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The use of artificial tanning has become increasingly popular over the past ten years and has significantly helped people of all ages with self-esteem and body image concerns. Indoor tanning is equally common in men and women, varying from the ages of 18-40 years old. The use of ultraviolet indoor sunlight is beneficially for health reasons and for the increase in self-image. It has been said that indoor tanning is dangerous and can be damaging to the skin. However, if tanning is done properly and safely, then it has its benefits. Indoor tanning is used by people for various different reasons especially to improve elevated moods and appearance. Nearly 9 million people in the United States perform the underestimated hobby of indoor tanning. The exposure to sunlight has several beneficial outcomes, which results in the popular use of indoor tanning beds. Tanning is mostly common in lighter skinned individuals who are attempting …show more content…

The FDA regulates indoor tanning and requires precautions and warnings to be explained prior to anyone trying a tanning bed. The warnings include the recommended maximum time to be exposed to UV light, wearing protective eyewear and lotions during the duration of your tan, and being 18 years or older to begin tanning under ultraviolet light. The precautions are used to prevent overexposure, as well as any health risks. The government is also very much involved in the use of indoor tanning, due to the 10% tax collected by tanning salon businesses for each tanning session. Health inspectors often monitor tanning salons by to determining the cleanliness of the salon, the appropriate age of the clients, presenting protective eyewear, the sanitizing agent used to clean the tanning beds, appropriate documentation for warnings and minors, and etc. Indoor tanning has evolved over the years because of all the precautions that take place with the help of the

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