve upon their natural beauty and

  • Eczema And Psoriasis Essay

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    Eczema and psoriasis are two different skin diseases that have similar symptoms. Eczema is usually developed during childhood and is characterized by dry, red, cracked skin that itches and crusty sores may develop. There may also be eruptions that resemble pimples. If it becomes too dry it may start to bleed. Psoriasis also has red, itchy patches of dry skin, but there are several kinds of psoriasis. The most common is plaque psoriasis in which the patches are slightly elevated on the skin. These

  • Psoriasis Chapter 2 Answers

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    1? Psoriasis 2. Describe the disease from question 1. Psoriasis- “is a skin disorder. It 's characterized by skin cells that multiply up to 10 times faster than normal. As underlying cells reach the skin 's surface and die, their sheer volume causes raised, red plaques covered with white scales. Typically occurs on the knees , elbows, and scalp, and it can also affect the torso, palms, and soles of the feet.”

  • Plaque Psoriasis Research Paper

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    Types of psoriasis Plaque psoriasis Plaque Psoriasis is the most common type of psoriasis, its name comes from the accumulation of patches on the skin. Often have clear red skin patches that can appear in any area of ​the skin, but the knee, elbow, scalp, trunk, and nail are the most common position. There is also a piece of white, white accumulation in the plaque above, called scales. Possible symptoms of plaque psoriasis include skin pain, itching, and cracking. There are many non-prescription

  • Psoriasis Case Study

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    1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 Psoriasis1-5 :- The prevalence of the psoriasis in India is found to be 8%.The male to female ratio in Psoriasis was 1.1:1.[1] Psoriasis is chronic, inflammatory, noncontiguous, genetic disease of immune system that affect to skin or joint. In which there are sharply defined red patches on the skin, covered by a silvery, flaky surface observed. Mainly the process starts in the basal (deepest) layer of the epidermis, where keratinocytes are made. Keratinocytes are immature skin

  • Non Pustular Psoriasis Research Paper

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    INTRODUCTION Psoriasis is an ancient and universal inflammatory, autoimmune, polygenic (Shai et al, 2002) and chronic skin disease that is characterised by scaly, sharply demarcated red, dry patches and indurated plaques. Patches most often occur on the elbows, knees and lower back. They may also be seen on the upper pelvic bone area, bottom of the feet, calves and thighs, genital areas and Palms of the hands. Psoriasis can develop at any age, but a bimodal distribution of the age of onset is characteristic

  • Essay On Psoriatic Arthritis

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    that have psoriasis which is 2-3% of the total population. This disease is not preventable but is treatable. Treatment for psoriatic arthritis depends on severity but it can be extremely expensive and the medications can have bad side effects. For some people psoriatic arthritis is just a minor annoyance at times during flare ups but for others it’s an everyday battle against extreme pain. Some people that suffer from psoriatic arthritis are even embarrassed or ashamed of their psoriasis causing social

  • Stephanie Case Study

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    and both men and women. Women are more likely to develop psoriasis earlier in their life rather than men who will most likely develop it later in their lifetime. There are two specific times in a person’s life when they are at more of a risk to develop psoriasis and that is when they are between the ages of sixteen and twenty two, and fifty seven and sixty. To make you aware of the recovery process, I would like to inform you that psoriasis is a treatable disease, but it’s incurable. With this being

  • Psoriatic Patient Study

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    College and Hospital, Patiala. Methods The following different methods were used to observe the results of the present study: 1. Psoriasis Area and Severity Index (PASI) 2. Psoriasis Disability Index (PDI) 3. Collection of Blood 4. Elisa Test For IL-17, IL-20 and IL-22 5. BMI 6. Lipid Profile 7. Statistical

  • Psychological Intervention Analysis

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    Emma (pseudonym), who came to see me at the outpatient clinic for the follow-up appointment about her psoriasis. She had been diagnosed and treated as mild psoriasis for 10 years with a moderate response. Although her lesions were mainly limited to upper and lower limbs, her lesions often flared up, due to physical trauma and stress. Additionally, she was very self-conscious about her psoriasis and would like to discuss the referral to a dermatologist for further treatments. Emma was chosen for

  • Morgellons Disease: A Case Study

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    Morgellons Disease is an uncommon skin disorder. There are sores on the skin with crawling sensations of the skin and fiber-like filaments coming from the sores. Some have rashes, severe fatigue, difficulty concentrating and short term memory loss. (MC) The CDC claim they did not find a single underlying medical condition or infectious source. The sores were claimed to be from chronic scratching and picking without any cause. The fibers, they think were cellulose, kind of like cotton fibers.

  • Scalp Pain Research Paper

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    9_Scalp Hurts (900 words) Scalp Hurts Scalp pain may be caused by numerous causes. It is important to understand the reasons why your scalp hurts. Proper diagnosis may lead to proper treatment, and proper treatment will help you end your suffering. Understanding the environment of your scalp will help you care for your skin and hair in the future and will help prevent future pains. Causes for Scalp Pain 1. Chemicals Chemicals that are used in shampoos, dyes and bleaches may cause the scalp to

  • Nail Bed Research Paper

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    The complete or partial separation of the nail plate separated from the nail bed is onycholysis, which due to trauma, psoriasis, over use of nail cosmetics, or a fungus skin condition. The space underneath the nail causes it to appear yellow or white. Depending on the condition, moderate or severe, you may just need to trim the nail, or ask a doctor about a treatment. Description The white tip of the nail will begin to extend toward the cuticle. The nail may have an irregular border, and discoloration

  • Cause Of Joint Pain

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    also feel fatigued and notice that your appetite is down and you've lost weight. RA can also affect other organs including the heart, lungs, and eyes. 3. Psoriatic Arthritis People with this condition have inflammation of the skin (psoriasis) and joints (arthritis). Psoriasis causes patchy, raised, red, and white areas of inflamed skin with scales. It usually affects the tips of the elbows and knees, the scalp, the navel, and skin around the genital areas or